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  1. Leather leg armor and bracers

    This is way overdue but I wanted to reply just in case someone comes across this post. These items are no longer for sale.
  2. Leather leg armor and bracers

    I am selling my leather armor. Leg armor: $80.00 Bracers: $50.00 The black leg armor fully covers shins and upper-thighs and counts as 2 points of base armor. This was the armor I wore as Kato for the past few years and have some wear on them. Measurements (approximate): Length; 28 inches Width; 12 inches (upper-thigh) 9.5 inches (shin) The arm bracers are something I recently ordered online so they are like-new. They are 7-8 oz. Measurements: Length; 10.6 inches Width; 10.2 inches
  3. Rules team is recruiting

    I'm interested.
  4. Coming in not blahhhh

    I remember thinking this same thing when I first started playing Novitas, "Why not just have new players start at the useful PC level?" I did full NPC duty my first event which allowed me to come in at lvl 3-4 with my first PC. He could swing for 2 with a great weapon, had 2 body...that's it. I didn't even have the ability to cast magic spells until a couple events later. I remember being in awe of the higher level players that could cast all the 5th level spells, swing for 4, and tank entire mobs by themselves (back when Shadowskin was more broken and you could swing for 4 with a shield). Man, I wanted to be as cool as those guys. If you want to be cool and higher level, you have to put in the time and effort into the community to lvl faster. Eventually I retired my first PC and brought in Kato, who started off as a battle magic spacket caster. I started at half the levels I was with my first PC and over time had to re-configure this character into what I wanted him to be when I discovered how ineffective I was at tag bag casting. After about 7 years of playing Novitas and sticking with the same character for about 5 years, I can swing for 4, have 20 power, am a master of a school of magic, have a couple epics, and the ability to take on an entire mob of orcs on my own if played properly. Every player at Novitas either started at a lower level or came in at a higher level after multiple full NPC events and put in more work and effort into the community to level faster. I think it's fine the way it is as our progression system is designed to encourage players to participate in the Novitas community more.
  5. I also want to point out that Knight Realms' blind effect doesn't actually make the player close their eyes it just forces them to fight defensively without using skills or other spells (or something similar to that effect). That player then needs to role-play being blind. We already have spells in Compulsion that do similar things such as disengage and silence.
  6. Wouldn't it be cool if we had more spells?

    In regards to this post, I believe instead of adding more spells we should continue to adjust and balance the spells we already have which the marshals do every year. Here are my thoughts on what spells could be changed for the better; Spellstore-Limit this to only 3rd level and lower spells but allow up to 5 power worth of spells in a single weapon and those spells must be from the same school of magic. Revive-JC had this idea originally but I thought it was interesting. Make this spell more of a ritual that takes time, effort, and/or components. Battle Mastery-Add the effect of all weapons wield deal +1 magic damage that does not break cap.
  7. Wouldn't it be cool if we had more spells?

    Correct me if I'm wrong here. I recall years ago that the marshals were toying with the idea of adding an 8th school of magic, Illusion. It would have the same number of spells, 1-5 with two spells per spell level, that had a focus of crowd control magic. It eventually did not happen because it was way too similar with Compulsion magic and the lore would have to be retconned to add an 8th god of the sept since each school of magic is represented by the 7 gods of the sept. Just a little tidbit regarding adding additional spells.
  8. Knight Realms LARP Review

    I also think the reason why people have a hard time getting into Novitas is because we have more of a intense combat system and you can't just soak hits unless you are wearing heavy armor. Also Knight Realms is a tap-blocking system which just makes the combat even more ridiculous.
  9. Knight Realms LARP Review

    I actually did read your original review of Knight Realms, that's why I wanted to check the game out for myself and see, "is it that bad?" Yes...yes it was. Some of the players there told me that the reason why they have the rules systems that they have is to help out the players who are not as athletic or skilled in combat be awesome at combat. How can you be awesome at combat if other players can just pull these defense skills out of their ass and just not take the hit. If there were hard-caps to those skills that would be one thing but you can just keep buying the same skills as much as you want.
  10. Last weekend I attended an event at a LARP called Knight Realms in New Jersey. The following is my review and experiences at this game. After spending a few hours driving to New Jersey my GPS eventually told me that I arrived at my destination. I pulled off to the side of the road at first as it wasn't clear if I was at the camp site where the game takes place. I noticed a long line of cars outside a fenced area, so I assumed this was the place and I found a space to park my car. I would later on discover that there is a separate parking lot to the side that parks additional vehicles but that wasn't clear as well. I made my way toward a group of about 4-5 dudes, I introduced myself, they glanced awkwardly at me, and one of them announced that he was a new player marshal and showed me around a bit and started explaining the game to me. Eventually, I met up with other players who were also attending their first Knight Realms event and the social interactions went smoothly from there. The game is broken down into periods that occur during the 6ams and 6pms. You are able to purchase each skill multiple times as many times as you want that refresh every period. There are also skills that can only be used per event and continuous skills such as literacy. Character creation involves selecting a class out of 20+ classes plus access to the skill list of the default Commoner class. You get 50 starting build to put into skills of your selected class and skills from the Commoner class. I Picked the warrior class because I wanted to do a lot of fighting at this game as that's what I enjoy about LARP. I went with the sword and pole arm weapon skills,strength +2 to increase my base weapon damage, first aid, and put the rest into body points. Armor is free to wear for any class however body and armor points have different scaling ratios depending on what class(es) you play. As a warrior, I ended up having 58 body and 80 armor with my steel chain mail shirt and heavy leather leg armor. The following review will be in the format of Pros, Cons,and additional comments. Pros: -The players out-of-game were extremely friendly and helpful toward me. -The player characters in-game were also helpful in fixing up my armor without charging me, providing me with some gold, and various other items as well. -There are new player marshals dedicated to teaching new players about the game, safety rules, and assisting us in making our player characters. -The camp site looks nice, with various cabins that represent guilds in game,and vendors at game that would sell their wares. -The Inn was gorgeous with fantasy d├ęcor, music, many tables, and a bar at the end where they served drinks (non-alcoholic). Cons: -The power creep is too high with the veteran players since there are no hard-caps on how many times you can purchase a skill. It gets to the point where they become demi-gods and downing them in combat has very little chance of success. -Defensive skills are unfair and extremely unbalanced. You can take each of these skills multiple times that stack on top of each other that refresh every period. Some of the defense calls I heard while fighting other players include;dodge, parry, deflect, reflect, resist, and many more. It makes combat more tedious where every time I hit a player I hear them call out a defense skill and it retracts the actual skill of boffer combat. I heard there are players a this game with 60+ dodges that refresh every period so good luck landing a hit on those guys. -Even if you do manage to get past their defenses, they have an insanely high hit point system where keeping up with the math gets overly complicated. I was playing an NPC with 120 hit points and I would hear various damage calls such as, "6 divine, 7 damage, 20 Posy (short for positive), 12 lightning, etc." I had such a difficult time keeping track of my hit points all throughout my weekend at Knight Realms. -It's a tap-blocking system which meant if a weapon strikes your weapon before it hits you, it's a block and you don't take that hit. This caused players to fight with their weapons in these goofy play styles that min-max their ability to tap block. -Garb standards are too relaxed at this game. I would see player characters,both new and veteran, that would wear decent medieval fantasy garb and obvious looking modern clothing and they wouldn't even attempt to hide it. I saw one fighter character with a tunic, chain mail, some plate, and cargo pants with sneakers. Another player (granted he was new) wore the modern clothes he showed up at game with and just threw a wool cloak over and that was his character garb. To be fair, some players had amazing looking garb on as well. -Players are consistently breaking immersion and talking out of game to each other while they are in the middle of game. Both PCs and NPCs were doing this.It got to the point where I had a difficult time determining if players were talking in-game or not. Additional Comments: -During new player training it was mentioned to us that there is an actual out-of-game bear and its cub that roams around some of the woods at the campsite. We were instructed that if we believe we came across this bear, we were to call out "Are you a bear?" The other player(s) would have to respond with "No I'm not a bear," no matter what the situation was in-game. If we heard no response, we were instructed to jump up and down while flailing our arms around and screaming to scare the bear away. I never came across this bear during my time last weekend but I never felt like I was in any danger and players didn't make a big deal out of this. I was informed that this didn't happen often. -The director of Knight Realms and the rules marshals will be overhauling the rules system and attempt to balance out the game more. This is apparently upsetting many of the veteran players. Overall: Knight Realms is a LARP with fantastic people and an imbalanced rules system that will hopefully improve. This game makes me so glad that we have our rules system at Novitas and I'm glad that I can be a part of the Novitas community.
  11. February Preproduction

    NNY belt item 2305 (12 spell levels) Mind Blank 1/gd Primal Form 1/gd Spirit Shield 1/gd
  12. Cairnhold Legion Roster & Contact Info

    I am interested in finally getting in on Cairnhold Legion Dag with you guys. I am interested in either Spearmen, Polearm, or Flanker. Is my garb as Kato from Novitas good enough for Dag? Who/where would you recommend I get Dag-legal weapons?
  13. 42" 1080p TV

    I can do $150.00. I can bring the TV to NNY this weekend.
  14. 42" 1080p TV

    I'm not interested in that weapon unfortunately. How about $170.00?
  15. 42" 1080p TV

    I'm willing to be flexible, how much would you be willing to pay for the TV? In addition, what latex weapons do you have available?