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  1. Roll Call! Anyone that has currently played a Maplewood Elder, or a Maplewood Constable and is still interested in doing so should contact me at the following email address: bmcgraham@gmail.com Please do not send me facebook messages, or reply to this post. Just send an email to the listed email address. This is not a recruitment for people that might be interested in playing these roles that have not played them before. This is only a roll call for people that have played a Constable or Elder before and wish to continue playing those roles.
  2. Dates for 2021

    Plot Post: After much discussion with the Marshals, Plot has decided that when we restart in February (fingers crossed) Novitas will still be in the year 1599. For everyone making blogs during this downtime, please take this into account
  3. Next Month is Harvest Festival! As in the past, we will be having second and third shifts as all PC shifts! That means there will be no plots and no monsters on any of those shifts! Also, as we have done in the past players can host special games and events during the festival and award special loot to the winners of the activities! If you are interested in hosting an activity please shoot me an email with your activity, and the special loot you'd like to be your prize! As in years past, each player is only able to host a single activity! (And yes, there will be a fighters tournament once more!) My email is bmcgraham@gmail.com - Do not send me facebook messages with your activities, they will not be answered.
  4. The annual Maplewood harvest Festival will be taking place on second and third shift, during our October event. There will be no active plots provided at this time as these will be all PC shifts (There will not be any logistics officers, or GM’s on call during these shifts.) Players will either need to NPC 1st or 4th shift. Any player who does not currently have a PC is more than welcome to create a level one person to participate in the festivities or they can contact Ryan Green to volunteer to work the Inn during the shift. There will be Elders, and Constables in play throughout the shift. It has been tradition in the past for individuals to hold contests of skill, sport or chance during the festival, we encourage players to take the opportunity to hold these competitions, and offer unique prizes to the winners of said contests. If you are interested in hosting an event, and providing a unique prize please send an email to bmcgraham@gmail.com with all of your event details, and prize requests. Please note, each event host will be responsible to provide their own prize props. Contest and prize submissions will need to be placed by October 15th in order to be approved for the event. There will be no exceptions for late entries. Thank you, and Happy Harvest Festival!
  5. Shoe Check

    For a similar price point I would suggest vikingleathercrafts.com these are shoes that many of us wear.
  6. Faekin Hair Color

    I used to use the Ben Nye temporary hair color. It's more or less paint. You need a stiff, fine brush to apply it but it works well.
  7. Sabine

    Vleanoan Army? Does Vlean have a standing army other then the Order of the Ageis? Having a Faekin slave in such a large political force would be difficult to conceal, would it be better to have her change it to a Lord Paladins household company? More chances for things to be accepted for being off. Less of a major meta shift. It could still be a sizable company. It also allows plot to focus on a smaller group of people rather than an entire army.
  8. Hail, Hiya, Hola, etc

    Good afternoon, as an NPC your roles will be assigned by a shift gm, they will either give you exacting instructions or room to create within the confines of the role you've been asked to play.
  9. "Land Grab" at Hoover

    Posting by Proxy Individual/Group/Character/Party Names: Susan del Cano Space Requested: Healers Hall Encampment: no Willing to occupy in winter months: yes Willing to keep mundane junk under bunks: yes TOTAL years as staff (Marshal or Second, or corporate officer) for entire group: TOTAL years attending KoN for entire group: 4 Extenuating circumstances: Pre stated Medical condition
  10. McFathom strolls

    It did not take long for Ithvendish to hear about McFathom’s return, and his distraught state. Leaving his companions behind he returned to town, seeking out his frantic friend. Upon finding him, he’d step forwards raising one hand to rest upon McFathom’s shoulder. “I am here General, what is it you need?”
  11. Calimacil Great Weapon

    One of these weapons is currently in game and has passed weapons check.
  12. Medical Bunks for August

    I'm bumping this, all medical bunk requests need to be made to me by Thursday night, otherwise you will not have bunks reserved for you.
  13. Players! Like last month, we're reserving medical bunks in advance. Do you have a medical reason for needing to sleep in a lodge rather than a cabin? If you have not already, send me a message -- FB, Forums, or email bmcgraham@gmail. I need to know: 1. If you and I have not already communicated about this, I need to know why you need a medical bunk. (This isn't so I can just know stuff about you, it's so I can understand priority for folks if we're crunched on space. ie, is it seasonal, temporary, related to temperature, etc.) I will keep this information confidential. 2. Everyone on the medical list: Will you be attending THIS MONTH? Once I have this information, I will create a list for the lodge for Friday night sign in. If there are extra beds, they will be assigned first-come first-served to interested players. If you do not inform me of your medical-ness and your attendance in august, you will be sleeping in a bunk in a cabin: I will not evict players once they are settled, if you don't inform me of your attendance! Please get this message to all non-internet-y players you know.
  14. Bring your receipt to game, we award XP for every ten dollars spent on boots.
  15. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    1)Who is planning on going. – Ith and perhaps some of the Druids. 2) Waiting for the Gorgon that I spoke to in June to return so I can fill her in on what she needed to know and getting my ring returned. 3) The Gorgon was female – I don’t remember who she was and I think the plot was Amanda’s. 4) I would like to do this on first or second shift, either works for my plans.