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  1. The Mobile Merchant

    *Courier Valora Dragonsmiter - wand of enchant weapon
  2. Best Of April 2018!

    Copied from the FB post: GM: +Damien Liske being a total good sport about going out as a dancing boy. That was the hardest I've laughed at game in a long time. Looked like someone's entire makeup collection vomited on his face. +Christopher Robin Hicks showing Stefan Bellows' proud old spinster great-aunt a nice time before she dies. It sounded like it was very sweet. +My Sad Man plot gets caught by Baldisere. "... he brought up Eliana, didn't he?" He sure did. +Sympathetic bandits? I love when a plot goes completely not as planned. +Getting a Druidnet envelope that had an old note in it in my handwriting. PC: +Surprise Crimson Courier visit from husband! I've never been so delighted by a surprise in my life, truly and honestly. +Scarecrow'd bratty son is now Valora's new charge in Terra. +New Fellowship pins and the pinning ceremony. +Patrols except FUCK THAT SNOW AND MUD-COVERED HILL COMING UP FROM THE LAKE. +Underfall Brew shennanigans. +"Hi, I'm Aidan and I'm homeless." "Hi, I"m Valora and I'm a knight... that's kind of the exact opposite of homeless." "Cool, I'm going to fix your friend now!" +"Well, it's time for the Chosen Meeting. There's plenty of daylight so I'm going to leave my long, pokey stick of kill undead back here because why would I need that? Ooh, what's that coming up the hill? A giant horde of super-charged undead unleashed in the daylight because of some PC bullshit? SONOFABITCH!" NPC/Elder +Soon dubu gee gae! Thanks Joe Pratt! +"Jack" the "Minotaur." My Elder was so confused, doing mental gymnastics to try to understand why this was happening. It wasn't until I went back to logistics I was told that it was just a villager who was glamored to look like a Minotaur and was badly acting like he thought a minotaur would act. Fucking hilarious. +Getting all up in Zyla's face because she is a VERY BAD GIRL. +Telling the tearful story of Elderwoman Erulisse's first son-in-law, the late Elder Otto Martin. Oh, also +Laura Bee as her mute alt Stone is so adorable and the best!
  3. Greetings fellow nerds!

    Just a concerned citizen making sure that people have vital information about how you're the worst. (P.S. Love ya bud super excited to see you this weekend yaaaay!) P.P.S. You suck.
  4. Salutations

    Hey Ellie! It's very common to be timid upon starting with us. I promise that we're a friendly and approachable bunch and you will have a great time. You can take everything at your own pace. :)
  5. Hello Novitas!

    I'm always thrilled to see new players! Can't wait to see how you enjoy our game!
  6. Greetings fellow nerds!

    Fair warning: this guy is actually the worst and I don't like him at all. I don't even know him and I don't like him. Nope. Not one bit. Actually the worst. Get the pitch forks, peasants. :P
  7. Transportation

    Hello there! I'm Amanda, Plot and Continuity Second Marshal. Someone from Marketing and Player Outreach should be around shortly to make more formal introductions and answer any questions you have about the game. Now, I'm not originally from the area. I came to central New York to attend college and Syracuse University, like most universities, didn't allow freshmen to have cars on campus, so I learned a fair amount about alternative transportation options. That being said, my information is potentially about a decade out of date. A train would definitely be your most comfortable option. Buses can be crammed and smelly, but definitely more economical. Either way, you're going to want to pack smart. Syracuse is a major train hub, but Utica also has a major train station and is the major metropolitan area closest to our game. From there, you could call a taxi and specify that you probably need a van for all of your friends and the items you'll be hauling. Ava, NY is about a 40 minute drive from Utica and and hour and ten minutes from Syracuse. You could also choose to rent a car/van/SUV/truck and pick up at these train stations. I know the Syracuse RTC at least has one rental car company on site. Honestly, however, I would recommend you just do the drive. My experience is that there is a lot that can go wrong when you rely on public transportation, moving parts, and the logistics therein. If it's possible to split gas, tolls, and drive time, it really would be the option that would give the least headache for the experience. I hope that helps!
  8. RP Skill Advancement

    No need.
  9. RP Skill Advancement

    I don't see your request under the current submissions.
  10. Spells and dead bodies

    Rules has the final say on this but as a former restoration master I believe the answer is no because a body needs a spark to receive restoration magic. I think this is the reason undead can't receive restoration magic.
  11. RP Skill Advancement

    One each.
  12. Queen Bee Fight

    I called dibs on this plot.
  13. Build your own. . .

    We do have this in our world. It's called a flesh golem. :)
  14. Shoe Check

    As non-P&A leadership I just wanted to say those look neat!