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  1. B+B (4th Shift Boss)

    TL:DR 2 “Leaders” Orcs use magical weapons Enslaved lizard folk fight for their orc masters Dossier On The Boss and The Bastard The final of the captains are a Duo named The Boss and The Bastard. The first thing to note is their weaponry. It seems magical in nature so plan your defense accordingly. Second, they have a small army of trained creatures that fights for them. I’ve mostly seen reptilians in this group but there could be others. They can be identified by a brand on their scales. The Boss is the brains of the operation while the Bastard is the brawn. He has been regimenting all the orcs with strict training and is probably why they all fight with a kind of strategy. If you have any questions attach a note or CC me and I will answer with what knowledge I have when I can. Herr Michael Alexander Burnheart Thane of New Germinas Master Necromancer Occultis
  2. Dossier On MarTuk (1st Shift Orc Boss)

    TL:DR The first Orc chieftain is a necromancer Primary weapons should be Silver or ES Dispatch all dead orcs with ES or Silver Be prepared to fight undead. Dossier on MarTuk The goblinoid is the first of four who have remained alive while the orcs campaign their way across the freelands. Like the others, he has been granted a certain power by the AVATAR of Grak. This is not to be mistaken with the god itself. As for Martuk’s power, it can raise the dead at will. Its Shamen have the same, though more limited, capability. The orc also has an array of undead at its disposal. I’ve seen it use banshees for psychological warfare. Be prepared to fight with silver and elven steel. If you have any questions attach a note or CC me and I will answer with what knowledge I have when I can. Herr Michael Alexander Burnheart Thane of New Germinas Master Necromancer Occultist
  3. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Michael posts Looking to hirer a tinkerer to reforge an ax into a sword. CC me quotes and expected times.
  4. New Necromancy Tree!

    Switch Creeping Rot from 10 minutes to gd to mirror Silver Shine Lvl 4 Spell Caster's weapon hits for disease for ten minutes to mirror Ruin.
  5. January Preproduction

    Ryan Spires Medium 4- Spirit bag- small blue bag. Status 1 Owed 20 coin
  6. Rules team is recruiting

    I'm interested
  7. 2018 Junebilee FF Auction Items

    How does the Moldable Mace work with blade poisons? Does the poison's duration change from ten minutes to the entire event? Do you get infinite charges or just one? Same two questions for spells channeled through the mageblade. Also can the weapon be both goblin iron and elven steel at the same time?
  8. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    1) Who is planning on going. -- We are requesting that this be a party adventure, as going off and doing something solo will very likely eat up a bunch of NPCs, props, and time for only one person. Spread the love, invite some friends. Kato, Nash, Ashlin, Kaden, Michael B, Joy and Bennett 2) What you're planning on doing, and what you hope to accomplish. -- Keep in mind that we need both parts. If you're going to Lootsville for trade, is one kind of adventure. If you're going to Lootsville to kill things and take their stuff, that's a very different kind of adventure. We need to know the full story. As of last October, I have told multiple townsfolk/ adventurers to let people know that on certain friday nights I am escorting pinedale merchants who are selling pinedale goods into maplewood via mapleton at 9pm. I have posted it on the boards outside of both the jenny and the slap and tickle. We are hoping to catch the person who has been murdering people and leaving Pinedale is a curse notes. The plan is to walk up from the A frames first shift into mapleton and wait to get ambushed. I know its a great plan... After we are going to interrogate the killer/s. 3) Any relevant history or NPCs that are important. -- If you're tracking down Farmer Joe, we need to be sure the Farmer Joe NPC is ready to go. If you heard about this place from some Adventuring Ho's, let us know that's where you heard about it so we can consult the GM author and see if he had anything specifically in mind. Doing this homework makes sure that we can give you a better adventure. I have not clue where do even start with background information. IC I've heard its a single killer, cairnhold rangers, that they are sept worshipers or dark three... Yeah, I have no clue what's going on. AMANDA!!!! HALP! The murderer would be nice... I have talked to Amanda's Elderwoman and Ryan's Elderman about this. If they want to make a showing after whatever happens that's fine. I'll CC them if they don't. 4) What shift are you planning to go do this. -- We'll need to handle logistics on our end, so knowing in advance what shift you're planing on doing this will make our lives easier. We'll send word into Pinedale to let you know when the scenario is ready to be run, and you and your assigned group can march out and take a whack at it. We are hoping to do this 9pm first shift. If this can't happen please let me know so I can change IG Times and I'll go from there. 5) These requests must be in 2 weeks before game. We're going to need time to prep plots, prep props, debate amongst ourselves, and all that jazz. So we need time, and this due date gives you 2 weeks to work out all the above and us 2 weeks to prep the scenario. Fair, right? NOTE: If you request a dungeon crawl, you may either get turned down (they cost $ and take lots of time to prep) or you may have to wait a few games before we're ready for it. (y) 6) We will not make any assurances or promises that the adventure you're going on is a good idea, won't kill your PCs, be easy, or won't change the world as a whole. It may not work out like you think it will, but we also won't immediately screw over anyone who submits these adventures. Anything can happen -- make your peace with it. (y) 7) Plot has the right to turn down your request and/or may not orchestrate it. There are a number of reasons for this. Please do not be offended. (y)
  9. Great Weapon Question

    Sorry for thread necro. Did this become a thing and if so what are the requirements?
  10. Best of Novitas New Year

    Thinking I was going to get pc'd after my first fight as Atlas. I was like "well shit, this is unfortunate." literally got up and started walking back to logistics before Pat told me to go lay back down in the pit. Classifying the elves. Everyone and their grandmothers telling me that I should write in blood. Free drinks=major hangover Challenging the annoying dellins. Naming Fred. Playing an inquisitor. Fun times "I will not make a character with second breath, I will NOT make a character with second breath! OOO nice cup XD"
  11. NNY items

    How would disease work against monsters with damage retirements? Could you damage a troll or werewolf?
  12. NNY items

    Do the eldritch glove create a tag bag for second breath and ley lines? Can you cast spellburst and use this effect?
  13. NNY items

    If the owner of the founders blade is not a citizen of maple wood can they still be healed by touching the sword?
  14. NNY items

    Can mage weave be applied to an already enchanted piece of garb?
  15. NNY items

    Does the grounding wire absorb 1 damage dart a gameday or all damage darts?