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    Following the Sept and seeking Ordainment, tracking down the necromancers who attacked my home.
  1. Best of October 2014

    Let's see, my turn: Shift One: I realized I only went out on five plots and only one was fighting. I think that may be a first for me. Meeting all of our new players and promptly being told, "You're a drunken asshole and these are your servants. Go be a dick and try to get them killed." Okay, I can do that. Being banished by a PC, which then caused the death of my now leaderless mob of servants. Good Job whoever that was. The unexpected resolution to that whole plot. Brian never ceases to surprise me and I'm also glad our rapport allows for cool actions like that together. Seriously, the physical drama is awesome. I eagerly await the complete resolution to the events set in motion by this little shin-dig. I also enjoyed the crime boss plot Maggie sent in. Michael's new double edged sword/favour from the Vleanoan underworld is just waiting to fall. Shift Two: Sleep, glorious sleep. Sometimes not PC'ing is the best thing to do on an all pc shift. Eavesdropping on Al, Amanda, and then Tony RP'ing in the temple. I was enthralled until I realized I needed to go get ready to make life unpleasant for my best friends. Shift Three: Just lots of good fights, a little C and S and a whole bunch of I'm so glad Drew, Anne, and Chrissie(?) made it. Anytime I get to see you folks makes my game better, even if it was only briefly. Shift Four: Having a player see my favourite undead mask (the mowhawk'd piscean) in my hand and asking if I played that one last shift. When I said yes he proceeded to describe just how terrifying it was when I came around the inn and into the fire light and how happy he was that he had resilience when I dropped him. Knowing that I can put real emotions into players and affect their game, makes NPC'ing all the more enjoyable for me. Overall: Getting to rock out with Randy again. A bunch of new players, if I forget any of your names, forgive me. You were great, took direction well given, didn't quit when I yelled and screamed at you and insulted you terribly, and never quit hammering on your NPC shifts. I hope you had as much fun playing as I did.
  2. The Turkey Trot is approaching quickly and I'm trying to gather some friends to make the run more fun. I'll be signing up for the 10k and would like anyone else who's interested in a nice run to come out. Reasons to run with me: 1: the first rule of LARP is cardio. 2: It'll be fun. 3: You can dress up in costumes, lumberjack is my running attire so Neccero is not invited. 4: ??? 5: profit, oh wait, no charity. That one. Important info: the race is Thanksgiving morning in Troy and starts at 8:00 am. It's a 10k (6.2mi). There'll be swag. Here's the website for better info, pictures, and registry: http://www.troyturkeytrot.com/
  3. Best of September 2014

    This time circumstances required that I arrive fashionably late to this post. So here's my favorite moments in no particular order: King Earth Arcon! I enjoyed that tremendously. The look shocked and abashed look on the town's collective face was pure joy to me. Literally the only reason I opened the pit trap on Blagar instead of the groups of other townsfolk was the sullen look on his face. Sorry Corey! The NPC hooks on Friday night at the undead fight drawing attention to the lone pc with them and then running of into the woods, leaving him to fight me alone. Poor guy died very valiantly. Rick's acid spear was my favourite part of that fight. Turns out I can fight pretty well left handed. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing in my Innkeeper NPC and getting to roleplay with Adam while cooking up cheesy chicken goodness.
  4. Hello! KoN Newbie here

    In that case, it will probably take some adjusting. You'll pick it up quickly. The combat is simple enough that you'll remember in no time.
  5. Hello! KoN Newbie here

    Since I don't srr Zach. I'll field yhr tap block question. I'm Chris, one of the combat anf safety refs. You may take a few good hits, but as a general rule the force we put into blows is not enough to crush a block. I can honestly say I can't remember a single instance when it was an issue.
  6. Need Inn Workers for September

    If you still need folks, I'm free for helping out.
  7. Summer 'LARPeque'

    That was a terrific time. Thank you Brian, Bryan, and Zach for setting that up, signing folks in, and running the fighting.
  8. Hello everyone!

    Bring lots of socks, a pair of shower shoes, more socks and basic garb. If you can't make garb drawstring sleep pants or scrub pants work. Have you read the rules set? Did I mention socks?
  9. Best of the Crawl!

    Best part of the event was obviously my triumphant return to Novitas. For all you bitter vets, it was great to see you again. I missed all your ugly mugs and resting bitch faces. For all you newbs, it was awesome to meet you, fight with, and against you. You're a hell of a good addition to the game. SO my personal best moments (other than having a bitching job that lets me come to game again): Setting up the dungeon on Friday. Chris is a dab hand with a hand saw. Richard and I built one sweet ass dungeon with his and Fred's abel... able assistance. Watching Chris slowly disappear into the pit of packing peanuts with a huge grin on his face was unutterably hilarious. The actual crawls went stupendously well. Rachel was terrific resetting the whole damn dungeon, also it was good to finally meet her. I appreciated JC letting me run as the boss for the first crawl, it was a nice way to jump back in and get into a good scrap. I also appreciated Scotty knocking the rust off of me. Al, was a madman running hither an yon all day long. You may not have always known who you were at any given moment, but you ran a great set of crawls. The mind flayer boss fight was just tons of fun. GoST knew they'd been in a boss battle for sure. Stinging Nettle used stinging nettle, it's super effective. It was hard to see/breathe as a cyclops but that minute or so of rage on the Hounds and company was brutally enjoyable. Recognizing Gaius even though I never saw him before and knowing how incredible the bagman realm plot was going to be. That dungeon had to be the end of the crawl, there was no way to top it. The only way more pc's could have fallen in pit traps was to make that dungeon one big pit trap. Funny: Ivan casting disenchant instead of Dispel. Justin-golem throwing tagbags for ten fire, wait no primal, uh... nature... on exploding. Too many other things to recall. To sum it all up. This was a fantastic event. I'm so very glad to be back. I can't wait for September.
  10. Lore Request

    Is Lore and Advanced Lore only usable on NPC/World topics? For instance, if I wanted to use contacts to find out information about a PC's past or employment would that be a legal use of the skill?
  11. Finally got an account here

    Cool story, Daitorbro.
  12. New PC Account

    OOOH, Pinedale is getting a pc clown? Hot damn, that's exciting. Will he make balloon Kasvacks?
  13. You know you play Novitas when...

    When you're trying to remember someone's name and you say, "I'm can't remember the name, I'm drawing a mind-blank."
  14. Well, I haven't had a chance to post one of these in a while. + Being able to make it to game was fan-friggin-tastic. You all have no idea how much I missed ya. + Finding out I didn't forget how to fight in the interim was nice too. Giving four people lycanthropy this weekend and dropping eight or nine pc's on various roles was a good time. + All of the new folks, to quote one of my favorite books, "They're as cute and eager as a litter of collie pups." There is a huge amount of energy and ambition among you all. I'm glad I finally got to see it for myself. I'm looking forward to see you maturing into your characters in the coming months. + So, new siege wall was really cool. We had a very effective bandit fight there even with a lack of communication with when exactly our ambusher was supposed to ambush. + Being a peasant who got paid to find Raines and bring him to finish the Bandit Queen plot was great. Poor guy had to leave the lady who had been tormenting him in order to deal with the other lady who had been tormenting him. Then when he and Angus are about to wander off into the darkness with a peasant towards a certain fight with no back-up because the peasant has been told he can only show them where the fight is, Titus again shows his pragmatism. "Have you offered him money?" Turns out they hadn't. So I walked away with 98 coin and they walked away with an excellent conclusion to their plot. + The Harvest Festival was a pretty good time too. I got to finally show of MK's excellent work on my eye burningly bright tunic and doublet. Corado is a character I've had kicking around in my mind for a while now and it was fun to finally give him a go. + The instant rapport between Sylas and Corado. We were able to discuss our distinct professions almost entirely in innuendo and double-speak. + Corado realizing that Balder and Grog are a committed couple and feeling bad about offending them. Further realizing that every PC I discussed it with already suspected the two were in the running for "Cutest Couple in Pinedale". It's really sweet that Grog found love outside of the Tribelands. + Holy crap there's a playground! Bag'O'Tricks totally took over that place. Golden Lance led the PC's to his "Tower of Solitude" where orcs had taken over. Best part, besides Brett's wondrous wig, was Waaaaaagh'ing down the slide to start the combat. + Bag'O'Tricks mind-flayer plot that never was. We decided to not send out a hook and let the PC's come find us. The predictable outcome was that they didn't. We had a hundred coin for a mind-flayer, a shitty wizard, a farmer and an ogre. Better luck next time folks. + Cinnamon the Satyr. This was a combination of best, worst, and funniest all rolled in to one. No satyr legs so I was wearing one fur boot cover, a small orc tabard tied to my left leg, and two rabbit furs tied to my belt and upper thigh. I looked like a pimp. Hooking PC's almost immediately was pretty nice too. Grog and Oz were immediately interested, it just took them a while to get organized. In the meantime, I was a Satyr at the inn. So I ate... a lot. Scooped potatoes out of Rich's bowl, ate candy corn, pretzels, a sausage, a couple of pears, a piece of cake, some banana bread, an apple and I think something else. Then McFathom got two sausages and the conversation went something like this: Cinnamon: "Are you going to eat that one?" McFathom: "Yes." Cinnamon: "Can I have it?" McFathom: "No" Cinnamon: "Can I have half of it?" McFathom: "No" Cinnamon: "Can I have just the tip?" So after bringing the PC's out to their field of flowers, I peace'd out and then felt incredibly sick from all the garbage I had just stuffed in my face. That ended my night pretty quickly. +After game bull sessions are always fun including telling new players the old stories. +Good Golly's fo evah.
  15. Enchanted weapon

    Best bet would be to ask in character at one of the in character forums such this. If you need the actual prop you're in the right place here.