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  1. Mob Idea: Night Takers

    These would be a very cool non-com plot monster like we had back in the day using veronica in different ways.
  2. Pre-production is due Sunday, November 28th at 11:59 EST Link to the form: https://forms.gle/AqRXhPzXHJZrooyN9
  3. I think it would be cool if stronger ghosts could cast Dominate on someone. No medium on shift or available? Ghost casts Dominate on someone. It acts the same as normal Dominate but you just can't see the ghost unless you are a medium.
  4. Hello everyone, Logistics has been working on better implementation of our crimson courier system. You may have noticed a few different things in the last few games like couriers noting your actual information along with the letters, attached items, or coins so everything gets to where it is going. Before events, we will now have a Crimson Courier letter pre-production. You can use this in addition to sending letters at events. This will work just like normal pre-production in that you will fill out a form, let us know what you are including in the letter and when it needs to be sent out. If you miss the deadline, still fill out the form, but choose the option to bring yourself or that you need it printed on-site. When you arrive at the event you will bring in any items or your custom letter during sign-in. Here is what's needed on the form: Your email address Your name Your Forum Name The month we're sending. The Shift needs to be sent Your PC name (Sender) Destination Who is the letter recipient? Please list the character name, any organization they might belong to (for NPCs), or a location they are commonly found (for PCs). Any details that can help us make sure this goes to the right person. Keep in mind that the person reading this may not know the NPC you are referencing so details help a lot. If the recipient is a(n) PC, NPC, unknown Body of the letter Any Attachments If you will provide a physical copy of the letter at the game or if you would like us to print it for you. Font - If logistics print this for you, is there a google font you would like to request for the letter? If you do not select a font, we will pick a generic one that looks like handwriting when printed. For letters that we print, complete the form with your choice of Google font. If you run out of room on the form, you can email us the body of the letter. In the body of the letter, section let us know that you are emailing it. If it goes to the junk folder, we can check for it. If you are sending more than one page, we will add a fee. Send the letter to: crimsoncourier@kingdomsofnovitas.net Link to the form: https://forms.gle/AqRXhPzXHJZrooyN9 Pre-production is due Sunday, October 24th at 11:59 EST TL;DR: You can now send letters between events to be sent at game
  5. Let me start by saying that I am not on staff. Boffer fighting is definitely not for everyone. Having numbers being called may at first break your immersion, but when you have to say a call for poison you get right back into it. This is a fantasy larp, and while we do try to keep our garb and weapon standards high, at the end of the day we are still a larp. As to fencing styles vs shields and bucklers, I've never seen someone use a buckler in fencing. Different weapon fighting styles exist and can be an adjustment to learn. For larp, it's best to just not think about how your old larp (yes, I mean SCA) does things. Hopefully, you give it a few more goes to get used to the system.
  6. Game Donations

    Hey everyone, As you all know by now, our game runs on donations from you wonderful people. Our Inn and food service team need a few specific items and have created a list on Amazon. If you would like to donate something, please purchase it off the list on Amazon. This helps us keep track of what has been purchased and keeps us from getting 20 items that while we love that you took the time to get, we don't need and won't use. Just follow this link: KoN Inn Wish List. Happy holidays and thank you in advance from your inn monkeys.
  7. June Event Barbeque

    Hey, everyone. If you will be bringing a dish to pass at the barbeque could you pm me or post here. I will edit this as we go with your name and what you're bringing. Thank you Edit: Please provide some details for what you're making. We can have multiple salads or cakes, but I'd like them to be a little different That is unless you want a cooking/baking contest. Dishes so far: Brandon Rodd - Jalapeno poppers Denise Braun - GF mac and cheese John Spencer - Brownies Mikayla Snape - Chicken wing dip Caitlin Udas - Veggie dogs & pasta salad (vinegar-based, with some veggies and twirly pasta) Leon Adams - Some kind of pudding Brienna Jow - Leftover wedding booze Leah Mathis - Pound cake William Metott - Steak kebabs with peppers and mushrooms Laura Buchta - Salt potatoes Ceilidh Mitchell - Some kind of cupcakes (GF and normal) Katyln Heide - Fruity pebble treats Katie Dimon - Banana boats MK Walsh - Monkey bread Caitlin Rodd - Booze pie Rocky Weintrob - Melons
  8. August 16 Schedule

    1st shift: Phil Braun Suzie del Cano Backup Kerrie Cooking: Hot dogs, Chicken with veggies and rice 2nd shift Gabe Kerrie Breakfast, hot dogs 3rd shift Ryan Green Denise Braun Pulled pork, hot dogs 4th Shift Rob Denney Ryan Starring Kebabs/ cooked meat in wraps, hot dogs, Rob brings goodies We have a few newbies who may be swapped in/shadow this month.
  9. June Lost and Found

    Found:small pocket knife with writing on it.
  10. May lost and found

    Missing a green wool blanket with white stripes on either side. May have been left during April game, unless it is also in Katana space.
  11. April lost and found

    Has anyone seen Pat Lane's black and silver mug? It has skeletons and bones all over it.
  12. April Pre-production

    Hey everyone! Please post here or PM Maggie with your pre-production needs for the February event (April 1-3). Please submit to pre-produce the following: Crafting - You will be receiving your numbers prior to event so if you are creating numbered items, post here or PM Maggie. Personalized Incants - You have the opportunity to personalize your scroll incants.To do this, post or PM Kerrie during the pre-production window and they will beprinted for you. Otherwise, you may produce these at sign-in by writing yourincant in on scroll template blanks. (This is not required, but is an option.) Character Retirement - As always, if you are retiring a character you need to contact us ahead of time to arrange the retirement process. Seriously, you need to do this. Please submit all pre-production requests by Wednesday,March 30th at Midnight. Any requests after that time will have to be done at sign-in. Thanks! Also, if you have empty potion bottles, please bring them into logistics. Thank you as always!
  13. This year we are doing something a little different with the Feb Feast items. Our Plot team has offered to tailor plots to each auction item for anyone who wishes to participate. Chinese Auction Items: Brigidt's Throne Encampment Item Can Cast Panacea twice per game day. Polybox Writing Desk Allows you to read and write any language while an item (letter, scroll, etc) is on top of the box. Ollivander's Masterpiece Refillable wand 10 Charges of a fourth level spell of your choice. You can pick a new spell each February Ox's Sack Super cool Bag Bag is Magic locked at all times. Must be dispelled by non-owner. Owner does not need to dispel bag to open it. Necropants BadAss Garb Rus Pants Can cast up to five power of Necromancy spells per game day. Winnegas Slotless item 28 Craft points Leather Lockpick Kit Two explosive charges, Four magic lockpicks, Absorbs any damage caused by offensive trap inside of the first trap box placed on top of the lockpick kit. All this shit is 1/gd Martial Elven Steel Masterwork Mageblade Does what it says on the package Hex pouch with blue pouch Fancy pouch courtesy of Hivemind. It's bigger on the inside. One of the pouches counts as a blue bag Feast Kit Food or drink consumed with feast kit is immune to poison Box of Loot Loot inside of a box! Tiny Weapon Rack Can only be seen by owner. Blue Frog Like a blue bag for a weapon. Does not cause warts. No Incant Contraption Slotless item Do not need to be a Tinkerer, Works 1/gd Traditional Auction: Sword of the Mummy Lord Elven Steel sword Swings for Poison Curse or Elven Steel, Immune to Compulsion and poison. Any Mummy's (including Mummy Lords) are automatically controlled by you while wielding the sword. Cannot stack immunities. Ato's Apparatus Master staff/blade (You pick each February) Casts Wraithbane. You can store up to twenty power points of Restoration. Permanently Spellstored. Every time you kill something with a killing blow, it stores a Heal Body (Cannot be dead already). Eleos' Offhand Dagger Swings for Magic and can down call. When wielding in your offhand, the dagger hits for your max damage while the other melee weapon hits for plus one damage. Can break cap. Cannot use with shield of buckler. Avatar's Gift Fifth Level prismatic ring. Three times per game day, you can use a fifth level spell. Cannot repeat spell. Ritualists' Table Shield Can do any Battle and Enchantment ritual once per game day. Casts with a special incant, and does not need components. SELF ONLY Certificate to add any school to a master staff Gotta catch 'em all Certificate to make any melee weapon a master staff Certificate of awesome. You probably don't want this, or you want to buy it for me. Larp Essentials Gift Certificate $200 and 40 craft points Awesome garb with awesome abilities. BadAss Garb Gift Certificate $200 and 40 craft points Why not get both? Layering is very important. Blink Belt Belt Five no incant Dissipates. When dissipated while wearing the belt, you can toss a tag bag and move to where the tag bag (or glow stick at night) fell. While moving to that location, you are still considered to be dissipated. You must drop your dissipate before moving again and recasting. Gong of Diazo Necklace Casts Reap spirit 5/gd. The necklace can hold a spark that does not count as you holding a spark. Whenever you Reap Spirit, you gain two additional Magic Power points that break cap, to a maximum of 10 power points. Sodhoppers Gift Certificate - $250 and 36 craft points boots Ethereal Golem Armor Sharkmail Reflects the first two physical attacks per game day. Casts Aura of Reflection twice per game day. Count as 4 points monstrous armor Blue Bag Bag cannot be seen or touched by anyone but you. Scroll of 40 point item. DIY Feb Feast Item. Medusa's Kiss Rod of Petrify. (Stun that does not wear off. Must be dispelled.) Fifth level Spell Scroll of Feb Feast Turns one magic item into a "Feb Feast" item (does not change other abilities of the item) *All items subject to change before February
  14. Please post here or you can PM Kerrie or Maggie with your pre-production needs for the December event (December 4-6). Please submit to pre-produce the following: Crafting: We like to create crafted item numbers prior to event, so if you are creating numbered items (weapons, ornamented items, or alchemical foci), post here or PM Kerrie or Maggie. Personalized Incants: You have the opportunity to personalize your scroll incants. To do this, post or PM Kerrie during the pre-production window and they will be printed for you. Otherwise, you may produce these at sign-in by writing your incant on scroll template blanks. (This is not required, but is now an option.) Character Retirement: As always, if you are retiring a character you need to contact us ahead of time to arrange the retirement process. Seriously, you need to do this. Take an inventory of your PC's loot: Count your coin and consumables, and record your item numbers. Send that list and your character level to Kerrie. Then, Logistics can do the calculations on what your new PC gets ahead of time, so we only have to check your numbers and collect props and character sheets at sign-in. If you do this far enough ahead, we can also prepare coin, consumables, and item numbers for the new PC. Please submit all pre-production requests by Wednesday, December 2nd at Midnight. Any requests after that time will have to be done at sign-in. Thanks! Also, if you have empty potion bottles, please bring them into logistics. We really need them. There is no reason you need a dragon's hoard of empty potion bottles. Thank you as always!