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  1. Looting Monsters

    So, the glow is strong enough that players who aren't directly looting the monster are going to notice? Do they need to make a sort of blue-glow call or something to translate this?
  2. Fight Practice Scenarios/Games

    So, I've been spending a little extra on a modest collection of NPC weapons. I was wondering if anybody had some combat scenarios or games that a small-ish group of people could run through together in order to break down their apprehension, and maybe get a little better at fighting while they're at it. I remember a couple from the last picnic event; specifically, a squad defending a small square room against a respawning orc horde, and the Mindflayer v. all scenario, but that's about it. A little variety would be nice.

    Just got into FFXIV, and it's been pretty great so far. Other than that, I'm also a Souls fan.
  4. Wouldn't it be cool if we had more spells?

    I like the sound of having more variety of lower level spells; it definitely lends credence to the power of the higher level spells, since there would be less of them available by comparison, and provides a sense of diversity that some people might find lacking in spell lists. However, that is a shit ton of work to do for something that might not even fit well in game, and has the potential to just make everything feel less important. If there are going to be new spells, even in theory, they need to be well thought out and planned, or they're going to bog down the experience. Having, for example, an Aegis spell that's better than Magic Armor, but only applicable in certain, minute situations, is just going to make players feel gross. I don't want to keep staring at spells that are just pitiful when I'm planning my next level.
  5. Best of April 2017

    + Going out as Gershans, protecting the Szechuan Sauce flowers, and the all-out fight that ensued. + Boglurking just before the end of 4th shift. The moon was bright and dramatic. + Hearing PC's burn through so many spells during the Exiled Terran fight. + Watching a bunch of PC's side with a flower farmer and scold the girl whose arm got cut off by gargoyles. + Fighting as the giant round shield skeleton in the undead fight. + Watching a small pod of PC's avoid us, as Minotaur and Ogres, even if we did get squished. Smart moves. + Sharing the joys of the Orc drum. + Ginseng with Shane and friends. + Finally coming to a regular event and getting hugs~ - The giant undead fight. - Found a couple ticks from Boglurking. Just desserts, huh?
  6. The Masked Players Company

    I totally love the idea. I think it could have some real ground with enough people. Were you thinking Shakespearean troupe style, or something more gypsy?
  7. Star Wars Collectibles

    Sorry guys. Big fire near my house knocked out the power. All prices are up, save for a few items I haven't researched. Namely, three framed mini-posters of each of the original trilogy, and a big black crushed velvet lady's coat.
  8. Star Wars Collectibles

    Hey everybody. I recently got the go ahead to clear out a cache of stuff that got left with my aunt. The ex is long gone, and after a decade, he isn't coming back for this stuff. It's a bunch of (I wanna say 'retro') Star Wars stuff; figurines, a few vehicles, a puzzle, a coinpurse, and a handful of keychains. So, knowing how lovable some of you are, I thought I'd let you guys in on what I found. It's probably easier for me to just list the item names; if you are interested and want pictures, just let me know. I've got them on my computer, and I can take more if you like. I averaged the prices from a bunch of stuff from online, but most of it should be negotiable. Understand that the cases are a tiny bit roughed up, but the figures and things inside should be perfectly fine. So here you go: First Pickings! (I know most items don't have prices yet. Just wanted to get the llist up before I get busy. I'll add everything else soon. Most everything is pretty cheap, like 5-10 bucks, but some items are a bit more expensive. The bandolier is worth some dough, for some reason.) Die-Cast Keychains (Brassy Color) $8 Luke Skywalker $6-$10 Darth Vader $6-$16 R2-D2 $13 C-3PO Micro Machines Collector Edition Die-Cast Spacecraft/Vehicles (With Stands) $25-$50 IV: A New Hope (X-Wing, Vader's TIE Fighter, Star Destroyer, Rebel Blockade Runner, Jawa Sandcrawler, Y-Wing, Landspeeder, and TIE Starfighter) $8 V: The Empire Strikes Back ( Millenium Falcon, Imperial AT-AT, Snowspeeder, Imperial Probot, Bespin Tin-Pod Cloud Car, Tie Bomber, Slave I, and Rebel Transport) $21 VI: Return of the Jedi (AT-ST, Jabba's Desert Sail Barge, B-Wing, Super Star Destroyer Executor, Imperial Shuttle Tydirium, A-Wing, TIE Interceptor, and Mon Calamari Star Cruiser) Plain "The Power of the Force" Figures (In Case) $10Yoda (Jedi Trainer Backpack and Gimer Stick) $15 Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber and Removable Cloak) $10-$15 Stormtrooper (Blaster Rifle and Heavy Infantry Cannon) $17 Han Solo (with Carbonite Block) $13 Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi (Lightsaber and Removable Cloak) $4-$10 Lando Calrissian (Heavy Rifle and Blaster Pistol) $10 Princess Leia Organa ("Laser" Pistol and Assault Rifle) $10 Chewbacca (Bowcaster and Heavy Blaster Rifle) $6 R5-D4 (Concealed Photon Missile Launcher) $8 Darth Vader (Lightsaber and Removable Cloak) (2 green, 1 red) $4-$12 Nien Nunb (Blaster Pistol and Blaster Rifle) $11-$25 Garindan "Long Snoot" (Hold-Out Pistol) $15 Sandtrooper (Heavy Blaster Rifle) Freeze Frame "The power of the Force" Figures (In Case) $15-$20 Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi ( Lightsaber) $3-$9Princess Leia, Ewok Celebration Outfit (Some sort of blaster?) $5-$11 Endor Rebel Soldier (Survival Backpack and Blaster Rifle) $7 Princess Leia in Hoth Gear (Blaster Pistol) $10 Lando Calrissian in General's Gear (Blaster Pistol) CommTech Episode 1 Figures (In Case) $9 Anakin Skywalker - Tatooine (Backpack and Grease Gun) $9 Qui-Gon Jinn - Jedi Duel (Lightsaber) $5 Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Duel (Lightsaber) $7 Queen Amidala - Naboo (Blaster Pistols) $5-$25 Darth Maul - Jedi Duel (Double-Bladed Lightsaber) $15-$30 Darth Sidious $9 Rune Haako $7 C-3PO $10 Watto (Datapad) $11 Battle Droid (Blaster Rifle) $13 Mace Windu (Lightsaber and Jedi Cloak) $10 Gasgano (Pit Droid) $7 Adi Gallia (Lightsaber) $7 Boss Nass (Gungan Staff) $5 Ki-Adi-Mundi (Lightsaber) Attack of the Clones Figures (In Case) $5 Supreme Chancellor Palpatine $10 Watto "Mos Espa Junk Dealer" $6 Orn Free Taa Shadows of the Empire Figures (In Case) $5-$20 Chewbacca in Bounty Hunter Disguise (Vibro Axe and Heavy Blaster Rifle) $5-$15 Leia in Boushh Disguise (Blaster Rifle and Bounty Hunter Helmet) $15 Luke Skywalker in Imperial Guard Disguise (Taser Staff Weapon) Cup Toppers (Weird models you put on your soda and drink out of the back of) $17 Yoda $8 Young Pilot Anakin $3 Boss Nass $3 Amidala $5 Darth Maul Single/Loose Items $60 RotJ Speeder Bike (In Box) $40-$100 Chewbacca Bandolier Strap (In Box) $10 Battlefront Scout Trooper (In Case) $5-$14 "TPotF: Flash Back Photo" Princess Leia in Ceremonial Dress (Medal of Honor) $5-$20 Darth Maul Spin-Pop (Sorry, somebody tore out the candy and ruined part of the case) $10 Puzz3D Sith Infiltrator $6 30 Foil Valentines (from 2002) $10 Buena Vista "Star Wars" Casette $2 Darth Vader PEZ Dispenser (In a pouch, but kinda beat up. Two sleeves of candy still in, though) $3 Empty Boba Fett PEZ Dispenser $1 Nautolan Soldier (In a pouch. From some sort of Heroclix system thing) $6 R2-D2 PVC Coinpurse/Wallet/Keychain
  9. Blackguard Company

    Honestly, I wasn't too into this at first. After quite a bit of thinking, however, it does seem kinda cool (Mostly because it fits in with a few of my personal tastes; Blackguards, gnolls, muted colors, and ambiguity.) I am still hesitant about offering my name to the company, though. I feel like there's a bit of background work to be done here, maybe even in game. It's a super cool idea, and I think I'd love to be a part, but I really want to wait until it's a little more solid. A reputation to live up to, connections/source of income, or maybe a few more potential members.
  10. Bellator II Caliamcil Greatsword

    Since we're bringing up greatswords again, can I get a quick opinion? I'm wondering if I should pre-order this, but I'm worried about the parrying lugs. Do they fall into some pointy-bit regulation? http://www.calimacil.com/weapons/all/two-handed-swords/flamberge-5604.html
  11. Symbol Prep

    Well, that's a lot to think on. Thanks for the input, everyone!
  12. Symbol Prep

    That's actually a lot to take in. I'll roll it all over in thought. To clarify, it isn't a sort of disregard to the other Six; just a personal appreciation for one in particular.
  13. Symbol Prep

    So, my character concept has been taking some turns lately. One thing that stays constant is his veneration of one specific embodiment of the Sept. I'd like to work it into his clothing, if I could, by highlighting the individual branch of whichever personification he worships primarily. I was wondering if anybody had a picture of a fully colored Sept star. I would also hope to have some explanation of which colors correspond to which deity. I'd greatly appreciate the reference or any help you can provide.
  14. Calimacil Great Weapon

    So I'm focusing effort on getting a solid checklist down, and I have most of my PC garb set in stone. Extra showy stuff is on the back burner, as well as a spectacular greatsword. I did some window shopping, and I came across a few swords I wouldn't mind using, including the Khepri II from Calimacil. I've seen mixed reactions on Cal gear on the forums. It sounds like a case-by-case scenario, emphasizing the punishment their gear can take AND dish out. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this model, or similar items. Thanks for the help!
  15. Haircuts

    So I've been trying to figure something out on my own, but I thought I'd open up the question to the players who know more about anachronisms and environment. I have relatively thick hair, six or seven inches in length, super dark brown, and, while it can get extremely curly, is decently manageable. I wanted to know if anyone had advice on appropriate hairstyles for men, as it's a bit of a struggle to just tie it all back. My character ideas are all over the place, so anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated!