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  1. 2016 Feb Feast Auction Items

    Concerning the Blink Belt: If you throw the light stick such that you cannot find it. I assume that you may not go looking for it. Unless you must go looking for it until you find it. Like you get lost in the aether essentially banishing yourself until you find the exit to your ghostly prison or until your sentence has ended.
  2. Blagar, I made my character with this in mind. I will be neglecting my merchant duties soon because I have internally taken up the character of an adventurer. The bun wizard was a baker first, a townsperson second, and a combatant third. Selling and buying was part of the gig but the narrative I built was never about the things I had but rather the people I met and shared time with. The game was not about stuff. It wasn't about money. I wasn't gaming the game to get as many points as possible the way the chosen don't try to get as many holy points as possible. The lighting brand is cool. But having things and selling stuff is just a gig. Making a legacy is the story and the brand does a great job at doing that. Anyone can sell and buy things, but I feel like merchants play a game outside of what people without RP skills play. Druids play with the tale of the natural forces. Chosen fight the war of the gods while on this mortal land. Mediums live a story that others can't even see! While people of status play a game of politics and intrigue. Merchants, too, can play a different game. Something outside the everyday survival of pinedale. It is a kind if game about fame and brands and service. Crafting an image, creating a trust between customer and merchant, having a tale that isn't just "fight the guy and don't go to the well." It's a little close to the game of status but on a different level. Idk. Everyone wants to be Batman, I kinda wanted to play Alfred for a while.
  3. So it makes sense for druid, medium, and chosen to receive power and abilities that are rooted in magic. I like how they further entrench the player in the role that they play. People of status become more entrenched in their organization and have more clout by the nature of their fame and natural presence. But the merchant skills don't really feel like you use them to interact with others. Mostly you interact with people out of town between games. And the rate at which you do so seems worse than if you were actually there. I mean, it's nice to get a couple potions or alchemicals, and "making" a sweet item is nice if you couldn't already. But it doesn't help you interact outside if just having more things to interact with. It's not like the other rp skills can just summon up the things they interact with: spirits, nobility, gods/undead. But they have things that allow them to interact with them when they encounter them. Merchants don't really need more objects to interact with. We interact with customers! Everyone who needs something is what we interact with. I like the lie detection option. Don't try to con a conman. I like picking up a language or two while traveling and interacting with many people. Octavius does this well. He doesn't speak fluently, just enough to use the bathroom and offend only a couple people. If it were a polyglot-esqu effect maybe just one syllable words. Anymore they could either need context or just insert something random. The blue bag idea is great but also goes back to the not interacting with customers and back to interacting with things. Powerful effect. Kind of like a slight of hand but the idea of a roguish character full of greed is not inherent in a merchant, I think that's the result of our capitalist society. But that's off topic. One charm effect would be great but maybe when showing wares and not in a combat situation. This would represent a well presented showcase, an enticing shpeil, or even the just the scent of a tempting snack. Maybe not so far as to have an aura or anything but something to set them apart from your average grocer. Getting stuff is great. Paying more than you would normally to get something isn't really what merchants do. Dealing with people is what they do. At the least, they could do something that benefits them in ways other than flexibility. Like identifying some non magical trinket to be extra valuable, +10% to coin value if they can tell a story about it. Or they heard a story from a friend or patron about a thing, +1 lore per season (preferrably per game, but that seems like a bit much) Or perhaps they can seed rumors into their customer base without anyone noticing, once per season. (Like a reverse lore) I can try to think of more.
  4. Elven Shield and Sword

    I'd take the sword off your hands. The shield doesn't really fit with my current character but I'd buy it in a bundle. I cannot resist value.
  5. RP Skill Approval: Summer Edition!

    should I send mine again? I sent it in maybe last week or so. Screw it, I'll post it again I want merchant 2. XiaoGui has been nothing but a merchant as my character. It's all he does.He adjust prices and he changes his stock according to his target demographics. In fact He brought in buns without meat for both Grog and Akken. He brings fewer custard buns due to lower demand, and more roast pork buns due to thier popularity. he maintains a steady variation in products to continue testing the market. During the time between games He travels and develop his skills as a baker as well as creating contacts and sales opportunities in other lands. He does not advertise this at the moment but XiaoGui is also stockpiling alchemical components and recipes in order to start a new business venture. Not only has he done these things, but he's bested other master chefs in a baking competition. Please Consider XiaoGui for Merchant 2
  6. Improving the Gaming Table

    I don't like the prizes. They cheapen the game. This is beside the point of your service that i will elaborate on later. The prizes or even the wager undermine the purpose of games which is to enjoy a battle of wits or to test your luck. Fun is the end all be all of a game and when there is a prize, people for get it. There are studies that show that tacking on a reward doesn't make the activity more fun. rather, it makes it less fun. It makes the activity about the reward and not the enjoyment of the activity itself. I really really like coming in as an NPC to play your games. I have nothing to lose, and i have nothing but the enjoyment of playing your games to gain. But as a PC? well I'm sure the one you call the bun wizard will still love your games. But so far I've seen a bunch of players talking about the prizes, probably because you asked about it. I don't think the prizes needed to be there. But now that they are, townsfolk will feel cheated if you take them away. That's just my two cents about prizes. But the games though, that's a whole other matter. The games you bring to town not only liven the place and and fill the time between murders and poaching. The simple act of bringing games to town brings worth to the community. Yes, we have very important people who have heavy weights on their shoulders and have the balance of something or another hanging on the blade of their sword. But you bring life to our town. Your games bring something worth protecting, something that give us character. I'm proud to live in a town with someone so bright as to create games and bring them to town. I'm proud to know a person who runs another business that isn't omar's hammer and isn't another sell sword but a craftsman, as my character assumes that you think up and create your games on your own. It is a point of pride that Art is budding in this town, and that things of beauty and elegance are becoming important to Pinedale's society, rather than just an object's utility. Finally, I suggest you bring a chalk board and some chalk. Many games are played by drawing, and many more can be simulated through drawing and stones or slate coins that can be marked. you can offer games of tic-tac-toe, connect 4, pearls before swine, hell, with all the pieces you carry with you, you could simulate games like mancala or just make up a game. You could use it to tally wins or to jot down notes, the possibilities are endless and I think it would fit your character to have such a versatile piece of equipment ready to play a game the drop of a hat. Undermining children's intrinsic interest with extrinsic reward: A test of the "overjustification" hypothesis: http://psycnet.apa.org/journals/psp/28/1/129/ It's why I don't like the prizes. It's also why I think some groups do better than others. Some groups want to go out to do the stuff and then get some junk at the end. Some groups go out to get the stuff at the end and have to deal with the stuff on the way.
  7. Ragnarok 29 (2014) Pre-Reg list!

    I'm a Ghoul. Or at least my belt flag says so.
  8. Chest plate

    Krod's underground Armory. now with both work bench AND Hammer
  9. Fake Incense For Shrine

    Annnd.... now I want them.
  10. Estimate Value of Epic Loot

    Aren't things worth 10Xcrafting points if it's at cost? I mean, ultimately it's worth what people will pay for it.
  11. Spring 2014 Cabin arrangements

    May I have one of the guest bunks in GoST for when there aren't openings in Confirmation?
  12. EoS Award Winners

    I don't have perfect attendance. I did not attend the event in November. I think.
  13. Tome Question.

    Bonus question: How does it work with creeping rot and ruin? They create physical objects, rather than magical energies, so can they be caught with magic hands?
  14. I'm a fool for leaving these things behind. I left my "I didn't choose the NPC life; the NPC life chose me" hoodie in logistics. Did anyone keep it along with a white tee shirt? I also left my mug behind. I'ts shaped like a skull and was left in the party cabin and is not the one that Blackhawk was drinking out of
  15. Bulk Magic Cards

    For fun decks of the casual variety to teach your wife. I suggest core set pre-mades. Pre-made decks in general are nice to play with a new player because it lowers the stress level of making a good deck since both decks would in theory be about as powerful as the other pre-made. Core set cards are generally lower in power (here's looking at you titans and thragtusk) but are generally designed for highlighting the basic ability words and color themes that are found throughout the sets. Things like Blue creatures live on islands where the isolation brings a good place to contemplate and learn while also forcing the creatures to be smaller and flying. Or that Green creatures feel more "wild" as opposed to the "civilization" of white. The color wheel is a very important aspect of learning about magic, not really as much for just playing magic.