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  1. Shoe Check

    As one of the P&A staff that is authorized to green light aesthetics, they look fine.
  2. Chosen 5 ideas

    As a side note, things change over the course of the game and relying on the world book, solely, for your insight into how things should work is not the wisest course of action. When I first started playing, 9-10 years ago, individuals did bring in characters who venerated one of the gods above the others, or were from orders dedicated specifically to one aspect of the Sept. You could be chosen by a specific god or by all of them, but they all agree that you are dedicated enough to receive the gifts they grant. The staff at the time encouraged us to shift our thinking away from ONLY worshiping one of the Sept. This is a hard rule and something that Plot does not want to change. So while you may feel called to follow a path of one god's arts more than the others, they are a set. Different holy orders may focus on specific spell trees as a way of representing that connection, but what Chosen gets you is what being chosen by the Sep, Dark 3, or Draconus gets you.
  3. The Challenges of Corruption

    Additionally - I won 1st place in the historical category at SAC's Garb Expo/ Competition.
  4. The Challenges of Corruption

    I still have to do Wrath one more time at Rag. So knighting will probably be at CoK.
  5. Tents will be available for use in May.
  6. Groups have nothing to do with where you camp. You can be in a group and not have an encampment. However, you must have an group to benefit from encampment items and an encampment. You don't need to spent all day in your encampment. The tents in Elftown would be a good place to move to, though its outside the Helix, it's not too far away from help if needed. And you can magic lock the tents just like you would a cabin.
  7. Ceilidh - Some of the cabins have room for 4 people, some have room for 8. If there is a group that has an 8 man cabin that is only using 4 bunks, you may be able to negotiate to set up you encampment in half of the cabin. If Gil takes cabin 4, he will still need to allow 3 other people to sleep in there, even if he sets up his shop there. There is also plenty of room in the tent pods when they are set up again for you to set up an encampment. The one across from Elftown was almost entirely empty in the fall.
  8. Best of Novitas New Year

    Rituals are awesome! PCing Saturday morning for the first time in forever was amazing. I was really struggling to play my PC on shifts where there was next to nothing to fight. Felt good to really feel like a bad ass tribeswoman again. The water elemental fight at the end was a blast.
  9. Helix zone suggestions

    From what I understand, the area formerly marked as the parking area is now off limits. The ranger told us at CoK that he doesn't want people parking there and getting stuck in the mud and snow. Which means that we will need to use the road to the right of the map for parking. Nothing says that we can't also use those areas for game play, but it seems to me that the cars would make it less playable.
  10. Best of November

    Spending the day with my fellow Dellin women was awesome! Spirit juice and whore calling. Downside to being a nice person and staff is that every single time I could have made money this event, I allowed the level 1 PC's to go on the plot. I'm so broke, but it was nice to see everyone having fun.
  11. Kitchen Use

    Sounds like she is bringing it already prepped, so she just needs to throw it in the oven. It shouldn't really cut into NPC time. Also, the inn isn't preparing gluten free foods anymore, so Kerrie suggested that we could make our food in logistics and bring it to the inn for there to be something safe for us to eat on our PC shifts. What I did this month was just throw everything together in a crock pot when I woke up on Sat and started it cooking and stirred it once or twice during my Logistics shift. Then there was food for Lauren, Tammy, Katie, and myself in the inn for 3-4. If she brings it prepped and ready to go into the oven, she could probably check with the inn staff and see if they will bake it for her, but I think her goal was to feed the NPC's in logistics.
  12. Kitchen Use

    We do have full use of the kitchen in Logistics, with the expectation that we will wash all dishes, counter tops, etc and return everything to where we found it.
  13. Best of October

    My most memorable moment was wandering around in the dark with Stan the Bard and Baldisere singing to attract encounters. My voice is completely shot. I love the space we have in logistics and having a kitchen to cook in. I ate every shift. I'd like to see the PC's who camp in Maplewood utilize the space more. It was always empty when I walked through as my PC and I can see it having as much potential as Merchant Town, which was amazing. I didn't really get to interact with my neighbors in Elftown because we are on different shifts, but the photos were awesome!
  14. Best of October

    Do you have any suggestions of how it could have been made easier? We generally have at least 1 all PC shift per year and have new players garb up at a townie for that shift. We typically have that during 2nd shift, in October.. With moving to the new site and having everyone else also new to the site and unfamiliar with town and how it worked, we had GM's playing town elders and constables to alleviate the anxiety as a whole. We understand that there were some logistical hiccups, but would really like to know if something didn't work. If you feel more comfortable not getting into specifics publicly, you can send a PM.
  15. Lost and Found: October

    John - the bottles in logistics were Sprag's. Did not see your bottles any where. Brian - unless it ended up in the NPC weapons bag, it was not returned to logistics. You may want to check it next month.