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  1. Event Pictures Archive

    August 2015: Feb 2016: April 2016: May 2016:
  2. 2016 Event Dates

    Midland! We have some other Midlanders here, and were sort of an offshoot, which is why the rules look familiar to you!
  3. Best of April 2016

    I want to say thanks, everyone - this was the most fun I've had in a few years! It was great to run plots all day with Ann, and I always love April Fools shenanigans. The Monty Python plots went better than I could have hoped, from coconut monologues inspired by the Order of the Horse to the whole series we did for GOST! I laughed more than I should have as a hook. (Dave M was an awesome Black Knight, Dan Y was great as the lead Knight of Ni, Richard made a funny shrubber and Tim the Enchanter, and Ann was a ferocious bunny!) I am so glad the "time-traveler needs help to save the future" plot went off and got buy-in from the whole town. I've been wanting to do a time travel plot for years, and it was great to see the town band together to protect the dingus and save the future. Great job everyone! Thanks for going along with us on this one! It started as a silly Terminator adaptation/rip-off, but we played it straight and I am happy with the good feedback we've received! I was impressed all weekend with the positive attitudes, energy output, and good role-play. Also, so glad the snow held off until the end, and added atmosphere to the final battle.
  4. Here is the PC shift schedule! I tried to give everyone at least one of the shifts they asked for, and both where possible - thanks for your understanding and cooperation. Please note: I scheduled everyone who contacted me to say any preference about shift schedules, whether they were in a party or independent. If we get dedicated new parties or have people join existing parties, Logistics will tweak the schedule to accommodate. Other independents will be scheduled for PC shifts on-the-fly at sign-in each event, in whatever way best maintains the game balance. Shift 1 (39 PCs) Parties The Druids The McFathom 5 Guardians of the Well The Rhinos Oddfellows Pioneers Unnamed Party: Ta'Avon, Dagny, and Quintus Iuventius Megullus Independents Don Daitoro Dano Gil / Ulysses (new PC name?) Brewmaster Shift 2 (44 PCs) Parties The McFathom 5 The Druids Guardians of the Well Owl & Ore Oddfellows Pioneers Temple Independents Chris T Chrstina Fred Jordan Leah Don Brewmaster Shift 3 (44 PCs) Parties GOST Templars / House Wygraf Brave Companions Wardens Owl & Ore Temple Independents Chris T Chrstina Fred Jordan Leah Neecy Lauren Titus Shift 4 (39 PCs) Parties GOST Templars / House Wygraf Brave Companions Wardens Rhinos Unnamed Party: Ta'Avon, Dagny, and Quintus Iuventius Megullus Independents Neecy Lauren / Vanya Nick Q / Titus Daitoro Gil / Ulysses (new PC name?)
  5. Party and Shift Survey

    Almost done! Does the Temple still exist as a party? (Chloe, Alex, Al?) Do the Braves have their final party member chosen yet?
  6. Hey everyone, Logistics needs some information from you before we can plan the shift balance for the spring season. The schedule will be built around adventuring parties, so now is a good time to form new groups or switch groups. For established and newly forming groups, I need one person from each group to please post up or PM the group name and the names of all members (both real names and PC names). Then, you may include any special requests and supporting information you think we need. Please post by February 23rd - this should give everyone a chance to finalize their parties at Feb Feast. The new schedules will be announced in March and start in April. A few things to keep in mind: Staff schedules for GMs, Logistics, the Inn, etc. will be made after shift balance has been set. You can tell us if you or a party member are currently working a staff position or are apprenticing to learn a staff position, though, and we'll use that for the staff balance across the shifts. If you have complicated prosthetics or body paint, tell us and we will try to schedule consecutive shifts so you only have to apply the makeup once. (Ear tips and face gems don't count for this consideration.) If you or one of your party members regularly can't be at game on a particular shift, that shift will be one of your PC shifts. Alternatively, you can request to PC at least one shift together, but not be part of the same group. For ease of scheduling, all Alts played by the same person will be scheduled for the same shifts. If this causes a conflict, pick the primary PC and party affiliation, and if we can accommodate a change at sign-in we will (so long as the balance is maintained). Party cap is eight people; adventuring cap is six people plus one additional member under level 20. Keep this in mind as you plan your party! Independents: We strongly recommend you join a party - having an adventuring party makes your time in Pinedale more fun, provides better RP, increases your chances of loot and plot, not to mention makes your PC more safe. If you still plan to stay independent, we're asking that you also post your real name and your PC name, and other considerations, as if you are a party of one. I am going to use the Brave Companions as an example of how your post should look:
  7. 2016 Event Dates

    It's still really helpful for long term planning... like scheduling a wedding, or buying airplane tickets! Thanks for posting this so far in advance.
  8. Harvest Fest 2015

    This is not an event, but if the weather is good, I'd like to get posed photos/portraits of adventuring parties. It's been a while since we've gotten any of these portraits. :)
  9. 2 Shield Bosses

    It wouldn't be the first time for the metal dog bowls... :) <a data-flickr-embed="true" href=" title="IMG 073"><img src="https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2825/9094990099_d65c85d9c5_c.jpg" width="800" height="600" alt="IMG 073"></a><script async src="//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  10. This is what we've used for Plot when we make elvish letter props: http://www.omniglot.com/writing/tengwar.htm You should be able to find this font on the internet - it's popular since the Lord of the Rings movies!
  11. Sewing is fun... ehe

    It will get easier! Unfortunately before that time there will be lots of cursing and lots of seam ripping. And lots of wondering why you are doing this to yourself. :P
  12. Legion Rank Structure

    I got out the patches tonight. You should definitely order new patches for wights and black and grey crosses. Inventory: 0 silver crosses 1 wight patch 7 ghoul patches 3 pink crosses 9 gold chevrons 14 silver chevrons
  13. Legion Rank Structure

    I have all the patches. I will bring them to the build day.
  14. Bump - pre-production is due tomorrow night at midnight!
  15. Hey everyone! Please post here or PM Kerrie with your pre-production needs for the May event (May 1-3). Please submit to pre-produce the following: Crafting We like to create crafted item numbers prior to event, so if you are creating numbered items (weapons, ornamented items, or alchemical foci), post here or PM Kerrie. Personalized Incants You have the opportunity to personalize your scroll incants. To do this, post or PM Kerrie during the pre-production window and they will be printed for you. Otherwise, you may produce these at sign-in by writing your incant on scroll template blanks. (This is not required, but is now an option.) Character Retirement As always, if you are retiring a character you need to contact us ahead of time to arrange the retirement process. Seriously, you need to do this. Take an inventory of your PC's loot: Count your coin and consumables, and record your item numbers. Send that list and your character level to Kerrie. Then, Logistics can do the calculations on what your new PC gets ahead of time, so we only have to check your numbers and collect props and character sheets at sign-in. If you do this far enough ahead, we can also prepare coin, consumables, and item numbers for the new PC. Please submit all pre-production requests by Wednesday, April 29th at Midnight. Any requests after that time will have to be done at sign-in. Thanks! Also,if you have empty potion bottles, please bring them into logistics. We really need them. There is no reason you need a dragon's hoard of empty potion bottles. Thank you as always!