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  1. On PvP

    I'll chime in on this seeing as I think I was the first or one of the first PC casualties in regards to the Slatestones. I haven't been around game in a couple years unfortunately so I'll give a quick recap of my character death. To make a fairly long story short this is what happened- My character (Thein) was persuaded by an IC and OOC friend to sell a certain dagger of awesomeness. When we met up to complete the sale I was knocked out by said friend and given over to the Slatestones. I was a double agent of sorts, spying on the Slatestones for the town whilst the Slatestones though I was spying on the town. Well that didn't turn out very well. My character was betrayed by his friend Scyriss (OOC Brett, you douche!). Needless to say, the Slatestones killed me and I was no more. Personally, I thought it was an awesome way to go out. I didn't see it coming at all which made the game seem that much more real to me. Sure it sucked that my character of two years was no more, but it's part of the game. So to reiterate what others are saying, if you don't like PVP then make sure you consider that before you get caught to close to the fire. And even then, you never know if you're safe! So keep a back up PC ready, or maybe even a couple of them!
  2. Character Sheet?

    I've been MIA from Novitas for quite a while, so I was just curious if there is any chance that my character sheet is still filed or if it's been tossed. My old PC was killed but I'm 90% certain I had some left over XP and just didn't want to start from scratch if I don't have to when I return in May.
  3. I know I know! This spring hopefully. Maybe November.

  4. You need to come back to game!

  5. Portal 2 Soundtrack

    Valve has released 22 tracks from Portal 2 for free for any that are fans. Unfortunately, the ending credits song is the only one you still have to purchase. But the rest of the tracks are just as catchy, and hey, they're free! Free Music!
  6. Some notes from the 2011 Staff Retreat

    I'm excited about the summer events because it means I'll finally be able to come back. At least for the summer...
  7. minecraft and stargate

    I got on the server for a few minutes and looked around. I haven't checked a lot of stuff out, but I can say I dig the stargate. nice work. Username is Orangemoose11.
  8. Badon Hill V ?

    I'll be heading to Badon with some friends from school. Not sure if I will be fighting yet due to a recent ankle injury. But, it was a good time hanging out with some of you last year, so I will most likely stop by again. See you guys this weekend!
  9. Halo: Reach

    Just picked this up for 360. Gamertag is- Orangemoose11 If anyone is interested in playing shoot me a message...
  10. LOTR Online anyone?

    Lord of the Rings Online I've been wanting to try this for a while but never wanted to spend money on two MMO's and WoW was eating up the MMO fund. Also, people who have been paying to play, will receive premium benefits according to the article in Game Informer I read. I'm gonna sign up for the beta and see if this is any better than D&D online...
  11. Pictures~!!!!

    Yayyy, I have a tombstone :)
  12. PC Help

  13. PC Help

    Well, I tried both, and no fix. So it looks like it's time to begin the search for a new card. I'm not looking to spend more than probably...150. Any suggestions?
  14. PC Help

    Thanks for the help, I got a can of air so I'll try that first. If that doesn't solve it, I'll try solution number 2. Thanks again.
  15. PC Help

    I'm not the best with computers so I figured I would post up and try to get some help. I've googled my problem but found 7-8 different "right" answers to the problem. Problem- After booting up 1-2 minutes in little red dots appear all over the screen. Any windows that are open become like a checker board, with black squares. The computer will finish booting and about 3 minutes in the computer will either shut off, or BSOD. My Thoughts- I'm thinking it's a graphics card problem, or something is seriously up with my Display Drivers. I have managed to boot up in safe mode and do a system restore, but, it didn't help. Thanks for any help.