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  1. Recruitment!

    Real Name: John R. Call Sign: Infidel Position: Sword & Board Secondary/Tertiary: None yet. Location: Rochester, NY
  2. Best of June

    +Sourwine group- (totally classic) •chanting/repeating the last couple words of everything that was said •Leon arm wrestling then "losing" because of a "cramp" •Feats of Strength- stump over-head presses- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9, 9, 9, (ad nauseum) +Oni causing trouble... Turned into oni (4 magic packets) a cyclops, a troll, a pair of trolls, and another pair of trolls with a pair of bog lurkers 5 mins further down the path approaching. +hiring indentured servants/slaves in the inn- npcs entertaining the innkeeps and the black drake. Even though the npcs were on the same "team", not being easy marks
  3. Heavy Waxed Leather Clamshell Gauntlets

    Much appreciated! I got a bunch o' finished scraps (.5, .25 sides, brown shades) from Winter Tree Crafts that I'll bring. Thanks! John
  4. Heavy Waxed Leather Clamshell Gauntlets

    ROFL! Too funny! Just as well- I have some extra leather I've been thinking of a project. Yep- that was me, 3 years late to the party.
  5. Heavy Waxed Leather Clamshell Gauntlets

    Dibs- much better than my MMA gloves- pay at June or what's yer PayPal address?
  6. The Best of May 2014

    The Reaper bit was good stuff Got a kick out of the marriage proposals Fun running with a new crew The Elder- ya had me convinced it was the real thing- nice! The Shroud of Kablis rp with town (and then duel) was great- thanks!
  7. Set Up/Clean Up

    Clean up
  8. Monsterous Armor

    Went with Zach's recommended- Deepeeka's Lorica Segmenta- got a great deal with a local shop (was sitting in their window for 2 years) it's not stainless though (will need some major elbow grease to get off some real deep spots of rust).
  9. Monsterous Armor

    Thanks for the info!
  10. Monsterous Armor

    So, I know Segmenta and 1-piece chest plate are http://legvi.tripod....rium/id109.html (Pics at bottom) But wondering about other styles- just a thought to do something like Lamellar http://ellsfjordtrading.wikispaces.com/Lamellar+D+PlatesYes, I'd take the SCA rattan test - I'd think 2 layers of 16g with cord cushioned between would be more than enough to even block live steel. 3 monsterous? Not solid so probably not 4. 1. Not that a bunch of segmenta wouldn't look great; and 2. worse case ya take a bit off if it doesn't fit or add on if you start to "grow" or hate it and totally make something different. Thoughts? I'm in the brainstorming phase. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Advice on books

    The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie (trilogy) Malus Darkbkade by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee (Warhammer) Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern Century Trilogy by Ken Follett (never have been one for historical stuff but, it's a good read; about events around WWI and WWII)
  12. Steel bracers and greaves

    At the moment, I'm planning on attending Feb feast- I have some of his stuff (bracers, arm, and shoulders) I'll bring if ya want to check it out. He's 5 mins from my house- if ya go that route- it'll save ya the $20 or so in shipping for delivery.
  13. Steel bracers and greaves

    http://forums.armourarchive.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=168684 Fyi- this armorer is out of Rochester (East Rochester, so he'd fix them if anything happened to them) bit more protection- bit more expensive- $65 He only does mild steel, I believe, so ya have to put Turtle Wax on and wipe them down after fighting to keep the rust off them.
  14. Legacy LARP

    Nero International splintered into the national Alliance http://www.alliancelarp.com/chapters.php There is a background page which explains the split- Alliance is owned by attorney and author Mike Venturra, who created Faire Play and bought the land. Further splits last March resulted in the sleep-over weekends LARP I've attended in Ohio; Vandlar http://www.alliancelarpohio.net or http://vandlar.com/forum/index.php I'm just guessing but, perhaps there has been more splits and Legacy has been created. Both a benefit and a drawback of a national organization is that you have to follow policies and procedures that everyone else is doing.
  15. Heya all!