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  1. The real fear

    If they choose to cower they prolly ought to drop all their weapons or anything that makes them hostile. It would be a surrender kinda thing, methinks. Something to make up for the not running, since it would be markedly easier to get you back into the fight as an ally. Even then, this is an action game and if you play you are taking the chance you've got to run sometimes.
  2. The real fear

    Flee at best possible speed until the effect is gone. Our playerbase is playing it correctly most of the time. I don't know who you are rolling with, but reminding them in a firm way would be in order. That's how you avoid cheating.
  3. Puzzle Boxes

    Numbering them by giving them a database entry with a coin value might be the way to go if we do this. The owner's name can be entered as part of the lookup info. Yes it could be stolen, but just like our weapon props if you want to keep the item you need to make an arrangement after the event for the prop to be returned. Trust your fellow players not to metagame, that's how we do it here.
  4. Founder's February Feast

    Yes. Yes. Maybe, depends on circumstance. Every Citizen prolly wouldn’t show to the feast, but it’s fair odds they did or have been to some in the past. Locals, they are permitted so a given group would have some attendees. If it happened there and was obvious or public, a given local would be able to find out about it.
  5. Id magic/ EV April 2108

    Jason is gonna sell printouts of these for coin. People are so bad at printing and carrying them, it’s silly. Use this resource, People-with-Skills!
  6. Questions: status charm and succubi

    Gouge out your eyes?
  7. RP Skill Advancement

    Yes I meant you.
  8. RP Skill Advancement

    everyone who said they submitted to to me here are confirmed in the RP thread Plot is using to review requests. Yes, even both that came via Amy. :)
  9. RP Skill Advancement

    You want this character to start with a Lvl 1 RP Skill walking in?
  10. RP Skill Advancement

    Big news! Plot and Continuity will be meeting in the coming month to review submissions for individual RP Skill advancement. What are the RP Skills? RP Skills are the closest thing we have to a dedicated character class. They grant access to certain kinds of story and let us in P&C know that you want to be involved in these longer mini-meta-plots that often span between multiple groups across several games. They also include access to unique abilities that go outside the bounds of many basic skills and abilities in the rule set. The RP Skills are Chosen, Druid, Medium, Merchant, and Status. You may only apply for one level of an RP Skill each cycle, and we only run two cycles per year. The current limit is two RP Skills per character with a total of seven ranks between them, secondary skill currently capped at two ranks. If you don't quite have enough to convince the relevant staff you've earned another rank yet, that's ok. Just be sure to include your accomplishments for the past cycle when you apply again over our summer break. Friendly reminder: We care about what you've done IC at game during play sessions, and between characters most. Free writing in blogs isn't considered as part of your advancement. Anyone wishing to advance in a RP Skill or gain an RP skill for your character please PM myself or Nomerebutterfly (Amanda) your request as follows: Player Name: PC Name: Current RP Skills (Level): Why advancement or new skill?: Please highlight plot interactions, PC-to-PC interactions, character history, and any other relevant information to help us understand the whys of approval/advancement. _____________________ Plot will meet to discuss so please get your requests in by Thursday, January the 25th at 11:59 PM. Good luck to all our applicants! We look forward to hearing from you.
  11. At least 7 years ago. Before then it seemed to be a risk, but not especially terrible. This was life in the Free Lands. But then the skeletons weren't just snatching a child that wandered too far. Then the chained ones and the wights came. Then nosferatu. All manner of powerful, willfull undead began hunting us. There were mortals doing their evil work too. It it got worse as time went on. Culminating four or five months before the dragon came. At that point it seemed the attacks were less common and more powerful undead seemed to become rarer further afield from their base of operations. For some reason there were fewer raids with Caten and Nosferatu. It has long been known the Helix deters the lesser undead more readily. There were rumors that the Lich Lord needed ever more bodies as conflict rose and fell. The abductions continued to increase over time, lending strength to the idea it was in response to pressure. It became common knowledge that the adventurers in Pinedale agreed to treaties with the Undead Horde. Traders and townsmen alike posited that while Pinedale and the Stealing Dead left each other alone the dead were safe to forage afar and spread outside the local area. All the while Maplewood's population fell. The Helix seemed to cover less ground. It became clear that without a boost to our population the light of the Helix might fade entirely.
  12. Contact: Kyle Name: The Black Bag Area Merchant Town Request: 4 Man Encampment: A shop with real tools, repair and fabrication of goods IC. Need more sheltered space to avoid tools and materials getting damaged by moisture and blowing/spilling in the lake wind. (2-3 currently expected to occupy bunk.s)
  13. Meridius Keep

    It's a general location from when we were laying down filler on an early gen map. Same time as Sol Centura and Vecia Sol. Border Keep from the Civil War iirc. To my knowledge it wasn't Drace's backstory material. We just liked the name.
  14. Wrong location
  15. Sabine

    No born faekin with colored hair and eyes before puberty. The border war only ended a handful of years ago. A Western fiefdom with a small force patrolling the border is absolutely within the bounds of reason. In terms of rank for the "Lord Paladin" I don't recall a set rank structure, but I'm not infallible. There is some question here about *why* she wasn't executed outright. Possibly we can reveal in her later story that she was an illegitimate child of the Lord Paladin figure.