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  1. So...

    Whelp, folks, I'm afraid that I was deeply and profoundly unimpressed by a member of leadership here and on other places online. You all seem like sweet folks, and I thank you for the warm welcome, but I get one whiff of "I am IN CHARGE, look at how RIGHT that makes me!" in my leisure and I bolt. Besides, as I'll be heading south come fall, the potential headaches just aren't worth it. I hope you all have fun, and any promises that I've made will be fulfilled. It is my dearest hope that you all continue to enjoy your hobby. I remain Affectionately yours, Eugene Edward Therizein Yeo
  2. So...

    Well YEAH, I work hard to make SURE it's all my fault. Which is why it's important to not only know HOW to blame-shift, but have potions which aid in that very vital effort.
  3. help i need new garb

    How do they hang? I've had good luck with Stillwater Kilts, but some of the others I find are too light. *I* don't mind, but the general public does not share my opinion.
  4. So...

    Right, so I'll need to prepare many potions of "It's not my fault".
  5. NPC encampments

    Canvas is bought, so are the bedrolls. I'll be hitting up the sewing machine sometime this week, I'll post pictures when I have results!
  6. help i need new garb

    I find that utilikilts have a very small apron, and that when the wind picks up I put on rather more of a show than I should. I may show up in a belted plaid, I haven't had an excuse to take mine out in quite some time.
  7. Looking for Segmentata Plate

    I also want his mancia. Apparently it brings all the boys to the yard.
  8. Looking for Leatherworker

    Negative, I am a meat Popsicle. And I'll bring in some of my recycled leather projects to show you what I'm talking about. You don't need to have a big shop to do basic projects. Hell, I made a lamellar cuirass in Iraq using old boots, a sharp knife and an adjustable saddle punch. I soaked the scales in wax I boiled in a tin can over candles. Whole setup could fit in a shoe box without any difficulty. It's ugly, but it's for a primitive character, and it looks the part.
  9. help i need new garb

    Hmmm. Something that I've been wondering, as I've been considering doing something similar. How is the kilt "worn" here in KON?
  10. Looking for Segmentata Plate

    And how small? I've got two sets, one in "battlefield" condition, both mild steel. So one's a bit banged up, both have a spot of rust here and there which I can polish out if you'd like. I can only wear one at once, so I'd be willing to sell/trade as I've no larp weapons.
  11. So...

    Hmm, I don't know about all that. I *am* a delicate wilting flower, easily overcome by emotions and overwhelmed by... ok, I tried, but people are giving me weird looks.
  12. Dellin Slavers

    A dead thing? We shall POKE it with a STICK!
  13. I'm new. Still got that pre-first-game hyper-excited thing going on. I'd love to hear if anyone wants to get involved in sweet delicious plot.

  14. Plow + harness + least favorite child on a stick.
  15. Well... how about if you're blinded you can't fight? I mean, were I suddenly blind in the middle of combat, I wouldn't be swinging/firing my weapon randomly. I might hit a friend!