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  1. Armour thrifty shoper

    So, I haz a dilemma. I've done a few larps before but there I used costume Armor, not the real stuff you guys use (which by the way I find freaking awesome) . I find myself being persuaded to make a PC in April, And if I have any intention on staying alive I'm going To need some armor. So, I ask does anyone have any chain or leather that They no longer use that would fit a very thin medium-sized Man? I am on a budget or I'd just buy it new myself.
  2. NPC Roles

    We require a basic layer of garb to participate in our game. a generic tunic, some passable boots, and even a pair of dark colored sweatpants can sometimes fill this although we encourage a little more enthusiasm than the bare minimum. if you have any questions or concerns about your first game and the stuff youll need you're free to privet message myself or any of the marshals listed on our main website. In terms of npc'ing , we run npcs out of a logistics building which is absolutely FILLED with masks, weapons, makeup, and garb for any noc role you may need to fill!
  3. i forgot to do this when i made this account

  4. Colder Months and you.

    Its getting colder, keep these things in mind. WOOL SOCKS . Cotton freezes , don't bother . One pair of pure wool is just fine . Blends aren't evil either . Pack extras , weather and wet happen. WATERPROOF YOUR BOOTS . Store bought waterproofing , neatsfoot oil ,Snowseal, mink oil works best . Get it done tonight and out of mind . WINTER LAYERS Long underwear , thermals , leggings , whatever you need to keep warm . As long you can hide it under garb I don't care what you wear but PLEASE dress warm . It wouldn't be unheard of for me to pull someone aside because they thought a single tunic was going to get them through a shift with nothing else on in 30* weather . Don't try it. GLOVES This is a big one . Please choose leather or non descriptive fabric gloves . Knit gloves if you have no other options . These are IMPORTANT . As someone with frost bite in both hands I can't stress this enough . You mess it up once , it'll stay with you forever I promise . REMINDER JUST BECAUSE ITS COLD DOESN'T NULL OUR GARB RULES . It's not hard to cover your cold weather stuff with garb and for most of you veteran players , your gear IS your cold weather stuff . In past seasons I've seen plastic gloves , modern winter boots , very very modern knit hats and the like . These are grounds for getting pulled from the shift pretty quick .PLEASE keep this in mind . It's easy , it just takes a little more planning -props and atmosphere If you need help coming up with ideas to disguise your layers, acquiring appropriate winter gear or just have concerns , I'm always available and would be happy to either asist you myself or refer you to another marshal! Thanks !
  5. A few unrelated questions

    HEYO HERES SOME ANSWERS YO - 1] You're on the right track. Any weapon material spell (silvershine , Mageblade,Creeping rot ect) can be added to any weapon, and its effects are just added to the weapons existing abilities for the spells duration. 2] Talk to me! I'll send you a pm 3] this is tricky because weapon painting requires alot of variation , given that almost every brand of weapon takes paint different. I will pm you in depth about this but for those reading this and are curious - Clean the weapon with alcohol Option 1 - Base with a Spray glue and then apply a plastidip coating . Option 2 - simply apply acrylic pants straight onto the surface(I recommend not very thick coats. Option 3- A few layers of liquid latex, then Paint each option works well, some better than others. keep in mind in this cold season effects curing times so read labels. I personally either go with a PD route or simply add paint directly to the sword the Props team is currently working on some painting tutorials but miniature painting techniques like dry brushing and washing are helpful. As for sealing, its a tricky highway. Most people seal their weapons with ThroughTheRoof roofing sealer, thinned down with mineral spirits to the consistency of maple syrup. I sometimes skip this step if the paint seems to be holding its own. WARNING- make sure you do this in a heated area, with lots of ventilation as this stuff is both nasty , and doesnt cure well in the cold. it also may up to a week to cure fully so dont rush this before game. 4. For bucklers you have a few different material routes you can take but there are a few rules you need to follow -your material must be rigid and not flex . a little bend is okay but if i shake it and it wiggles, thats a bad. I suggest plywood, 2pieces of luan board, aluminum sheets, or some serious thick rigid plastic. - The edges of the shield should be covered with some sort of rubber or plastic tubing before applying foam. while this is not required, the easiest way to edge a shield is to edge it first with tubing, then pipe insulation. (lowes is great for this) - the shield edges and front should be smooth do the touch and seem to be sturdy enough as to not rip off easily in combat. Many players solve this by making a cloth cover to cover both the front and edges of the shield. this can be glued on or fastened mechanically. Paint can be applied over a piece of duck cloth very easily and this is my recommend method for beginners -For strapping, an old belt or even a canvas strap works wonders when fastened securely. Players have also used drawer and barn door handles. 5. I dont know about this year because its a full game weekend but im sure you can find somebody! lots of us, especially the veterans are old time Magic players.
  6. Bog lurkers don't hibernate

    So we have one of those . But it's our new yeiti costume :P

    Lots of us play wow currently , there's a guild on alterac mountains named "maplewood adventurers ) Slightly related , a few of us also play dark souls 3pretty often together
  8. Possible Changes to Enchantment

    too much of the same concept spread against too many spells Monsterous armor is too valuable to be given in a spell ( and it deters people from making the physical sacrifice of wearing full plate ) Losing tagbags isn't an issue important enough to warrant a spell removal , a good spell at that .
  9. Best of November

    Spirit juice for everyone Spirit juice for everyone
  10. Pirates-ish

    Bandits and pirates serve the same role in story telling and world building . Thieves and murderers are all same . That being said , while they're are water peoples and ship folk and the like , we avoid pirates because in the world of novitas the water ways are all nearly too small or any naval combat . Plus if I say the word pirate I'm going to get 10 new players every year asking If buckeneer coats are okay .
  11. Best of September!

    What were YOUR best moments from this past game?
  12. RP Skill Approval & Advancement

    Kyle Egert Draug Status 1 : wildrunner Draug is actively a tool for his superiors without fault . He has trust in those higher status than him and as a llesser member in his organization , his loyalty is firm and increasing . draug updates his home lodge multiple times a game through verbal Crimson currier message . These updates are town developments , monster patterns , and other information useful to the great forest . His reputation is unmatched for being a wildrunner . While he is far below rank the other runners in town , he is often approached with wildrunner matters before anyone else He's getting married to an adopted member of the silver tree household , although this not a major role in his movement to status 2
  13. RE: IN-GAME LIGHT SOURCES GLOW WORMS: It has been an unwrittenrule that the battery powered glow worms are allowed, however, with theexception that any flashlight feature never be used for reasons other thanabsolute emergency. Please consider this unwritten policy to now be officialpolicy. If a player is found using the flashlight feature for anything short ofan emergency, Out-Of-Game penalties will be dispensed. Emergencies are things like: · Dropped glasses after the fight · Medical emergency · OOG lost players Things that are NOT emergencies: · Lost items · Dropped props · Trail finding · Signaling to other players In-Game FOAM LIGHTS: You may have noticed thatgame has acquired some awesome foam tube lights. Here are the rules regardingthem: A player or NPC may NOT touch or move atube light unless a safety concern exists or a specific reason is stated by theGM. Generally speaking, except in rare staff-approvedsituations, a light may never be lit while on someone’s body or in theirhands, especially in combat. Flashing Lights are for STAFF use ONLY.If you see a flashing light, unless specifically notified/clarified by staffthat it is something OTHER than a hazard marker, ignore it in character andtake note of it as a safety hazard marker. Thanks everyone, Kyle Egert Props & Atmosphere Marshal
  14. Double xp for tagbags in August

    Sewn closed is the preferred method . If you tie the tagbag shut , it should be with a string that's biodegradable and as tight as possible . I do not recommend it . Tagbags constructed like the one pictures will not be accepted for donation .
  15. Sterling Ren Faire

    a bunch of us went last year. doin that again?
  16. Hello!

    Hey Michelle ! Happy to see you made it to the forums ! If you have any questions or want some advice on garb or equipment please feel free to contact myself , or my seconds !
  17. 2nd Shift

    Yup , just head over to logistics and Someone will be there to assist you !
  18. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    The NEWER asshole
  19. Props approved ! Definitely have the elf mindset . Kit for survival and utility !
  20. New to LARP

    Elf hype ! Hi I'm Kyle Egert , our props and atmosphere work group second . Your kit is impressive at its stage ! If you need any help with kit inspiration , construction with anything from leather to metal , or if you had questions about if a particular thing would pass our aestetic standards ,feel free to pm me. Keep up the awesome work! ( I also play a wildrunner so I'm excited to meet your pc!) ALSO: as a player who wears a wig ( mine is a seamless mesh front ) I HIGHLY recommend getting some serious wig clips . I fight like if legolass was a giraffe and owe the fact my hair doesn't come off to heavy clipping and a nice wig cap. Wigs can be pricey and wonky but incredibly rewarding imho , as it changes your Silloutte . My wig makes me Appear larger by volume and in turn , on lookers always know I'm playing that particular pc, and not an npc in similar clothing .
  21. 2016 Feb Feast Auction Items

    Do the master staff certs make the item a ff item ?
  22. Xp is a reward for service to our game and shouldn't really ever be aquired through in game means
  23. The thought behind these new skills was giving players with the rp skills more opportunities and tools to have better role play , rather than the previous system of "rewarding " role players who had the skill. With that in mind , the merchant skills are meant to give you more goods , opening more opportunities to chase your merchant goals . These new lasers also reflect what a merchant who has proven himself has he ability to do ( exchanging goods,haggling for more money or items ) if you want exclusive rights or a trade embargo or something like that , go establish that with in game organizations . Lasers are not really super special unique abilities but rather , skills that someone of the stature would learn along their way . I.e establish your own roleplay and don't expect the lasers to give those rewards to you .