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  1. February Preproduction

    Micah: 2 Major Wands of Memory Loss.
  2. Coming in not blahhhh

    I loved coming in at level 1! (I tell every new player that) It made me think on my feet and make friends. It gave me that fear factor and it maybe me want to give back to the game we all use so I didn't suck. Join a work group and volunteer!
  3. Poof you’re gone

    Yas! I would use that carpet so much more.
  4. The real fear

    I like this suggestion to the fear rule. I believe it would improve the atmosphere of our game and still take you our of the encounter for 10 mins. We already role-play this way when we are trapped in a building...
  5. The Mobile Merchant

    Micah walks to the Slap & Tickle and sees The Merchant Bazaar in the distance. "Man do I miss the days at the Owl & Ore where coin would flow faster than you could see. Half the time I would see the same item more than once in a single day. Pinedale was a wonderful place. I think I will write a letter to my old friend Oz. We could show these kids a thing or two about being a Merchant." He enters the Slap & Tickle to have a much need drink.
  6. Hello again!

    Heck yes!!!!!
  7. The Big Combined Thread About BOOTS! (Outdated)

    Does anyone have boots from https://www.soulpathshoes.com/artisan-shoes/moccasin-boots/?
  8. Build a Pc

  9. Interrupting a spell

  10. Agies lvl 1-3 are staples I use most of the time bro. 70 spells 21+ rituals 20ish alchemy All of the crafting and tinkering and general knowledge skills I think 35 things to remember might be too overwhelming for people to even try the game. If you have some good spells you think should be added you should write them out and send them to Pat Lane :) They do always look to improve the ones we have a have changed and subbed out many over the years.
  11. Jordan/Micah = Me :) I have been setting up my encampment during these winter months and tried to sleep in them but I think I need two heaters due to the walls. I have anywhere between me and 5 people in my group. As it warms up we will have more people there. I'm sure there is plenty of room for you and your groups in some of the 8 mans. The summer months are amazing in Merchant town!
  12. Best of March 2017

    Ummm.....yeah...(to the above posts. Pros Shout out to the new group who fought all of the encounters after 3/4 of the all teamed up at once on them. Then we got them healed and they hunted a Yeti not nothing happened! Beryl showing me the letter that what's his name wrote to her. Everyone going out over and over again without complaining! The Bandit fight was awesome! I loved how Amanda's character gave me a second chance even though it made everyone feel really uncomfortable. J.C.'s cart is amazing! Owl and Ore: Warm place, people came to visit, in the center of all of the action. Seeing Ben (Guy from Brian L. neck of the woods) cast every single spell like he was pulling the power down from the heavens and bestowing it on others to protect them. Watching new groups handle battles. Kyle E.'s Axe is sweet! Cons I think the tip of my nose got a little frost bit from the troll mask condensation. Forgetting I had shadow skin cast on me until after I cast a few spells.
  13. Best of February

    Things I loved: The scenery! Winter is beautiful! Being catered fancy food (Thank Titus) Seeing the snow goblins looking hot. Realizing something else scares Micah (Constables) Flexing Micah's power Working the Inn on shift 4 was awesome. I missed doing that and I am excited to do it in the future. All of the new/er people make the game feel whole because of all of the variety they bring. (Bring more people to get more free levels!) The weather was a lot better than last time. The Owl and Ore back open and dealing with some unwanted guests. Then Terriaden saying he had a whole plan in his mind of how to deal with him. (I wish I could read minds, oops) Taking a nap in front of the fire place. The less fun: The road was ice. Someone moved my candle from my encampment so I had to track it down. Constables dropping the hammer on Kyle's PC (Lame sauce)
  14. Feb 17 lost and found

    The Owl and Ore just got a new bowl for sale.....just kidding.
  15. Village Elders

    You should never treat them different.