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  1. NNY items

    So my thoughts, In the past i know Feb Feasts motto, kinda was give us your tax monies. Basically i'm just concerned that with less time to pay the dues and before tax season hits, people will have less money to bid with. Granted i am in no position to assume that. Again my concern is that with big ticket items like the inn rooms going up this year that in turn could fetch a good price may not go for as much due to the short pay period. Another thought, we do indeed have more winter game sessions, which are often low populated due to cold and snow. Again in no place to assume we would be out money, but my idea is perhaps give until march? Possibly have people at least pay half by February that way forbid someone not be able to pay (which i don't hear about happening often) game at least is not out the full amount owed. Again this is just a thought my main concern here being make as much money for a great cause as we can.
  2. Best of April 2016

    PC Shift Had a blast Friday night ! there was so much going on I was getting dragged in multiple directions at a time and I loved it! Loved my personal plot for mummy sword also that Richard gave up some of his PC shift to RP Mortis thank you so much Richard ! Getting to play tic tak toe with Amanda as a little mute child and then getting a kiss on the cheek at the end, this event being my first as a medium that hit my pc straight in the feels. (Also totally kept that piece of paper). The other spirit Amanda plot with the husband was too funny it took us so long to figure that out XD. Daphnie and CInder I demand a come back for those two that was literal to perfect. All the RP with my group this event was fantastic we are sad to see Myra go :( but we wish her the best in her travels. So so so so much good stuff this event I could go on forever! NPC I was on Make Up kit for most of my NPC shifts but that in itself was amazing I loved doing the prismatic golem and getting to put my skills to the test on all the awesome creatures that were going out. It was also fun to go into town trash talking Civen hahaha DOWN WITH CIVEN BURN THE NOBLES! Its a miracle we made it out alive. Such a good time guys can not wait till may ! hopefully there will be no snow this time lol.
  3. Garb 'n' gear for Ithilfirith (pic heavy!)

    Everything looks super awesome Zara I knew you would be ready to go haha. Can't wait to see you at game!
  4. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    Druid one for new PC Daga Morr Reasons. He is a 400 year old Snow Goblin descendent of The first corrupted line of Druid Elves( wasn't sure how to word this but in short he is a descendent of the first line of Elves to be corrupted into Snow Goblins). He has been practicing the Drudaic way for centuries. He has come to Pinedale in response to the cries he has heard from the forest and the lack of Druid action.
  5. Best of Feb Feast!

    Feb Feast was amazing! Some highlights- Bounty ? Someone paid to have me killed? joy. Katie as little girl not so innocent here's some pierce. Flowers .... in the snow... All the great conversation following my assassination attempt loved loved loved the role play. Spooky rituals Kato Gallowsbane as one of Pinedales seven best. The hard hearty laugh I had with courtinie after Beryl being named most noble....guys what's in my pockets right now...? Great job NPCs thank you for braving the elements for my sick pleasure xoxo
  6. New to LARP

    HI Zara!!!!!! I'm so excited to see you are interested in KoN. Not sure if you remember me but its Josh Vanalstyne from high school!. I really hope you can make it out sometime id love to see you again. (Also all your stuff looks amazing)
  7. 2016 Feb Feast Auction Items

    Thank you for clarifying :).
  8. 2016 Feb Feast Auction Items

    Question about Medusas so normal stuns if the target get hits the compulsion breaks correct? So if the petrify can only go away with disenchant does that mean I can Petrify something and then just beat it to death without breaking the stun?
  9. 2016 Feb Feast Auction Items

    Question about the plot with item, will we be given a personal plot attached to the item or will the item be sent to us in game and obtained by completing said plot. Also if the item we purchase relates to the said buyers character can we incorporate the items plot into ones blog? Basically will the player be involved in the making or ideas of the given plot?
  10. February Feast 2016

    So the things says Sunday is end of pre reg but the 10th is a Wednesday so do we have till then or Sunday the 7th?
  11. 2016 Feb Feast Auction Items

    Question for the shield. Do you already have to have these rituals? Or does the shield come with all said rituals?
  12. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    Ok that clarifys that thank you :)/>. Alternative suggestion granting Merchants a title as well? As most merchants do, we say our name almost everytime we sell something( masked merchant of Pinedale, master gem maker..) so actually having it as a legititment title would be neat. Also maybe still letting merchants purchase exp but a limited amount ? Say 3 per event or something?
  13. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    What if you are a merchant that does not use production ? Courtney and myself do not use production at all as merchants. For example we are like car dealers, we don't make our own cars to sell we sell other people's. Due to this the RP skill becomes lack luster. I'd like to see something that does not involve solely, give us this we give you that and something we can use in more of a RP sense and or something that invokes more reason for us to try and become better merchants without relaying on production. If that makes any sense.
  14. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    The masked merchant walks up and pins a flyer on the board. "Wanted apprentice"- Looking to learn of the merchant trade? Or just looking for some wok? The masked merchant wants you! If interested please contact Sorien Frayrim via Crisom Currier.
  15. Apprentice wanted

    The masked merchant walks up and pins a flyer on the board. "Wanted apprentice"- Looking to learn of the merchant trade? Or just looking for some work? The masked merchant wants you! If interested please contact Sorien Frayrim via Crisom Currier.