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  1. Hoard In The Box

    We have had trapped boxes full of fire elementals and archons in the past.
  2. Dungeon Crawl Preproduction

    Master crafted Gem Crown of Sanctuary and Heal Mortal Wound 1/gd 6 Corruptions 3 heal mortal wound potions 3 restore limb potions 3 heal body potions 3 purify spirit potions total owed: 130 coin
  3. Venders/weapon approval?

    Most calimacil weapons will pass for combat purposes. Dustan W. or Laura B. are who to contact about aesthetics.
  4. Camp Kingsley Work Day

    Hey everyone, September 14th at 9 a.m. is the fall work day for Camp Kingsley. Tasks include cleaning up the site and winterizing the buildings. Food will be provided from the boy scouts. Please RSVP with me via direct message here or private message via Facebook. I will have more information at the dungeon crawl for any other questions. Thank you, John Spencer Operations Second
  5. August Preproduction

    July: Crafting: Martial length elvensteel sword Production: Heal Mortal Scroll x2 Improved Magic Scroll x2 Sanctuary Scroll x2 Dissipate Potions x3 Sanctify Scroll x2 (Whatever it is being replaced with) August: Crafting: Improved Magic Armor 2/gd Gem Crown Production: 3 mind blank scrolls 1 ritual ink 2 smelling salts 4 corruptions Total owed at sign in 360 coin Turn ins for scrolls/rituals: 1 second breath scroll 1 unhallow scroll (enfeeble scroll) 1 greater command scroll (dreadlord scroll) 1 ritual of undead detection 1 ritual of cripple 1 ritual of twincast 1 ritual of mirrorball 1 ritual of harmony 1 ritual of polyglot 1 ritual of craftsman's raiment 1 ritual of ironbark 1 ritual of regeneration
  6. June Preproduction

    Crafting: Restoration Master Staff - 200 coin Production: TBD - 30 coin
  7. May Preproduction

    Elvensteel Short Sword with Magic Armor 1/gd I'll do my consumables myself at game during my logs shift.
  8. March Preproduction

    One Totem of Resilience (24 points) 100 coin Ten (Twenty from doubling poisons rule) Spyderbyte (Poison curse) 30 coin
  9. New Necromancy Tree!

    The main reason ghastly visage is not great is because npc's will disregard the spell and go for just killing the pc's regardless of spells.
  10. New Necromancy Tree!

    - Spell that prevents removal/transfer/damage to the spark. - Spell to give poison effect to other spells for x duration. Ex: change slaying swarm from 4 magic slay to 4 poison slay.
  11. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    (Flint walks up to the bulletin board and posts a notice) Attention Adventurers and Maplewood Residents Are you in need of new equipment or some magical enhancements? Are you in need of any scroll, potions, or alchemicals? Contact Flint, Master Craftsman and Savant of the Fiery Forge today and have all your goods made before the upcoming Feast!
  12. January Preproduction

    Oops I'm late posting this. Elven Steel Short Sword with Heal Body 1/gd. I'll send coin with someone to pay for this it. I'll deal with the production points another time.
  13. Magic Power / Magic Objects / Consumables

    I personally would like rules clarification from Dan/Pat on the encampment item part of this. I do not believe encampment items fall under the same premise as they are not worn items and can be used by multiple people within a "party"(selected people).
  14. November Preproduction

    Crafting: 100 coin Ring of Reap Spirit 1/gd Ring of Dissipate 1/gd Bracelet of Antimagic Shield 1/gd and Magic Armor 1/gd Production: 30 coin - savant with lab Ritual Candles: 4 - 12 pts Scroll of Reap Spirit: 1 - 1 pt Scroll of Antimagic Shield: 2 - 4 pts Scroll of Magic Armor: 1 - 1 pt Scroll of Dissipate: 1 - 2 pt Theriac alchemical: 2 - 8 pt Wolfsbane alchemical: 1 - 2 pt
  15. Catapults and other stuff

    I have made a post to get an idea of numbers, I'm guessing at least 3 as many as 10. I plan on attending as long as work permits it.