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    Well, what can i say, hmm. Well of course i love to LARP, im in techcrew, so im pretty handy, im a huge flirt, and like most ppl in KoN im strong, athletic, and full of energy. Plus I am one to come to if u just wanna hang or need cheering up.

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  1. Shift balance 2016!

    I am not sure why, but it made me do both independent and party.
  2. September Preproduction

    9 minor powers. I owe 9 coin.
  3. Party and Shift Survey

    Character: Dano Stonehand : independent Player: Justin Angelina I don't really care what shifts I play, but I would like at least one night shift.
  4. Looking to start or join a group

    Let me know, I am flexible though I would like to use my arrows.
  5. Looking to start or join a group

    Do you guys still want my help?
  6. Looking to start or join a group

    Hey, did this happen?
  7. Mid-season shift balance survey

    Player: Justin Angelina Char: Dano Stonehand Independent. I would like 2-3 or 3-4. But the next even that will happen, if Lauren has room, I will be joining her 4th and sacrificing my other shift.
  8. Ride from Oswego please.

    Okay. I will send you a message when I get out if work.
  9. Ride from Oswego please.

    I figured you were full on capacity.
  10. Ride from Oswego please.

    So I held off from asking for a ride until now because I needed to make sure I was going to be cemented into my current job. But now that I am sure I will be here for a while I can now ask. Until I can save to afford a vehicle for myself, can anyone from the Oswego area bring me to and from KoN? I can pay for gas and whatnot. I do have a little bit of stuff, one tote, plus weapons, plus sleeping stuff.
  11. Masterwork weapons

    "Master working" a sword will give you +1 damage, but that is all. The sword is of exceptional quality though it is difficult to have one look 'exceptional' without making it magical. Maybe adding gems to the hilt, or the color of the blade is a little different. But all in all, there is no requirement for 'masterwork' in terms of how the sword looks. Also, this does not make the weapon magical. Of course, you could go for a "Masters Blade" but that is much more expensive and it will be magical, you will still get +1 damage, doesn't break cap, but if your character is a "weapons master" the blade will give him one additional master's strike. Again though, a "Masters Blade" is 24 craft points while making a weapon "master work" is only what, 4? 8? I don't remember off the top of my head. So to state again, there is no color/look requirement for a "Master work" weapon, and to clarify for Tony yes you can have just a master worked weapon without it being magical.
  12. Looking to start or join a group

    Yes I have a shield, two in fact. A tower shield and a buckler that I can also pick off orcs while usin ;)
  13. Looking to start or join a group

    Well, if your looking for only new people, that would leave me out. That being said, I would have some magic items to hand out. Of course, most likely I'll end up not being able to even get to april, let alone having the money to pay for sign in.
  14. Looking to start or join a group

    if you guys need a shield-man, Dano is available. I only hope I'll be able to make it to april.