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  1. April Menu

    April Menu.pdf
  2. Welcome to The Slap and Tickle

    Hello everyone, most of you know me as Beryl. I've been given the opportunity to run a player run bar/casino/den of ill-repute outside the bounds of the Helix. What I hope to accomplish is an 'Omar's Hammer, Pinedale Experience'. The Slap and Tickle is a den of debauchery to entertain as you wait for your next adventure or if the Helix rubs you the wrong way. I will be needing IC staffing, so if your character would like to do something like that lemme know in-game or in a PM. I'll be handling as much as I can In-Character as possible but logistically for every detail that's not going to be possible. I'll be posting more information as it comes but I wanted to put something in this empty forum atm. FAQ: Why is it called The Slap and Tickle? Its a brothel. Brothels are very capable of being more than just a place to sleep with other folk. Its a place to be entertained, its a place to fulfill a darker kind of pleasure. Carnal delights for folks that don't always fit into the 'be a nice person' mold that Maplewood facilitates. There are obviously game play challenges to overcome to make it fully functioning with dancing girls and so such, but that is part of the fun. As a player run facility, I get to have fun with those aspects of the fantasy business. But its a little silly... But have you met Beryl? Its a perfectly Beryl thing to name it.
  3. May Preproduction

    Beryl Finderkeep 5 dispel magic "By this Finderkeep Production, I cast Dispel Magic." Owed at sign in 20 coin.
  4. Group: Guardians of the Well Contact: Me (The Beryl) Number of members: 7 We would like a tent in the bathhouse side of Elftown.
  5. Best of Feb Feast!

    "Bring me the smallest and most noble of you," -Town selects Beryl- ((Edit Note: I am pretty sure the head shaking was Ferris telling Titus not to ruin it, If I remember Adams side of it correctly.))
  6. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    I wasn't trying to be like "I think Spoopychat is the law," I only meant it might have colored my language to being harsher than I meant. I wasn't trying to make this worse, I was trying to smooth it down.
  7. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    I am at Geneseo at the moment, but I wanted to apologize to Rules. I didn't mean what I said in the forums to be taken as some sort of an attack. As much as I love the external facebook chats, they gets heated at times. It is feasible my interactions there colored my interpretation of what I read in the forum and through that my post. Any frustration I had has promptly been put to rest.
  8. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    I know the people involved worked really hard to balance and idealize these changes. I can also understand that it is annoying that some of us aren't happy with what is presented in the merchant department, especially because it might seem that we are not getting your vision for the skill set. However, feedback was asked for, and we have given it. Do with that what you will. It just feels like instead of there being an acknowledgement of heard, there is this "you guys are just whining because your lazrs got balanced, these are the reasons you should stop whining," which for many of us is not the case. We are saying that the changes are making taking on an RP skill (which we can do without the skill really well) is underwhelming as they compare to the other skills at the same level in other RP branches (some of which the the skill is necessary to role play the part). For me, and many other merchants that have voiced their feedback here it makes continuing up the Merchant tree unappealing (which is fine too, it might just be a suck it up buttercup situation). This, very much this. Was is broke that merchants could dump coin into exp, yeah kinda...but it was a money sink. If Oz slaps 600 coin down to exp up...then its out of the system and helps the economy. It will in theory be harder to get that coin after that. I am in no way suggesting we go back to that, but an ability to sink money out of the system is beneficial since it is always trickling in. In a meta sense, Merchants should be very invested in the over all value of the money in-game.
  9. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    I've been thinking...my major thought on Merchant has always been that I can buy and sell things without the RP skill (unlike say mediums that can't see ghosts unless they are mediums for an extreme example). Each of the other RP skill trees adds flavor to the character that takes them. Druids and status get a title, druids get treenet, chosen gets a nifty port-a-shrine which adds to their story potential, mediums see ghosts (as I stated above forgive me for repeating myself). But merchant doesn't get any of these flavor enhancers. Maybe there could be like an option to register with Merchant Guild or something, in someway make a character that takes merchant into an "official" merchant.
  10. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    Okie dokie, there was no way for me to know that by reading it is all. Its vague, and worded in a way that caused both me and josh to question it.
  11. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    The wording "5 Extra production" makes it sound like we should have production already. I don't produce. I don't have any production skills, that isn't the merchant I wanted to be. So would a merchant without the production skills be able to use the extra production is what I was asking. If its 5 levels of production without needing the skill then its not an issue like I thought. But my gut is saying that's not how its meant. Unfortunately I don't have a better suggestion atm, I'm sorry I cannot be more helpful.
  12. 2016 Roleplaying Skills changes and Input!

    I think our biggest worry is the level 2 merchant. Like would we need the requisite skill to produce the merchant 5 lvls? Or would it be like we can just have whatever in that purview of 5 production levels.
  13. The El Cairn Wants Reggie

    Nope El Cairn:
  14. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    I would like Merchant 2 for Beryl. Reasons: I roleplay making money in nearly every facet of Beryl's character. Beryl Apprenticed under Ozwindel (to learn his secrets/learn herbalism and ID magic items, ect.). Beryl Opened a shop with Oz called the Owl and Ore, which I think adds to the environment of Pinedale, it allows for a place to do business that isn't the Inn. Beryl became a partner not too long ago. Beryl opened her small side business (rhymes with fwence), servicing the shady side of Pinedale.
  15. Best of December 2015

    1st Shift (PC): Thaerion sure knows how to kick a beehive. Reaped a spark. Almost got stabbed by the Rhinos. Almost got stabbed by the People. Almost got stabbed by those things trying to bury Thaerion's corpse. Beryl is officially more afraid of Ith than Draug now, at least Draug is predictable. After being threatened by Ith, Rhinos became less scary so Beryl gave them lip when they were ordering her around. Sidhan stuff. (Beryl can't decide if he or Draug is the more elfy one) Still using the Owl and Ore as a side business of ill-repute right under Oz's nose. 2nd shift (NPC): All of Saturday morning orcs (especially getting to use the spire) I felt like the NPC princess - I got to go out as a farmer and share breakfast with the Brave Companions Got to watch Eliana's big good bye as the "wind". 3rd shift (Inn Shift): The big fight between the Rhinos 4th Shift (PC): Shop stuff, actually put salesmanship skills to work and sold a chunk of stuffs.