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  1. October Pre-Production

    Rosh: 1x Ethereal Sealant (5 pp/5 coin) 2x Catholicon (10 pp/10 coin) 1x Dilution Solution (3pp /3 coin) 1x Wolfsbane (2 pp /2 coin) 20 points & 20 coin total (10 from sheet, 10 from flowers) Rules clarification: is production of any thrown alchemical doubled, or just thrown alchemicals dealing damage? Dilution solution is technically a thrown alchemical so I'm not sure if it falls under the 2-for-1 production rule.
  2. 2016 Feb Feast Auction Items

    Sword of the Mummy Lord: "Immune to Compulsion and poison.... Cannot stack immunities." Does this mean pick one or the other? If so, how often can you switch?
  3. Harvest Fest 2015

    Rosh and Myra will be putting together a treasure hunt. Unlike last year, the plan is to have clues which remain in place where they are hidden, so that multiple people can take part, and the participants do not have to travel as a group. We will have two magic clothing items as a reward (pending approval) for the first and second to solve all the puzzles.
  4. Harvest Fest 2015

    Rosh will be holding a contest to pass on the Bastion of Voltanicus (the coat of plates with the red Sept star). This is 4-point monstrous armor and casts any Aegis spell 2x / game day. The contest will be a storytelling contest, similar to last year. Only players who have not been in game longer than I have (since May of last year) will be eligible.
  5. Best of September!

    Being a troll archer and sniping one of the Rhinos through a thicket of trees while he was trying to flee.
  6. September Preproduction and Retirement

    Rosh: Thaumaturgist’s Mortar: 6 production, 35 coin 2x Hand of Death: 3 production, 3 coin 1x Minor Power Elixer: 1 production, 1 coin 10 production (on sheet), 39 coin owed. There was some confusion (mostly on my part) during sign in last game. I produced truth serums but didn't have the mortar yet (Steve asked if I had the rod, which I did, but that wasn't the correct item). I realized the mistake after sign-in and so did not use any of them in game. I can turn those in if you want since I made them "illegally".
  7. Options for a swung Great Weapon

    Aside from building, I've been looking around at options online. Calimacil has a few pole weapons, and the shafts are padded all the way down. Would any of these be likely to pass? http://www.calimacil.com/weapons/pole-weapon/staffs/wooden-staff.html http://www.calimacil.com/weapons/pole-weapon/staffs/jingu-naginata.html http://www.calimacil.com/weapons/pole-weapon/staffs/naginata.html
  8. At some point in the next few months I'll be bringing in an alt PC, and I'm considering using a Great Weapon, but I don't want a thrust-only spear type weapon. What is the recommended length for something like a halberd or glaive? I'm looking for recommendation for the greatest length possible that meets all rules/requirements (safety, flex, etc) but is also manageable for someone without much practice using such a weapon. Also, please give any recommendations you have for where to buy such an item, or a guide for making such weapons.
  9. Mid-season shift balance survey

    Sorry this is late (hopefully not too late!) The Merry Band (Flint/John, Beryl/Courie, Rosh/Alex) has disbanded. Not only has Flint been offered a spot in another group, but Beryl has and so have I (didn't know about this until Saturday). I will be joining the Guardians of the Well (though I think that name may be changing?). I don't remember which group Beryl is joining....
  10. Looking to start or join a group

    Dano, Not only has Flint been offered a spot in another group, but Beryl and I have as well (didn't know about this until very recently), so our group has disbanded.
  11. Looking to start or join a group

    Sure! Right now there's just three of us (Alex / Rosh, Courie / Beryl, and John / Flint), so we often end up splitting up and adventuring out with other groups, but it's nice to have friends to fall back on. We PC 1/2 right now, and it looks like we have until next Sunday (weekend of game) to figure out if we want to switch shift preferences, so we can discuss this at game.
  12. Lost and Found May 2015

    I left a ceramic mug/bowl in the Inn, on the windowsill just through the door and to the right. (sorry Courtney! I'm apparently really bad at this) Also, I left a mug (clear bottomed tankard) at the Inn back in April, along with a wooden bowl, and possibly a spoon.
  13. Armor Value

    Pretty sure this counts as 3-point armor, but I'm not one to make an official call. I can direct you here though for the time being: https://sites.google.com/site/kon0unofficial0rules0wiki/home/rules/9--traps (despite saying 'traps' it's actually the combat section. Links for armor values are at the bottom)
  14. Tiki Lanterns and Lighting

    I am also interested in helping.
  15. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    Rosh walks up and posts a note to the board. Rosh returns to be board and tears off the note he had put up.