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    martial arts, art, music, video games, tea, coffee, alcohol, a good book deep conversations, table tops and much more

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  1. I'm not new but my profile is.

    hello from the shadows looking forward to reading more story stuff of Richard the bard
  2. calimacil talk

    hey don"t know if any one has seen this new thing calimacil is doing for larp groups but i going to post it here https://calimacil.com/pages/guild
  3. hello

    sup man glad you could join us we must assemble the rest of the men now
  4. Lost and Found May 2015

    lost my character sheet I think my character sheets don't like me they all ways seem to escape my bag
  5. Best of June

    wow I screwed that up
  6. Best of June

    Best pc - runing through the would orcs hot on tail trying to get help to save Richard -amazing my self by surviving all the murrder stumps in woods that hit me in nuts -undead attack temple some guy ask for my knife vincent gives it to him walks over with him guy hands vincent his drink vincent gets attacked while holding it and dose not spill a drop of it npc -being a golem dressed like doctor doom get killed by the pc group and scared the shit out of them when i blew up -Mind Flayer play well being a mindless acter is fine being a mindless red bandit actor that forgot his lines even better
  7. Richard The Emerald Bard of Vlean's Requests

    if you can rock this with your lute http://youtu.be/mD0OSv1dxoY
  8. May 2014 Lost & Found

    i lost my cell it was a black flip phone think i lost it at the final battel
  9. sup X3

    hi i am justin nice to meet all of you i am looking forward to playing with you guys