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  1. Changes to Numbered Items

    Aye aye captain
  2. Would like to claim bunk 6 on Williams, please. Thank you :)
  3. Dancing

  4. Best of April 2016

    NPC: - Innkeeping as Ingrid never has a dull moment. Thank you to all PCs and NPCs that were such awesome sports while she was harassing people and trying to find others to share her and Artemis' bed with them. And to lock up in her cellar - Chris is always the best person to Innkeep with. SO great! - *waves at Draug with hungry eyes* GMing: - Thank you to all NPCs who were ready to do whatever, whenever on shift 2. Also, Nick, Maggie, and Amanda - y'all are the best. - Went out in one of my own plots that developed differently than I expected yet it was freaking awesome. Didn't mean to end up in the Temple trying to get married to a werewolf, but thanks to my mom (I freaking love you, Brianna), that almost ended badly for the folks over at the Temple. Good god, my NPC was so stupid. - Being a corpse for a Nox sacrifice was very entertaining. Rick S always freaks me out because he's so good at being evil. - Makeup people were freaking amazing, and their apprentices too. Rock on! PCing: - Drea was acting very weird this event. On purpose. For no reason. - Drea was actually itching to go out and fight this event. And I actually figured out how to get in there and not get mowed down. About damn time!! - It was a bit shocking and surprising to Drea that nobody was on her side when the ghost of an elf was trying to get people to see to his mom and to make sure she didn't kill herself, and then when we show up there she's dead, slumped over on Chris T's new PC (NAME???) and surrounded by Audra and Abel and Micah. She wanted soooooo badly to bring her back to talk to her. Yet nobody, not Titus, not Octavius, not Michael Burnheart were on her side. It was a little disheartening to hear a ghost crying for his mother (and telling Drea to "trip" Dren and Titus because "they're jerks and that's what we do to jerks!"). It was such a weird, suspicious situation that it kind of stuck with her for the rest of the night. And with me. It wasn't until an hour or two later that I realized while going through my purse that I could have just used a revive scroll or a heal mortal wound scroll on her on my own, without anyone's help, and sorted out the situation. DAMN IT. ANYONE HAS A TIME MACHINE I CAN BORROW. Needless to say, Drea was a bit.... shaken after that. I didn't like it. PROTIP: I have really bad hearing IRL. So, if I say I can't hear you and scoot closer, it's because I literally cannot understand what's coming out of your mouth. Ask Rick S, true and annoying story. It's really hard understanding whispers unless you're literally 2 inches from my ears. - Constantly trying to make sure Valora's weapon wasn't stolen all the time. And running after those two thieves. Vany'a - "I don't run." Drea - *slows down* "Oh, ok..." - Daniel, David M, Richard, Ann, and Julie - THANK YOU. Absolutely amazing Monty Python and the Holy Grail quest. I lost it when we encountered the Knights Who Say Ni. Cried so hard from laughing that I was actually sobbing violently with tears streaming down my face while hiding behind our very tall bard. So good. And that bunny.... I love you guys. And my fellow GoST peeps. Rick S and Zach, you guys are masters of improv and comedy. - Bagmen were outside the Inn. I had been feeling confident in fighting since I had yet to even take any hits that day, so Drea was attempting to go out and fight. Titus casts Mind Blank on her. She realizes she can go out and withstand Fear spells now. Oh, and then she got REALLY cocky. Drea (opening the door) - "AHA! Let's go kick their ass!" *Fear bags get thrown in the Inn and hits my foot* "NO EFFECT, BUTTFACES!" *put one foot outside the door, gets mowed down by swords, especially a hard hit on the neck. Stumbles backwards, grabs neck, staggers, falls.* What do we say to being cocky? NO. - Vany'a started out as creepy, to "oh, I guess she likes me...?", to cuddling with my axe, to then cuddling with my bleeding-out body. So cute, yet so scary. Like a BABY DRAGON. As Drea woke up after Ivan healed her back to life and saw Vany'a curled up on her, she pointed at Titus and whispered "Can we keep her?" He just shook his head. - GoST trying to have meetings in our cabin but we got interrupted a solid 5 times. Once by Michael Burnheart, once by Reggie, and three times by monsters. I love our bard. *door is stuck and won't open* Bard - "Well, I have been holding this door shut for about 20 minutes now..." Guardian of the Door. That's his Scared Truth!. Bard (to Reggie) - "So, you look like a guy who's been around the block a few times......... I'm just saying that because there are things on our doorstep waiting to jump on us as soon as we open the door for you to leave." (Octavius and somebody else go out there and start killing the monsters) Reggie - "Hmmm, are those Wraiths?" *a collective "YUP!" is said. He steps outside and screams* "HOLD!" Octavius - "Yeah.... They're dead now." Reggie - "Oh." Such event. Much fun. There needs to be an award for the Monty Python people next Feb Feast. Seriously. It was absolutely amazing and there couldn't have been better people to play the parts.
  5. Best of Feb Feast!

    My first Feb Feast was amazing! It was great seeing everyone and making new friends! Seeing the whole Bun Wizard Quest complete was very intense. Huge props to Fish and Jimmy for their superb NPCing as Becker and his granddaughter, as usual. Poor Titus, getting dragged into all of it without any warning. Cannot wait to see what happens next in this subject! Yay! Titus broke out into song in the Inn and proposed to Drea! Who, after happily saying yes, proceeded to get beyond drunk on some super old wine. Regrets. She should have listened to Titus, Vincent, and Autumn. Thanks, Narene, for the Purify Spirit and for letting her run out of the Inn to throw up violently over the stairs. Lesson learned. Autumn and Drea are "friends" now! Alpaca jokes, talking a little about their pasts, and offering each other backup in case their pasts catch up to them - a lot of fun RPing with Autumn. Such badass. *boops Ferrous' nose jokingly* Ferrous - "What.... does..... it.... do????" *diagnoses himself* Getting Ferrous tangled up in a mild conversation about weddings and traditions was.... fantabulous. The look on his face during the whole conversation-argument Drea was trying to achieve was priceless. Helped a ghost tell Thaeron (I'm so sorry, Laura, I cannot spell your PC's name lol) some cryptic message. Also got them to talk for a bit, which was very nice. Civen journalists are very, VERY nosy, and Drea does not like them. The last battle of the shift, where Kyle spent a long time laying down on the cold snow while we all tried to make sense of the riddles he told Beryl. Also, getting Strength and Primal cast on Drea so she could dig a proper burial site for Kyle's NPC, who had been slaughtered by worshipers, was pretty neat. Much digging. Such strength. Very primal. Cannot wait until April!!! Such awesomeness! Thank you, KoN Staff, for putting all of this together. I loved it.
  6. RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

    Drea to Medium 2, please. She has been very eager to learn about this ability and she is always, always helping spirits and others. She looks up to Teridan and Baevynn and sees them as mentors. She has had a very long and immensely educational/helpful conversation with Teridan, which sprung the idea of gathering the Mediums of Pinedale during the Harvest Festival to get everyone together and help the new Mediums in town understand this gift and its demands. In every shift she's in, she will always go out of her way to help a spirit in need - whether a troubled soul needing to go back to the Well, unfinished business before their death, helping spirits realize they've died and helping them accept that. She has also interacted with Narene and Richter (sp?) during different plots and spirit "issues" and has been very pleased to be able to successfully help every spirit she's come across this far.
  7. After not much sleep at all since leaving Novitas, here it is... I'm going to try and keep it short, I'm really tired. Shift 1 - InnKeeping - The usual fun and excitement! Got increasingly busy as the stove's magic finally worked and hot food could be served. (Thanks, Mike!!) - The Rhinos asked to open up a tab but to not include one of their members whose name escapes me at the moment. Ingrid tried to pry for gossip material so hard, but her eyelash-batting didn't work in her favor this time. Should have worn the low-cut garb... but chose not to because cold. - Ivan. (Do I really need to add anything else? Oh. Yes. Ivan AND Tammy and Maggie prostitutes. My favorites.) - Ingrid was asked quite a lot if she knew this Drea person, because they apparently look alike. Such mystery..... She does know her, but doesn't see the resemblance whatsoever. - Arbor shoved a whole banana in her mouth to prove a point that was actually lost while we were trying to not look at her so we wouldn't have a mess to clean up. Ingrid was so impressed, she threw some of her night's earnings her way. - Bwen was awesome! The two of us, while shaking, equipped ourselves with spatulas and other kitchen items as protection during Inn attacks and cowered in a corner. Pinedale's heroines right there! Shifts 2 (Harvest Festival) and 3: - TOO. MANY. COOKIES. I think I ate about 10 of them. Oof. - As Titus and I stepped out and head to the Inn first thing, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful and awesome music could be heard. And I danced. In place. Yes. Seriously, Schuyler, you're an amazeballs musician and I hope you bring your accordion back. - Drinking and walking around, trying not to think of the impeding altercations between Titus and Ivan that could occur at any time during the Festival. It really did a number on my nerves, both in-and-out of character (ever since Titus first told her about it last month. Damn you, Titus!). But once it happened and it seemed like it was going to go very badly, Atticus saved the day (at least in Drea's book). She did thank him, but she has yet to really get the chance to approach him and talk to him. Maybe one of these days... While attempting to steer clear of Ivan. It was a very, very tense moment. You could feel it and see it in everyone's faces. - Debated joining the Fighter's Tournament. Damn my stupid anxiety. I'm doing it next year - y'all hold me to it. Speaking of the tournament, I could not stop cracking up at Geoffredo!! Oh my goodness!! Hilarious comments, making the ring smaller, and joining in for a fight. I was soooooooooo hoping for a Yoda moment, had all my toes and fingers crossed, but it didn't happen. Instead, it was even funnier and adorable. I seriously love that old man. Terridan catching his dagger in mid-air - EPIC. - The Medium gathering was very profound. Drea had never really interacted with Narene, and after hearing him talk about being a Medium and his overall knowledge of the subject has made him a figure of respect for her. It was great listening to other Mediums who have had different experiences than her and how they came to find out about their abilities. Intriguing stuff, and very glad it happened. - That sack fight was incredible!! Bummed out that I had to leave it to attend the gathering, but had a ridiculously fun time while watching. - Arbor is adorable. That is all. - Lost count of how many times Titus and Drea were asked if they were husband and wife. But, instead of hearing a "No..." out of Titus, Drea kept hearing "Not yet." Even Zerene, who was brand new in town, made sure to tell him to not let Drea be "the one who got away". She finally took the time to look at him and say "'Not yet", eh?", just to get a sweet smile from him in return. Her heart is happy. - We all learned that Drea's hips don't lie. Maybeline (MK's adorable recurring little farmer lady) pointed out to Titus in a serious tone that "those are some nice child-bearing hips. Don't forget that." - Got killed by a Bagman while doing GoST things with Octavius and Ralen and accompanied by Zerene, Baevynn, and Titus. Baevynn got me back up, and before I could even think, FREAKING PAT FREAKING LANE crouches down next to me. "Are you immune to Fear?" "............... FUCK. YOU." "Better start running!" Aaaaaand running and screaming for my life that lasted about 10 seconds because a good samaritan blunted me down. And good on Ulysses for using my Nature and Poison axe to go after them after I went down. And for bringing it back intact. Good on ya, mate! Freaking Rhinos! - Killed a werewolf and was infected with Lycanthropy for the first time ever, and was terrified once a concerned Titus explained that because they actually broke through my armor I needed Wolfsbane. Thank you, Octavius. - Actually won money on RLC! or LCR! Or whatever! - Helped two ghosts go back to the well. One didn't know she was dead (Katie is the best ghost ever), and one was so used to coming into the Inn to eat and drink that it was all he wanted to do. Drea really enjoys being able to help ghosts move on. Her motherly side comes out, the comforting and caring side of her take over. She loves it. - Intense GoST ritual was intense. Whoa! - Tango-ing with Jasmine and Zerene to the accordion. Those gorgeous ladies sure know how to move it! - Very happy to see Baevynn. Drea is very strangely overprotective of her. - Drea has agreed to deliver letters from Artemis to his betrothed, Ingrid the InnKeeper, since they no longer see each other while in town. Those two sure have an interesting relationship. Shift 4 - GMing - Let me begin with a handful of extraordinary people I'd like to thank because reasons - David Morgan, Tammy, Jordan B, Nick Q. Thank you. - I absolutely love GMing with Al. We were both set on sending spooky stuffs because it's October, and I personally think we delivered! - Being a Siren was fun! And very short-lived. Freaking Draug and his avoiding of trapboxes *shakes angry fist* - Playing my own Doppelganger in an attempt to assassinate/fool/lure away/do something bad to Titus was really, really weird. A good weird. It was so hard to keep a straight face when the others PCs started recognizing me in the Inn once I came in with my pimp (David M) and a fellow whore (Tammy), and revealed my bound hands and having no expression as I searched the room for Titus. I had to bite my lips and dig my nails on the palms on my hand to stop myself from smiling or breaking character - which actually felt proper for a Doppelganger as it's trying to impersonate a person. Their horrified faces as they saw Drea bound, with an ugly shiner, and whispering "Titus! Titus! Titus! .......... help me". His facial expression was priceless. I was unbound in seconds, my confused as hell pimp was threatened (then killed, then brought back and then killed again. Poor guy), and I acquired his sword. But then Titus started putting two and two together, noticing my items were gone except for the nonmagical bracelet he gave me when our romanced was only a teeny spark, and then he asked what happened. "I was attacked leaving town and headed home. He hit me and bound me and he's had me for hours.... He attacked me!" "But.... I walked you home." *grabs my equipped hand* Struggled to make a bold murdering move and ultimately failed, being killed by Daitoro. It was really neat hearing them debate if I was the real Drea or not, and it made me want to hug Nick when I heard the hurt and confusion in the "Get it out of my face, I don't want to see it." and "But she attacked me...". Dawww. I sowwy. :3 but really, not sorry. -Thank you to all my NPCs, especially the guys who make up the Rhinos. Y'all immediately sprung to the call of action when my squeaky voice called out for NPCs. - Being in charge of the final battle was insanely overwhelming. I'm very thankful for all the patience my NPCs had while I was trying to keep it cool and not have a freak out moment while trying to put it all together and give you all details. And Jordan. Seriously, thank you. <3 Cannot wait until November!!!
  8. Ok, y'all. I'm at work and super tired but still wired and happy over this awesome weekend! You know what to do! I'll post my faves later.
  9. Best of September!

    I'm so glad y'all liked that one. I pulled that one out of my ass. I'm happy you and Amanda played it out! :D
  10. Best of September!

    That was too awesome lol
  11. Best of September!

    (Frustration level = over 9000. I had typed about half of this and I accidentally left this page thinking it was a different tab! Pretty sure I woke up our neighbor from the screaming. Anyway.) This even was so awesome that, on a scale of one to even, I can't!!!! Amazing job, GMs, and Chris - you ROCKED as Plot Marshall this event. Truly! Shift 1 - NPCing - Ingrid usually has it pretty easy while working the Inn. There she was, getting along with her new coworker Gruber (David C) and showing him the magnificent and ancient art of making hot sandwiches, which was passed down to her by the amazeballs Leon, when suddenly Narene. He tells her that there is a ghost claiming that she and Ivan are soulmates and must be together. She tells him to stop with his Elf magic and tricks and leave her to her stove top. After all, she is engaged to Artemis. A few minutes later, Ivan comes in. Great. Ivan wants to talk. "Talk". Great. She tells Gruber she'll "be right back". About 15 minutes later, she comes back claiming she will not be able to sit down correctly for a month. I guess she has to talk to Artemis. - Wraiths attack the Inn! Gruber asks me, "What do we do?!" I tell him, "Don't worry! They usually just ignore us." Five seconds later, he's dead. And I'm hiding by the pantry. Oops. Autumn - "I got so drunk last time I was here that I almost slept with a human." Ingrid - "Oh? Who?" Autumn - "Abel." *Abel walks in as if being summoned. We all die laughing.* Shift 2 - PCing SO. MUCH. WIN. - Trying to tell a farmer who thinks he can command two (freaking adorable) Golems into farming for him that he is wrong and that it was a bad idea. Props to David C for playing that quirky man so well and the two people who played the Golems! I wanted to pet them so badly. Well, after almost seeing this plot finished, I spied with my little eyes a wild Dren, Ralen, and Phoenix approaching, followed by a woman in red... - "Are you Drea?" My stomach sunk, anxiety crept in. "I need you to come with me. A man took my baby and said he wishes to speak with you." My arms instantly filled with goosebumps. "Please, help! He's going to kill my daughter!" A roaring "TAKE ME THERE, NOW. WE MUST HURRY!" came out of me before I could think twice about this, and we went. Both in and out of character, I trusted this woman 100%, and wanted to make sure her baby was alright. Walking past the town, past the temple, this impeding doom feeling settling in, when Drea spots a... man. Drea - "Who is that man?" Woman in Red - "What man?" Phoenix - "I don't see anyone, either..." Drea, turning to Ralen with wide and scared eyes - "....... Ralen...?" Ralen - ".... I see him......" BOOM. Madness. In the confusion, the ghost came down and asked if I remembered him. I said no, and tried to run away from him as we argued, still trying to follow the lady. It took a turn to the worse when he said he wants me dead and won't stop following me until I'm screaming like my child and family, and dead. Dren tells me to stop talking to trees, I snap at him and scream at him to shut up. The woman in red attacks me and all hell breaks loose. Dropping like a stone when she stabs me in the back, Ralen not even missing a beat and bringing me back instantly - much to the ghost's dislike - arguing with the ghost while more people came in after hearing the commotion. It was the most intense moment I've ever had in-game, and it took so much of a toll on me - feeling fooled both in and out-of character, the way she lured me out, the evil words - that I fell on my knees, rested my face in my hands and cried hard. Like, sobbing. After seeing that the woman was dead, I screamed the most satisfying "BITCH!!!" ever. Dren trying to comfort me wasn't the best idea, with his whole "I don't see whatever you see therefore it can't be real, but maybe it is if it has you so upset" speech. So I got up, wiped some of tears away, and went back into town, ignoring everyone who looked at me and asked me if I was ok, and filled with disbelief and thinking, "Where's Titus? I need Titus right now." (MAGGIE, YOU FACKIN ROCK) Needless to say, I was paranoid for the rest of the day. - Autumn bought Drea a chocolate after she saw she had been crying and was visibly upset. And it made me so freaking happy. <3 - Learning about what's going on with Lori and talking about things that may have us "in this together", and overall bonding with her all day was a blast! - After Dren took the most glorious of falls and needed to go sit down at the Inn, a man (Nick Q) comes in the Inn holding a severed arm and asking for help. I cannot explain why, but as soon as I saw that, a laughing fit overcame me and it was so bad that I had to remove myself from the Inn to calm down. And then, shortly after that, a second man throws a severed head at the Inn as well. Welcome to Pinedale! This adventure ended in Illivandros as I dying, only to get turtle-piled on each other. (because I am a terrible person and I love watching things unfold when I'm dead, I kept one eye open and was so happy to witness freaking Draug KILLING EVERYTHING LEGOLAS STYLE OMG SO MUCH YES I LOVE THAT ELF). (and thank you, Skylar, for talking me out of anxiety. It hit me pretty bad this event.) - Spending time with Sonja, Lori, and Illivandros for most of the shift was what kept Drea sane. Shift 3 - PCing - Scavens being adorable (Yes, I find everything adorable in this game) and asking for food. Then, offering to help with the werewolves. Finally seeing Titus walking in and yelling at him to not attack them because they're helping. Finally catching up with Titus on what happened that morning. - The other ghost plot! Stopping that angry man from committing suicide by fighting a minotaur was very satisfying. I gave him some tips that Drea herself (and myself out of character, too) could use as well. I got teary eyed at the end of that one. - Actually getting to play myself for a bit as Drea got insanely jealous of Titus having to entertain this Civen lady whose father wanted her to marry him. It was super fun. "Bitch trying to take my man." Sonja and Illivandros were suggesting we killed her and got it over with, but I "grew up" and said no killing. And then he introduced me to her. And then I was very inappropriate. Like any little farmer gal turned Civinite would be. - Ghost plot number 3! Ended up receiving a hairpin that gave good luck in marriage. Terridan and Drea decided it'd be best fit for Lori, since Drea literally had just found out they were engages/suddenly married and was super, super happy for them. - Drea wants babies. Watch out, Titus. - Orcs in your property? No problem! Illivandros has a hell of an aim and the whole strategy to kill the Orcs was awesome. And coming up with a cheesy new incant to heal Titus with was worth the look on his face and then the cheesy and cute conversations that flourished after that. I seriously love that whole relationship thing they have going on. - Getting to RP sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much with Titus, Lori, Krod, Terridan, Sorien (WONDER TWINS, BABY!), Owl, Illivandros, and being able to say that the Rhinos are my friends now was the icing on the cake. Drea and Gilbert's PC even made up an awesome and flowy dance outside the Inn while Julia played away! It was awesome! - And then the Undead came. And I dissipated so hardcore. I figured I'd be much more useful alive than being another person needing a revive. I did break out of my dissipate when I saw an Undead picking at Titus' things and shield when he was down and Artemis and I brought him down. And then they came back! .... And went home. Yep. We let them go home. - Having to scratch my legs ALL DAY because my pants SUCK. I need new pants asap, and if anyone has suggestions, please help a sister out. Shift 4 - GMing Holy crap, GMing is so much fun!!! I cannot thank Jordan B, Chris T, Al, Rick S, and Maggie enough for all the support and encouragement, for being so patient with me, and just for existing. I loved the experience and I am looking forward to next time!! I sent out many plots that I was really happy with and proud of, and a couple that made me scratch my head and look around for feedback. Hey, nobody is perfect their first time GMing! I am thankful for the NPCs listening to me and coming to me when I shouted for those not doing anything and not becoming Lizards to see me, and they did. I also got a high-five from Chris. Amanda and I were so pumped for that last battle of the night that we donned orange caps and went (more like waddled, ouch our thighs) to the Field to witness it. And it was awesome. She gave me lots of pointers and advice, and I just love that lady <3 Had way too much fun. Couldn't have asked for a better event to celebrate my one year with you guys, and I am so happy to be part of this family. Love you guys so much!
  12. Changes for plot

    Thank you for everything, Dave! Congrats, Chris!! Yay, everyone! :D
  13. Best of August!

    Welp, I guess I'll start us off, then! This event was pretty fun as well, and it kind of left a little mark on Drea (no pun intended ). Shift 1 - Innkeeping. It was SO quiet for the longest time in that Inn. So quiet that Chris even taught me how to play Vlenoan Hold'Em and I actually did pretty well. Did a lot of people-watching when we did start having PCs and NPCs coming in, finally, and really enjoyed Chloe playing the violin. It was so lovely! Shift 2 - NPCing. - Rise and shine, people of Pinedale! Orc O'clock is upon yee!!! As usual - a boatload of fun being an Orc and getting the whole town by "surprise" time and time again. - Being a dead Buzzer Queen who was brought back to life by Eliana (aka. Pretty Lady with a Pretty Flower in her Hair Pretty Lady Eliana) after a group of adventures destroyed the Fire Elementals that had killed me and destroyed my hive (and almost all my children, except for my favorite daughter, thank goodness). It was awesome to buzz around everywhere and sniff everyone's flowers and buzz in their ear about how we need help finding a safe spot to make a new hive, and getting flowers from a lot of the PCs. It warmed my heart! Also, finding a random dead man on the road with a black rose, going up to him screaming "Oh, no!!! Somebody help him!!! He's dead!!!" and upon noticing the flower on his corpse, grabbing it and saying "Oh, such a sweet dead man! He gave us a flower!" It was awesome to see how many PCs went out of their way to help me and my child find a good place for a hive. Also, after finally realizing that I really shouldn't use that black rose for honey, I gave it up to a PC and told her that the kind dead man gave it to me when he was dead and he'd probably want it back. Hehehe. (Also, the fact that the random dead man was being played by my fiancee and he could not recognize my voice whatsoever is a HUGE plus to my Buzzer voice.) - Was asked to play the Buzzer Queen yet again, an hour and a half later! This time, two of my children were bickering while they were trying to apologize to me for forgetting to tell me months ago that Micah had requested an audience. Like, 3 months ago. It was a cute and short plot that made me very happy and it was oh-so-fun to be all cute and buzzy to Micah and then turning around in my high-pitched voice and yelling at my bickering children to be quiet and that they're grounded. And their little faces...... so cute! Holy hell, I love playing Buzzers. Seriously. Shift 3 - PC - Drea got a corset while in her vacation in Civen. Bowchicawowow. - Drea made the rookie mistake of mentioning to Titus that, while he was away that morning, she learned how to play Vlenoan Hold'Em and then asked if he wanted to play. BAD. Very bad. Don't ever gamble with people who actually have money. Bad. - Drea also found out that Titus has made her an official Civen Citizen, and for the sweetest and most loving cause. This event contained some more amazing RP between them was very crucial for the development of their relationship, in both cute and joking ways but also with some troubling, hard facts in which we promised to always be honest with each other, no matter how harsh the truth might be. Exhibit A: Drea - "Why weren't you affected by that... thing after her tree husband? The other men were." Micah - "That's because you already have his heart." Drea - "Aww.... Really?" *butterflies* Titus - "Yes, my dear." *ten seconds of awkward silence pass* "And I'm also immune to Compulsion." Drea - "Oh, I see how it is." Titus - "Hey, it doesn't mean it isn't true! And I thought we were supposed to be 100% honest with each other?!" Lol. - The Dan Husband Tree and the Dan Lizzard. Holy crap. SO FREAKING CUTE AND TALL. Please bring it back!! - What happens when GoST people scatter around and Titus goes to deal with come Civen business, leaving me by myself at the Inn? I'll let you take a shot at it. (No pun intended) After getting some motivation from Miria and killing a small troll without a scratch, Drea felt uber victorious. Drea then spotted Ralen by the Inn and started to have a conversation with him. It was a really good conversation too, about some hallucinations and weird migraines Drea's been having, when she suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, spots this man in green with a little green hat and a bow, with an arrow trained at her, and then POW! Right in the face!!!!!!!! Really though, I'm fine, it was painful when it happened, I have a tad of swelling and redness on my right cheekbone, but my eye is 100% a-ok, Dave, no need to worry. Thanks to such quick response by the KoN staff and Leah B, my face is just fine. HOWEVER, that did rid the town of the archer that was going around and shooting people, and I won. You're welcome Pinedale. Thank my face. - Had an INSANELY AWESOME game of Bet the Pot with Titus, Micah, the Inquisitor, Dren, and the wild-haired PC whose name completely escapes me at the moment. I'm sorry. But we had such a huge pot going, at least 1500 coin. So many wrong bets. So many weird hands dealt. So much fun. - Drea seeked out Baevynn for comfort. She's been having migraines and strange hallucinations for a couple of months, and she has been scared of speaking to anyone about it. There's something about Baevynn that just comforts Drea, and pairing that with an analysis of the situation and some light on what might happen as it gets worse was needed and helped Drea get a hold of the situation. Also, we shared an awesome high-five moment for being romantically involved with two of Pinedale's most notorious Playboys. Hell yeah. We're cool. Shift 4 - PC - What happens when Titus goes to bed and GoST goes on some mission in which Drea and Ralen cannot attend, leaving us by ourselves yet again? DEATH. There we were again, trying to finish up our conversation from earlier regarding hallucinantions and migraines and the conversation Drea had with Baevynn earlier regarding those issues when suddenly wraiths and ghouls. It ended with Oz and Ralen being super gents and getting in front of Drea when the Wraiths started swinging their blades. They both drop. I drop. We're all in the corner by the shelf on top of each other. And we were bleeding out for a solid 9 minutes until Marcus finally comes up and heals up. That was terrifying. Damn you, GoST. (I still love y'all, though.) - GoST was yet again visited by that weird and hilarious old man, who shared some valuable information with us. I seriously love that old guy and his granddaughter. - Because of a bad headache and my face was actually hurting when I talked or smiled or laughed, I retired a little earlier for the night. It was an information-filled event, and I really enjoyed it. Amazing as usual! See you guys in September!!!
  14. RP Skill Approval: Summer Edition!

    Hi! I would like approval for Medium 1 for Drea Voperlik. It fits in perfectly with how I would like to develop her character. Also, she does run around with GoST and does a lot of RP with Baevynn. Thank you!
  15. Best of June 2015

    This was the best event I've had so far! Weather was amazing, plots were fun, and OMG SHIFT 4 HAD PEOPLE TO NPC! Shift 1 - Inkeeping - Ingrid the Inkeeper got to hang out and make more cheese sammiches with her beloved coworker Leon! - She also got to spend some time with Teridan, Artemis (who has promised Ingrid they'll be married and have over 6 children together), and some other PCs that preferred to not get wet or chance getting electrocuted outside during the thunderstorm. Me? Scared of bad weather? Nonsense! ...... :D - I do have to say that watching Maggie play a hooker and having Rodrigo, the gay hooker, hanging out at the Inn was absolutely awesome. That paired with Rick S and Al Ferro playing hilarious mayor-wizard-wand-wielding people = I don't think I had ever laughed that hard in game before. "Boop. You might have Lycantrophy!" "Boop!" *Al throws up* Ah, that felt much better." "See? The moth is flying, controlling nature, woooo........" Oh, man. Too funny! Shift 2 - NPCing - Orc O'clock was epic as usual (except our drummer was so out of rhythm *cough cough* Chris T *cough cough*). - Leah B. "I wanna be a whore!!! Give me red lipstick!!!" Bahahahahaha..... Leah is freaking awesome. Glad I finally found that out, sad it took me since September to do so. - Phil, Denise, Rick S and I had the BEST double-date of chaos in the history of ever while being Waspoids near the GoST cabin. I am pretty proud to say that I was the first one in our group to hit a PC with a tagbag, run up and blunt him into oblivion, and then lay 5 lovely eggs on him. It was truly the best feeling in the world. But, uh, I died shortly after. But hey, best double date EVER! And then Titus and everyone else showed up and Purified Spirit him to get rid of my eggs. My children!!! :((((((( - I had always wanted to be a Buzzer, so when we came back in from the Waspoid plot and Chris T says "Camila! Hey, go wash your face and then be painted as a Buzzer!", I fought the urge to tackle him out of happiness. YAY! Not only did I get to be a Buzzer, I got to be a really depressed and enslaved Buzzer! I was so excited. It was all going great with the little squeaky voice and my very, very, very sad buzzes and sniffles and pouty face. Zach saw us and said "Wow. This is literally the saddest thing I've ever seen." The plot didn't last very long, though. As soon as my slaver and I walked into town, Abel doesn't lose any time asking him how much he wanted for the Buzzer. 100 coin. No biggie, right? After he buys me from the slaver and frees me, Eliana insists on walking me back to my hive. Eliana is so sweet to the little Buzzer! :D Loved the whole walk back, prancing around and buzzing and being distracted by the flowers in Eliana's hair and just being a child. Loved it. So much. - I walked a little bit around town as a random farmer NPC lady when going for food and randomly met up with another merchant coming into town (Richard), when we saw a couple of trolls around the Inn. We ran away to a nearby cabin and locked ourselves in there and had an awesome impromptu NPC RP moment. It was awesome! :D - I wish I could have done more awesome plots and things during shift 2, but I had been having bad chest pains on and off ever since Friday night, so I did have to rest up a bit before my PCing shifts. However, the stuff I did mentioned above and the other things I did that I didn't mention (because my brain is broken) were the best NPCing experiences ever. So good! Shift 3 - PCing -This was the busiest and most awesomest PC shift I've ever had. It was so much fun, and it was awesome being torn about going this way or that way, and even saying "No, I'm going to go sit and eat." Very cool. - Drea has an awesome badass axe! And it's not a little feeble one! And it's awesome! And it didn't break the same day she got it! And it was yet another present from Titus. <3 - A group of bandits should be easy enough to take care of right? Especially when you have Raines and Dren in your group, right? Dren - "Come on, Drea. It'll be good fighting practice for you, you'll be fine." Drea (turning away from Titus and Naidre) - "Well, alright. Think fondly of me if I don't return." Naidre - "Oh, you'll be fine, there's nothing to worry about." Right??? .......... WRONG! Not this group. We got hit hard. Ever since my first game experience, all I've ever heard was how characters like Dren and Raines and Octavius are really high level and they can beat anything and come out basically unscathed. But I was terrified, both in character and out of character, when I saw Dren being dropped and seeing him receiving an intense killing blow by one of the bandits. Holy cannoli. I believe that the only remaining surviving member of our group was Raines (and this is how Chris T hurt his foot :( ) and then we all came back with the help of Baevynn. Damn. - There was a very intense medium plot in which we all witnessed as Octavius help this woman get in touch with her dead brother. Oh, the feels...... Goosebumps and teary eyes. - The meeting GoST had with Geoffredo regarding this disgusting jar full of jelly and eyeballs. The memory of it still makes me gag. - Might have accidentally aided this one woman and her soldier-helper-guy with a grave robbery. And then making a deal with a hag (the cutest hag ever, Silk!!!). Oops. - The angry lady whose hubby turned into a tree was AMAZING. Laura B was so good at playing her! I loved watching her and Eliana yell at and mock each other. It was awesome. Also, hugging Eliana and saying "BOOBS!" because of our height difference. - Little baby Seamus was at the temple again! Drea visited with him, played with him, and asked Geoffredo about his future. She really likes that little baby. - Tons of good RP with Titus again - as usual - and it got pretty deep this time as well. Also, Drea is going to a trip to Civen for the first time with him, and she's excited to see what Civenopolis is all about. Drea - "Oh, while we're in Civenopolis, could we go to a shop and grab little Seamus a couple of clothes? You know, the orphaned baby at the temple?" Titus - "You know, I do have a certain reputation to uphold there...." Drea - "Well, just drop me in the middle of town and I'll go grab them, then! No worries!" Titus - "....... Seriously?" *Drea gives her prettiest smile as a yes* "I'm afraid that's still a no." - Tons of "There will be plenty of time during our trip for that." jokes that cracked me up big time. Including one with a rope. Shift 4 - PCing - Had a very sensational time RPing with Baevynn outside the Inn, by the fire. After finding out that Baevynn was also a farmer, Drea feels a lot more at home and is now somewhat protective of Baevynn. Also, pretty sure Drea will be needing Baevynn's insight and support as she goes through this..... development in her life. Really, really, really looking forward to it. - Yay for Undead fights! And getting surrounded by Undead and Vampires! And poor Michael for falling into a pit and almost blowing himself up. - Zombies! And Undead seeking revenge...? It was interesting to watch. - Hugging Shoshanna at the Inn and saying "YAY, BOOBS!" because of our height difference. Yeah. I think I just really like hugging Amanda, lol. - The live music was amazeballs! Very, very soothing. Please do this again!!!! I was half expecting an Undead army to come in and try to kill us all the Inn while we were all listening indoors. Would have actually been pretty awesome, especially if they switched to some epic fighting song as background music. Man. I have a good imagination. - Jordan, you freaking ROCK that silk robe. Holy shenanigans. You're awesome. This event was pretty awesome. I love you guys and I am so sad there's no game next month! :( See y'all in August after the break, and let's keep up the awesome work! :D