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  1. The Challenges of Corruption

    I would like to claim Sloth for Ragnarok XXXI. I only fielded with the unit on Friday and Saturday, and Friday I did not fight long due to the heat, but to the best of my knowledge those were the only days I could have fielded this year, and I believe I accorded myself well. If two days out of the week is not enough to claim Sloth, I understand and will change what I need to to make it onto the field more next year. I claim Envy for Aratari's Mayhem and Barenheim's Siege at the Azure Castle. If Barenheim is too close to our neck of the woods, I will attempt this again with Rivendell's Siege of Imladris or Pentwyvern's Harvest Feast. I've been to Iron Hills' Shattered Hand, but that's a day battle – unsure if it qualifies. Edit: I claim Envy for Aratari's Mayhem and Iron Hills' Shattered Hand. I would like to claim Pride for the volunteer work I do at Ragnarok (teaching classes, assisting with battles as an NPC and herald, assisting with Garb Gates, helping judge A&S and Bardic, etc.). Is that acceptable? Edit: I claim Pride for teaching my Music in Dagorhir and Stage Presence classes at Ragnarok. For sake of record, I will be claiming Gluttony soon. I have fought in a tourney (the Valkyrie Tournament at SAC) and I have heralded at Ragnarok. Adding these to the list so that if they're not acceptable I can look for other opportunities.
  2. LARP Collection

    What's the prices on the cloaks? I'm probably interested in the wool, possibly also in the linen.
  3. May lost and found

    Lost: Found!! Black linen shirt, vaguely pirate-ish, no collar just a deep v. I thought it made it back home with the rest of my NPC gear, but can't find it now. It would have been in Logistics, and may have gotten packed in a tote. Halp, Ragnarok is coming :( ((Edit, it was hiding in katana space. Thanks, Kerrie!))
  4. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    A harried looking Terran approaches the inn. He carries several rolled-up pieces of parchment under one arm, and is muttering distractedly about "thrice-cursed reprints" and "Whose pocket do the new ones come out of? Mine, but nobody asked me..." He unrolls one of the parchments and holds it up to the outside of the inn with one hand, fumbling at his belt with the other, dropping rolled parchments every which way. He finally withdraws a small hammer and a few nails, and sets to putting up the poster. It reads: [Hala Maplewood, Siren of Voice and String: Freelands Tour 1595.] The Terran steps back to look at the poster. He shakes his head. "Artists," he mutters in disgust. He bends to pick up the rest of the scattered posters, and turns to go, but stops with an oath. Once more dropping the extra posters, he pulls a scrap of paper from a belt pouch, along with a much-abused quill. He wets the quill on his tongue, scrawls something on the paper, then takes one final nail and pins the note crookedly to the inn's wall, just under the poster. [in Pinedale for ONE DAY ONLY!!* Performances every hour!! (Septly songs available upon request! Suggested donation 5c, tax deductable!! *This performance sponsored by the Knights of Splendor and the Great Forest Elks Club.)] His task completed, the Terran sets off down the path out of Pinedale at a hasty trot. As he leaves town limits, he might be heard to grumble, "How they expect me to make it all the way across the East Wind Plains by morning, I've no idea."
  5. Best of September!

    In no particular order: - Wandering around and talking elfy stuff with Arbor, Draug, and Jace. Had a lovely time. - Stargazing with Autumn and Delia, and very politely rebuffing Delia's advances. (Also, oh man, those stars!) Gaerwyn particularly enjoyed the different origin stories for the Milky Way. - Making friends with Andromeda and introducing her to Ivan. "Ivan, this is my friend Andromeda. You should pay her for sex!" =D - Standing in the middle of a Very Deserted Path in Very Dark Woods for a Very Long Time with Andromeda, later, waiting for the rest of the party to come back. Exercise in patience, which Gaerwyn (or maybe just Julia) ain't great at. - And then after the others came back, finally running into some dang undead, casting the Sanctuary Ivan left us, aaaaand then dropping it like a hot rock and dissipating when "something" cast Anti Magic Aura. My favorite bit of the weekend, though, was definitely this series of hilarious events: >Be slightly bored in the Inn. >Accept drink from Autumn, who does NOT say "This is really strong, you should sip it." >Down the drink, cuz it's tasty. >Spend the next few minutes pleasantly hammered (Gary's first time drinking! Hooray!) and weaving around the Inn being friendly to people. >Attempt to read relevant page of information to stranger who mentions the sky monsters. Pick book up upside down. Try to read it anyway. (Ith realizes I'm drunk, Purifies Spirit.) >Achievement get: hangover! >Feel distinctly betrayed by Ith. There was fun being had! Why you ruin it? >Swear at Ith because he hates it. (Ith Silences and Banishes me outside the Inn.) >Sulk for ten minutes. >Mope off to find friends. "Gaerwyn, why are you so sad?" "Ith put me in time-out." "Eh?" "He Silenced and Banished me because I was rude because he ruined my fun." "...He what." Sooooo what started out as a "Meh, I've got nothing else to do, sure I'll try this drink Autumn likes so much" turned into now Atticus is going to write a letter to Ith's mom letting her know that her son is putting magics on people without their express consent. Whoops? ...See you all in a few weeks!
  6. Best of September!

    IT'S RAYVEN, WITH A Y, UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *flounces* (I'm super glad you liked it, it was a fun bit of chill RP :D ) Still massively tired from the weekend. Will post faves tomorrow :) Thanks everyone for a great event.
  7. Interested Newbies

    Hi, and welcome to the forums! Uh, I'm not a GM or anything official, but I do love me some wool socks, and *highly* recommend the heavier SmartWool hiking socks for a LARP weekend. You can find them in most sporting stores (Dick's, Bass Pro, etc.) if you want to get a pair or two before coming to this month's game, but if you have time to order them online they're a few dollars cheaper from Sierra Trading Post's website. Either way, they're absolutely worth the money. My wool socks and wool cloak are the most important pieces of garb I own, in winter. Your sister also might want to look into thick mittens, rather than gloves – I have a friend who also has super bad extremity circulation, and he says that when his fingers have skin contact with each other they fare much better than if he's wearing gloves. Hope to meet you guys at game soon!
  8. Best of August!

    Too much fun to note everything. Thanks to all the GMs for some super exciting plots this game! PC - derping around with Ivan and Atticus for 1st shift, making friends with Micah, adding a few pages to Gaerwyn's bestiary, Janos' dramatic return in 2nd, and going almost straight from that to Richard's amazing time-travel plot. So much walking, but so worth it. NPC - going all out for 3rd again because of the PC/NPC numbers, and having lots of fun trying to make sure I had distinctly different garb for every random hook/character. Got to be one of the jerks who accosted GoST and another group out in the woods with Zach as Octavius' doppelganger – good fighting, you folks! Had an excellent time playing some music at the end of 4th with Laura. And of course, being Becky Dane, following her crazy-senile grandfather around, heckling Octavius and GoST while they fought a Dan!Wraith, then telling them that they need a few dozen Necro ritual components to do the thing they want to do, and peacing out. Best part of my shift. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy
  9. The Challenges of Corruption

    Okay. I figured that would be the case, but didn't see it explicitly anywhere and wanted to double-check. Thanks!
  10. The Challenges of Corruption

    Can any of the Challenges be attempted by someone holding the rank of Traitor? I'm curious for . . . reasons >.>
  11. Necklaces For Sale

    Thanks! The longer jade chip one's pendant is a hamsa. I wasn't sure if it was too recognizably-modern/Earthy, so I covered my bases :P
  12. Necklaces For Sale

    Hey guys – I used to make necklaces a bunch, and I still have a handful of them. Thought I'd post and see if anyone's interested! I think all but one are game-appropriate, and all of them are marked down from where I had 'em before because I don't want to have them any more. Correct prices are in the photo descriptions. Here's the album. If you're interested in one or more of them, let me know here and I'll bring them to game this weekend. Thanks! - Fish (Gaerwyn/Gary)
  13. Tiki Lanterns and Lighting

    I want to be helpful!
  14. Best of April 2015

    Glad you guys are okay. I had a blast this event, even considering the cold wet weather. PC highlights included: - watching Arbor feed some orcs, and then getting killed by one, and then waiting for the rest of my party to notice I was dead <3 - convincing a girl who wanted our help to go and get the bad guy to come to us, by the fire, where we were warm, so we didn't have to move - continuing to take notes on anything and everything (need to start compiling them so others can enjoy) - helping with several attempted pranks on the Inquisitor, including sending a satyr to hit on him - having a much more complete kit than I did in November. Felt way more elf-y. NPC highlights included: - being the hick farmer Piscean who wanted some landdweller to write down her last will and testament. Super entertaining wandering into the inn and yelling "Any of y'all speak fish?" - Bandit whores are best whores. I couldn't believe we got shot down by Sebastian AND Raines AND Ambrose (who performed his wingman duties admirably, including GIVING THE MARK MONEY TO BUY US WITH). Amanda was an excellent diversion while I ran away with the loot. - with Kerrie, wandering over to the Inn as Becky Dane (Beckard Dane's granddaughter) to sing some songs out of Delia's songbook – and then not having a chance to because Raines sang them instead! - starting to learn how to makeup kit. Thanks Kat for teaching patiently! - Edit: How could I forget the Terran Special at the Inn?? Greatest thing. Cleanup Sunday morning felt incredibly quick and efficient. Thanks to Phil and Neecy and Kerrie and the other folks who were there, that was a really fun cleanup and put me in a great mood. I'm bringing my mother to game next month, hopefully, and can't wait for her to meet all of you guys Thanks for a great event, everyone!
  15. Best and Worst of FEB FEAST!!!!