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  1. December Preproduction

    Laura B aka Stone Normal wand of Heal Body x1 Bracelet of Heal Body 2xGD 80 coin owed
  2. New Merchanting Weaponsmith in Town!

    As the days get shorter and the cold nights longer, you see new flyers replacing the old flyers that are tattered and yellowing. The new flyers read; ”You haven’t really seen it until you stop at The Golden Phoenix! Your friendly merchant Stone can now be found in her new shop The Golden Phoenix! We now have much to offer including; Weaponsmithing Turning the Mundane into Magic Selling items for people (yes you!) Hiring/training and paying new apprentices Money Changing Buying gems, jewelry and more Renting various items like bowls, cups, silverware and WEAPONS Selling food and drink as we can Setting up multiple games as weather permits AND much MORE!!! If you have a need or desire come warm yourself at The Golden Phoenix’s Fire!!”
  3. November Preproduction

    Stone: 2 rings of Dissipate x1 GD (16 cp total) 1 lesser wand of Resilience
  4. October Preproduction

    Stone Normal Wand of Mend Armor Normal Wand of Magic Armor (using a scroll) Lesser Wand of Dissipate I owe 100 coin at sign in
  5. Posted to a tree...

    A new flyer starts appearing around Maplewood, the bazaar and on other random trees in the area... ”Come and play a game fit for all! One day only! Celebrate Harvest Festival with a treasure won! Visit Stone on this happy day and you will not regret it! Show up with a friend you trust and know well...it will be your key to winning! Free and open to play from morning ‘till sunset! Good luck and a Merry Harvest Festival to all!” (OOC This is 2nd and 3rd shift only)
  6. Posted to a tree...

    Outside of the bazzaar a new piece of parchment is nailed to a tree. It looks crisp and new with fresh ink tracing the delicate fine letters that say... “The Annual Harvest Festival is almost upon us! Traditionally this has meant games, competitions, and good food shared by all in celebration of the changing of seasons! If you’re looking to earn an odd coin or two please visit Stone in the bazzaar today! She will be hosting a couple of games at her table this year and might be able to hire you temporarily! Happy Harvest Festival!” (OOC: Please PM Laura Bee for details)
  7. Dungeon Crawl Preproduction

    One Goblin Iron/Masterwork Martial Length Sword
  8. August Preproduction

    August Prepro- 1 ring of mend armor 2x game day
  9. May Preproduction

    Stone: Weaponsmith 4 with 20 craft points Non-Martial Nature Sword (8 craft points, 80 coin) Non-Martial Silver Sword (8 craft points, 80 coin) Owe 160 coin total
  10. April Preproduction

    Stone: 1 Ring of Silvershine 1x GD Owe 40 Coin 1 Masterwork Martial Sword with toughness 1xGD Owe 120 coin Owe 160 Coin, uses 20 Craft Points
  11. November Preproduction

    Crafting 3 pins of Diagnosis
  12. October Preproduction

    4 feather pins that cast diagnoses 1x game day
  13. Here and there, pieces of parchment are seen, left on tables and benches, held down by rocks. They read the same message; ”Welcome Stone -Maplewood’s newest Weaponsmith and Magic Artisan! She crafts and deals in the making, selling and buying of weapons, magical items, mundane items and food! Stop by today and get your items appraised, your weapons, trinkets or jewelry upgraded, or maybe take your chances with one of her games! She is also willing to sell items you no longer want!
  14. September preproduction

    Ornamenting: 2 Rings Of +2 crafting points each 1Ring of +2 Production Points Total Coin Owed: Free (First Time) Total Crafting Points Used:12
  15. Best of May

    -Milestone! I was so wrapped up in the moment-real tears were produced! I balled my eyes out!! (Thanks Dave lol) -Thaerion exiting the Owl and Ore in tears and getting the biggest hug from Narene, and seeing the look on the nearby PC's faces -Ginger cookies!! -Going out as a Siren-all the blue!! -Being the sister to a labotomized Courtinie (who was very awesome-and kept a straight face the whole time!) -I am Valora! -The Poltergeist! Thaerion had to figure out a quick distraction for nearby PC's! -Being in the woods and watching different groups pass by-and occasionally joining them EVERYTHING (except the ticks)