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  1. May Preproduction

    Shirt dissapte 3x per day 100 coin
  2. Currently we start with 2sp + 4 ( sp= skill points) and go through a 5xp per lvl till lvl 10 system. Which then transfers into the actual 10xp per lvl system. Would it be better for the game/ players if we just made lvl 1 sp points equal to lvl 10 and do away with the 5xp per lvl thing. The reasons i think it would be better is the following: 6 sp vs 26sp As in any game we want the players to feel unique. Allowing this change allows newer players to come in with a entry lvl of what they want their player to be. With 6sp you don’t have really any options other than maybe 1-1, maybe an RP skill, a dribble in production or just a pinch of a magic and mp. Which sounds all like your entry lvl but it also removes you form a lot of gameplay since u don’t really have the means. ALlowing the 26 points upfront let’s our newer player feel all that more important. It allows them to be involved in more rp or combat due to having more skills. Could creat more in-depth backstory. Really define their pc early on. It removes this needless early grind. We want the newer players to really feel involved from the start. Not after the reach x lvl. I know for me the 5xp into the 10 exp made me feel like ughhhhhhhhhh. But if we remove that system and go with 10xp per lvl we can remove some needless math and that daunting relalization that the game is gonna slow down a lot for your pc. granted Ed there are ways for bonus exp but not all new players can do them. Idk what do you think
  3. The real fear

    No. I’m suggesting this change because of the following: people really don’t run like they are suppose too. They slow half step till they are blunted or maybe “run into a tree”so they are knocked out and don’t have to run. Some people meta and run towards their friends so they blunt them down and some are willing to just take a torso wound instead. So basically since it seems the majority of players are refusing to run away for 10 min away from the sources that feared them, maybe just changing fear to allow cowering in place scared out their mind would be a better alternative.
  4. The real fear

    Fear: you’re incapable of performing any actions out of fright. Disengage: you can preform actions but must keep a x distance from the person who casted disengage on you.
  5. What happened!

    I mean what it does changes all the time. So making it involve us would be better then big brother aspect. Imo
  6. A nice night embraces you. The fire dances in the light breeze. You walk in to your cabin and begin to rummage through your belongings. Suddenly foots step pound the wooden floor of your home. Looking over your shoulder you see a hevely armed man grinning with malicious intent. You smile at him yelling WRONG HOUSE BUD. would it be cool to add a carpet of banish for tinkering. The dissapte is cool but removing the threat instead of you so you can grab your companions is kinda better. You can rule it that only on carpet may be in an encampment at any time.
  7. You decided to go for a stroll into the woods with your companion. A few min in you hear tussling from a near by bush. Cautiously you approach, curious as to the source of the rustling. You edge closer and closer, all of a sudden BAM fear. Your companions sees the Bagman and fights. Victorious he notices that with two minutes you only moved 100 feet. SO so let’s be real here no one actually sprints through the woods or field when feared. Would it it be cool if we remove the running part and replaced it with a cower in fear. Everyone metagames the fear as is. I have seen it. You have seen it. It is what it is so maybe we should change it.
  8. It’s a quiet night in Maplewood as you find a bench in the Jenny. Looking around you see the same old familiar faces looking back at yours with a heartfelt smile. One of the staff members working at the Jenny asks you if your hungry. You go to answer but before the words leave your mouth, orcs starts streaming in, one bye one. Magic spells are weaved, swoards are drawn, and after a few minutes the orcs lay lifeless on the ground. What happend? Is the question, a question expressed on everyone’s face. Before any possible answers could be formulated, an elder runs in the Jenny, tripping over the orcs body’s. The Helix is down!! Yells the Elder. The Jenny breaks out with questions. “What do you mean” shouts one person. “Is that possible?” Shouts another. QUITE shouts a voice from a short man. What do you mean elderman. There has been so much going on that we forgot to do the ritual. See the Helix requires magic to stay active. We need to reactivate as soon as possible. Would it it be cool if there was an annually event to power the helix. I think having players actively interact with the function of the helix would sit better with a lot of players. As it is now it’s passive and we have no control over things. Im thinking each shift needs to dump x amount of magic into the helix. This could be in the form of magic items, scrolls, magic from players and maybe even travelers willing to aid their magic for some coin. It adds an element of danger as the users magic and items are expended. Maybe during the event leylines only gives back half magic points due to the dark three sensing it weakness. Shady players can also try to prevent the HELIX ritual from succeeding by hiring unsavory people to steal, kill or what ever. I think this adds a much needed element to the game. What are yah thoughts.
  9. June Preproduction

    Silver chest plate piece resilience 2x gd cost 100coin cradt points 24 im a master crafter :)
  10. If u only wanted 3 heal mortal scrolls its 245
  11. Upon the wall at the local merchant bazaar, hangs a piece of parchment that reads The mobile merchant. Greetings to all, I Onyx, realize that my goods are not advertised here at The Merchant Bazaar. In an attempt to remedy this ill fortune, I have decided to list my inventory during the downtime periods. If you would like to procure some of my wares, please leave your name and the quantity you wish to secure. If you think we would not see each other in due time but wish to acquire items from me. I shall have them Crimson Currier to you. If you wish to have an item made for you, please leave a request on this parchment or Currier it to me. Also note: If you wish to offer your services to me leave a memo as well. Yours truly ~Onyx Gemspliter, Master ornamentor, and Master tinker.~ Items 1-Greater Wand of Enchant Weapon ( 7 Uses ) 150 cp 1-Rod of Curse 1-Greater Wand of Mageblade 210 cp Potions 8 Potions of Restore Limb 10cp/each 8 Potions of Dissipate 10cp/each 6 Potions of Heal Mortal Wounds 15cp/each 3 Catholic 30cp/each 1 Dilution Solution 15cp 1 Potion of Heal Body 5cp Scrolls 11 Heal Mortal Wounds Scrolls 15cp each 2 Dispel Magic Scrolls 20cp each 2 Scrolls of Panacea 15cp each 1 Scroll of Purify Spirt 15 cp 2 Scrolls of Dominate 30cp each 1 Battle Mastery Scroll 40cp 2 Scrolls of Restore Limbs 10cp each 1 Scroll of Synchronize 20cp 1 Scroll of Elemental Weapon 15 cp
  12. April Pre-Production

    Gilbert Crafting as Onyx 1 tunic of Improve magic armor 1x/gd and Resilience 1x/gd (cost 24 points I am a master crafter) 100 coin cost