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    D&D, Warhammer 40k/ fantasy, necromancy, undead, axes, really big swords (particularly soul edge "soul caliber 3") Diablo, demonology, ghosts, the dark gods of chaos. any story that is dark and mysterious with a taste of terror in the air...im into that

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  1. Hoard In The Box

    So this is an upgraded version of the idea I had the last time I npc'ed. This was a certaint mage's birthday and I gave the shift lead this idea to send a bogart into town with a birthday gift for him that would strait up explode in his face which worked out better then I thought it would. So this new idea involves a magiclaly traped box. It could be a chest or a legit jack in the box (if they exist in the new world ofcorse) a powerful bogart mage trapped a random hoard that would be released upon opening said box. You could use a chest with an alarm witch the hiding npcs would call time stop as the random hoard sets up where the box was opened. The hoard could be undead, orks, bodaks, casvacks, pretty much anything. So what are your thoughts😁😁😁
  2. 2019 Event Dates

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll jump right on that😁😁😁
  3. Anyone looking for a strong sword and board for your team? I am returning from the ruins of pinedale, ready to get back to the fight. So hit me up and I will strive to earn my place 

  4. 2019 Event Dates

    It's been a while hivemind, im looking to return to novitas come the September date. Is there anything I should know that has changed in my absence?
  5. how to make a sword

    I know the feeling, I'm actually working on making a larp recurve bow and a naginata. The bow was pretty simple to produce, not sure on durability yet, but I think it should hold up. The naginata kind of has me a little stumped at the moment, but it's slowly coming to mind
  6. April lost and found

    looking for a pair of keys , one of the keys is for my jeep, there is one silver key and the jeep key has a black casing over it. it also had an R.I.T. key chain. may have fallen out of my pouch when going through the field on sunday. if any one randomly picked it up, could you message me asap please
  7. Party and Shift Survey

    yo im available for joining with a group, hit me up with a message and we can talk it over, im Gregory Wing (i answer to Greg as well) and my pc name is Lorenzo Boriala. if no one is interested then i will run as independant
  8. February Feast 2016

    just sent in my cash, now my hunt can start, looking forward to seeing everyone again
  9. Custom-Made Shields

    aww, oh well i will just have to wait for a warmer date then thanks for the heads up
  10. Custom-Made Shields

    hay, was wondering if you were still into the shield making, i was wondering if you could help me out with one by the time February feast rolls around
  11. 2016 Event Dates

    sounds like fun to me, looking forward to seeing what the February Feast is all about
  12. happy birthday, the mead awaits you

  13. happy Birthday man. hope the feast is as mighty as a Minotaur's ax

  14. The Cold Months

    that sounds like a fun story
  15. Best of November!

    nabu nexus nabu nexus nabu nexus... mwa ha ha, still pounds in the back of my mind after all this time. looking forward to the winter event. will the orcs make a sled assult down the hills when the Ogers and Minotaurs hoards march in through the fields, who knows, but it would be a sight to see, or a land scape to paint