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  1. Best of September!

    Where do i begin.... 1st sift (npc) giving birth to a TONY BAGMAN! lmao in a magic locked room with people inside. the look on everyone's face was so priceless! Allllll the undead! 2nd shift (pc) i have my own gargoyle <3 he loves me and i love him <3 running around will micheal and killing all the things 3rd shift (pc) My first pc shift that i was by myself. and i didnt die! running around with Illivandros making jokes about everything ! killing and reaping trolls hanging out with my beautiful girl drea <3 even if she is titus's telling a bunch of sept to buzz off when they asked for money. only to find out later that they were bandits asking for money! WINNING running into a HUGE undead horde, after i was completely out of magic.... conclusion= mental break down during shift change lol gotta love anxiety 4th shift (inn) my favorite shift . i get to relax, cook food, put my feet up(figuratively) and watch the show of everyone rping. thanks to who ever cooked the potpies i totally forgot who it was butttt they made my night so easy and they were soooo good <3 overall this event was sooo much fun!! once again thanks to everyone who makes this game possible!
  2. Best of August!

    NPC SHIFT: -i'm a teddy bear i mean a yeb. -being a buzzer at night and getting totally flippen lost literally!! sorry guys! - being a vamp and having a drake? sacrifice a baby to darkness or something like that i was too busy looking like a creeper in the vamp mask PC SHIFT - i finally brought my new character in! yayayay -i helped a dryad find her hubby even though she was a pain in my butt<3 -being Sona the friendly healer when drea(camila) got smacked in the face :'( - getting hella drunk and meeting a drake (ethos) for the first time. we are now bffs - had the best heretic stew ever! -doing creepy creep stuff in the woods during the sermon. it was a relaxing walk. INN SHIFT 4TH: -letting ethos get super drunk and showing him a magic trick for 30 coin :P -watching raines be cocky raines and getting massacred by a dan wraith. - walking to get my bowl and cup from the cabin.... getting stalked on my way there and then smelled by a dan wraith when i dissipated and pooped my pants it was amazing event and i cant wait for the next one!!
  3. hey hey hey

    yeahhhhhh i tried once many moons ago. but yeahhhhh about that .......
  4. hey hey hey

    Yay after a year of being with you guys i'm finally doing this thing!!! Curse you anxieties!!! thanks to Don showing me the way. I love kingdoms of novitas and everyone that goes!