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  1. Increasing versatility can give as great impact on power levels as raising the cap.
  2. We've added about half a dozen alchemical compounds to the game in the past few months. And in leafing through the forums I see several more proposed. Hell, I bet most of us could come up with a dozen or more potential alchemical compounds that could be a flavorful and useful addition to an alchemist's arsenal. And likewise, I'm sure anyone can understand how it would be impossible to add them all to game carte blanche, as a balance issue. So, why not implement a compromise? Introduce these alchemical items, but any alchemist who wishes to create them must first learn the recipe, which must be purchased with in-game coin or given as a quest reward. Essentially, this would separate alchemical compounds into tiers, basic compounds which are learned upon picking up the appropriate skill rank, and advanced compounds which require a recipe. That way you don't overpower the skill, you make alchemy even more of a cash vacuum than it already was, and you give folks a chance to play with player-created alchemical fire and stun poison and buzzer honey and the like. Thoughts?
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