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  1. Febfeast items and more for sell!

    The only item remaining is the Boar spear
  2. Febfeast items and more for sell!

    IM leaving for South Korea mid september and have some things for sale: Scarf, aura of reflection 1/gd, 2nd breath 1/gd, accessory slot 40 point item. Necklace of permanent Garlic Paste Blue bag, I was told by Dave H it's the largest in the game, swells up larger than a grapefruit. Hat, +1 dmg with thrown weapons, breaks cap, casts magic armor 1/gd, adds 4 craft points and 4 production points Shirt of Magic armor 1/g, and Improved magic armor 1/gd(will need your own prop) non febfeast, non enchanted 11 Dave H arrows Body harness that has right hip quiver and also carries a great weapon non febfeast, non enchanted: Boar spear, tis just a great weapon 42'' katana pm me for offers or HMU on facebook if you have my contact on there.
  3. Best Of April 2018!

    NPC shifts: Roadside bandits who needed to replace their dead Mamas vase. 8 people "donated" to us, we were so succesful some PCs took up the same task 20 feet down the road! Fishfolk, #notallfishfolk, Septon b and Consol Titus met with us and agreed to a Pisces picnic in the future. Skaven traders collecting for Nara... noone tried to kill us! PC Shifts Spragg lead the memorial invocation for the fallen of Mapleton, and earned a poltergeist sidekick! Many PCs adopted the term "Mapleton" Spragg spent all of his power and febfeast auras to kill a small army of orcs, letting Uncle Cheng's spirit run loose for the first time in game. Giving Arcturus my days recap, leading to him offering to buy the drinks for me and my spirits. Helping septon B resurrect his friend.
  4. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    Sorry this is so late: 1) Who is planning on going. Spragg, Septon b~ and anyone in maplewood who can be talked into t 2) What you're planning on doing, and what you hope to accomplish. Enshrining a memorial plaque for the dead of Mapleton 3) Any relevant history or NPCs that are important. – NPC: ghosts of dead mapletonians . Gm:Ryan green 4) What shift are you planning to go do this? - 3rd, early. 5) These requests must be in 2 weeks before game.oopsy potatoes 6) We will not make any assurances or promises that the adventure you're going on is a good idea, won't kill your PCs, be easy, or won't change the world as a whole. It may not work out like you think it will, but we also won't immediately screw over anyone who submits these adventures. Anything can happen -- No problem.
  5. Feb Feast item Logs

    You already took care of my trim. Also got the septons necklace. Also 24 point suzie item: bracers of abomination and toughness.
  6. April Pre-Production

    Rob Denney Crafting as Spragg. 10 potions of dissipate , using merchant 2 to trade to ten wolvesbane. 10 personal production, and subsituting 30 coin for 10=50 coin. 2 elven steel bowls(you gave me numbers last event and I didnt end up making them)- 40 coin Wooden plaque with brass plate, making it worth 200 coin I owe 290 coin
  7. February Pre-production

    3 Potions of silvershine 2 potions of Purify Spirit 5 potions of dissipate using 4 pp, substituting 48 coin for the rest +20 coin=68 coin owed. Also trading in 12 lvl 1 potions to get: 4 ritual ink 8 Minor power elixir Trading 9 lvl 2 potions for 3 ritual quill 3 Rejuvenation Elix 3 Wolfsbane Tinkering 2 Elven Steel dishes using 8 CP, 40 coin total owed 21 potions and 108 coin
  8. November Preproduction

    3 Potions of silvershine 2 potions of Purify Spirit 5 potions of dissipate using 4 pp, substituting 48 coin for the rest +20 coin=68 coin owed.
  9. May Preproduction

    oops. wont be playing Spragg: P
  10. RP Skill Approval & Advancement

    Player: Rob Denney III NPC: Yhu Spragg Medium 1 Merchant 2 I have no interest in advancing past merchant 2, ever. As for medium, I have interacted with my own haunts several times. I have laid to rest 2 spirits since coming to Maplewood, holding a fallen loves funeral on the lakeside. I have guided a sword wielding spirit to OCtavius. I Have tutored a new medium with the knowledge of spraggs centuries of the sight. I have solved the murder of a woman by a traveling serial sex offender. I am seeking medium 2 as Spragg, as his interactions with spirits are increasing, and as his time is more and more spent away from camp dealing with strange things in the night.
  11. April Preproduction

    Yhu Spragg. 10 Dissipate potions using 4 personal pp, and 68 coin
  12. Posters

    After reading this, I pulled out my violin for the first time in a year.. time to get back to Korean symphony shape
  13. March Preproduction

    Yhu Spragg merchant trading ability: Swapping 4 dissipate potions for 4wolfsbane Swapping 3 dissipate potions for 3 rejuvenation elixirs. Swapping 2 dissipate potions for Scorpions Kiss Swapping 1 Dissipate Potion for 1 Base Past Swapping 1 Disspiate Potion for 1 Anesthesia. Swapping 2 dissipate potions for Ssilvershine. brewing 1 Heal Body Potion Using 1 PP and 1 coin 1 Diagnosis Potion Using 1 PP and 1 coin 9 Dissipate Potions Using 2 pp, 3 PP from items, 48 coin. I owe you 13 dissipate potions, 50 coin, 3 pp of items
  14. Hello World

    My first shift as my PC included virtually every adventurer group assuring me the other adventurer groups were going to kill me on site for being a gershian. This was my first in game experiences, and so rather shocking that I may just die game 1 for my character race:P. One year later and they all eat out of my hand(literally), many would defend me, and they pronounce my name 11 different ways. Persons without a place in the world often wander the freelands. A Quickling that was shunned by his Elven famly for perhaps reminding too deeply of their shame inherent to the Snow Goblin race may be wandering around maplewood for it's relative safety while looking for where they belong. In certain Elven societies each person has their role to play and a community to serve, and without a community to belong to, perhaps you are looking for one, and maplewood loosely resembles civilization. Just some loose ideas, your character should stem form you :)