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    Games, swimming, ultament frsibee, and building things
  1. June Preproduction

    3 Madweed extract.. 1 scroll of shadow skin 2 scrolls of wraithbane 1 scroll of reap spirit I owe 25 coin and a ritual ink
  2. February Preproduction

    Scrolls. Dreadlord. Ruin. memory loss Shadow skin. Detect spark. Touch of panic. I owe 25 coin
  3. December Preproduction

    5 scrolls of Ablative armor 5 scrolls of reap Spirit owe 25 coin
  4. November Preproduction

    Bug repellent. Touch of panic Philosopher stone Thaumaturgist's Mortar hermetic rod mirror of sophistry Totals- 25 production points and I owe 118 coin after turning in a 2 point scroll paper
  5. October Preproduction

    12 scrolls of enhance armor 2 scrolls of silvershine 2 scrolls of enchant shield
  6. August Preproduction

    Scrolls/rituals to be updated or replaced with the new one Unhallow-- detect spark Sanctify-- brackish boon (this is a potion/oil) Undead detection Raiment Polyglot
  7. September preproduction

    Pants of silver shine and disengage 1/gd
  8. August Preproduction

    Production for July and August Ring of weaken 2/gd Normal wand of magic swarm Belt of elemental weapon. With merchant 5 potions of dissipate 2 scrolls of magic lock 2 scrolls of creeping rot
  9. 2018 Junebilee FF Auction Items

    So I forgot to ask a couple questions about the item's that I have at the auction. For the wraithlord's rapier if the building that I am in become sanctified do I have to leave? For the braces if we are paying attention to the time and in combat (most likely bleating out) should I say panacea as I get up?
  10. June Preproduction

    Neckless of silver shine Ring of dissipate
  11. Lost and Found April Edition

    A little later that I wanted to post this but all of this was found in the Jenny.everything that I have will appear at the may event. A pair of light brown work boots I think that the size is a 10 or 11 Copper colored cup A silver colored rosting pan
  12. The Mobile Merchant

    I am interested but can we get prices for everything?
  13. April Pre-Production

    A lesser wand of reap spirit With merchant Garlic paste (1) Wolfsbane (1)
  14. February Pre-production

    Using merchant Wolfsbane (2) Scroll of magic swarm (2) Garlic paste
  15. RP Skill Advancement

    Player name- Chris Soukup Pc- Paren Lunas Current- merchant 1 I would like to acquire merchant 2. Since I have gained merchant 1 I have increased the number of people that have invested in my bank from two to four (all with signed contracts) and I have been talking to other people about taking out a loan for the amount of money that they would need to get magic items made for them.