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  1. Rules team is recruiting

    I'm interested
  2. Nash Smash...

    Welcome to the forums! See you in two weeks!
  3. Greetings!

    Welcome welcome to the forums. I'm Shane, Marketing and Player Outreach Minion. I will do my utmost to be polite out of character, in character, I will offer you freshly brewed tea. Maggie does an exceptional job answering questions, and if you have the friendships/ties that you do I'm sure you have all the knowledge you need, but regardless. Here to answer any questions to the best of my ability. again, welcome.
  4. Saw KoN at the con.

    Welcome to the forums, Maggie will be along shortly to welcome you and give good recommendations for you to check out, usually including our world book as well as our rule book. I am the Minion of Marketing and Player Outreach, so welcome aboard!
  5. !!!!!

    Welcome aboard to the game Hannah! Ceilidh has brought some amazing people to the game and we look forward to working with you! I'm shane, the Marketing and Player Outreach Minion/Snow Goblin. I second Maggie's instructions for checking out the lore and rulebooks. The Worldbook is a great source of inspiration to get a gauge for the world, the people in it and the numerous cultures you can follow and expand on. the world and cultures does change over time depending on a player's RP, so who knows, you might be able to expand and add to the game significantly! If you need any help with anything, we are definitely here for you and want to make sure you have a great experience.
  6. Hey there, I'm Shane, the Marketing and Player Outreach Goblin. Welcome to the forums and we're glad you came. If you need any help with finding some Garb, equipment, etc. There are plenty of people here to help you out and point you in the right direction. A big thing for just learning about the world is checking out our worldbook, it's filled with lots of information on the world, it's different races, it's cultures, etc. If you find yourself reading through the worldbook and looking for just some more info about the world, check out the blogs. It has a wide variety of characters that offer a unique perspective on the world of novitas and it's inhabitants.
  7. Very new

    Welcome to the forums! I'm the marketing and player outreach minion. My name is Shane and I second what Maggie posted, those are great resources to read and if you want more lore and story to read about, the blogs offer quite a bit to look into, we have humans, elves, snow Goblins, and even terrrans. Also highly recommend checking out thrift stores for cheap garb items, you will be surprised at what you can find.
  8. Hello

    What I am trying to say is that we are all nerds who enjoy fantasy, either D&D,swinging swords at each other, watching LOTR and GOT over and over again. We are happy you joined and look forward tohelping you get on your way to enjoying the game and community.
  9. Interest

    Welcome to the forums! I second what Maggie suggested, please check out the rules and feel free to check out the worldbook for an idea as to what the world and races are like in the game. After you've read those, feel free to check out the blogs if you want to see how different races and characters interact with the world around them.
  10. Hello

    Good to see you join the forums, the community here is pretty open and like a giant family, so no worries. A lot of people are trying LARPing for the first time and just getting involved with this type of interest. The marketing and player outreach team is here for you and are ready to answer questions as well as give guidance if need be. They've been amazing to me when I first joined up, gave me guidance and as I came to more events, I built up friendships and linked up with more experienced players. It's a small learning curve, but the community and the friends you make help to make it a great time. The important thing is you introduced yourself and now we know if you have any questions to be ready to help out as well as provide good references to help you enjoy the game better. The best part of the game is that you choose what you want to be. So if you want to be a warrior, you can, if you want to be a rogue and steal from others, or stab people from behind, you can. This games only real limitation is your imagination. ~Voice of the mountain
  11. MMORPG

    Necropolis for PS4 is pretty fun.
  12. Hello Everyone!

    Well then, it seems nearly all of the questions have been answered by others, but I'll still be friendly and say hello to you new person. I'm shane, the Marketing and Player Outreach Minion, I play the Snow Goblin named Kiba, so if you see me in game drinking Tea, feel free to join me, in character or out of character, would love to chat and answer any questions you may have. I PC 2nd and 3rd shift, so at the very least, I can chat with you while we NPC 1st shift. In the game, there are lots of adventuring parties available. Templar Legion-Are dedicated to stopping the Dark Three and hold no loyalty to a particular nation, they are a militarized traditional D&D party in a sense with a general "good" lean to them. We look forward to having you in game and getting to know you better, we're a pretty nice community and love to meet new people, it always adds a new spice to the RP and always helps to push the plot forward.
  13. Titanium

    Once the armor comes in early August, I might have it with me for the August Event and will get some pics taken.
  14. Hey

    Welcome to the game and community! I'm shane, the Marketing and Player Outreach Minion. I second what Maggie has said about checking out the rules, it helps a great deal to get a heads up on the basics. Also, the worldbook is an amazing read due to the information contained in it. It gives you insight into the various cultures and nations in the game and can help shape your views for your character concept. If you clear the worldbook and are still looking for more lore, feel free to check out the blogs and see what all is in there, you have characters that are Terran, Elven, Human, and even Snow Goblins.