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  1. Reserved I guess. Mostly just bumping this over a spam bot.
  2. Mob Idea: Night Takers

    There is no way to dispel your own offensive spells. Thus Banish would sit out the full 10 minutes. It could have some special mechanic to see into the banish and remove the person. This only partially solves the problem. If the creature waits for the party to truly be far enough away the person is still probably waiting most of that 10 minutes (otherwise the sound of fighting happens). Your work around on metagaming only makes this creature more deeply problematic. Now if the person dies, they probably get Pcd'd. Further exacerbating the either someone buffed deals with the creature, or someone not buffed gets royally hosed. A monster built around banish as its primary mechanic in the wheelhouse of very rare very challenging monsters. That type of monsters is almost never a random encounter in the woods which is what you want for this creature. And rare monsters are something Novitas wants in very limited quantities. Assembling garb and getting masks etc costs a lot, then it all has to be stored, which means hauling it back and forth. What I'm trying to say is that adding creatures is a challenging topic. Not an impossible one, but a challenging one. The Blair Witch project is a cool feeling for an encounter, but that's something probably best suited to a custom encounter built for that purpose as opposed to a creature designed to give that feeling on a regular basis.
  3. Mob Idea: Night Takers

    I think you have a neat tabletop concept here, but in a live action setting there are some issues here that would make this fail. To explain lets walk through what an IDEAL encounter with this creature would require. First it gets the jump on a group of players, sneaking up at night and landing a Banish tag-bag. Throwing tag bags at night is generally a fairly close range job because of visibility and the target clearly hearing it. Having landed the banish the NPC now needs to run away in the dark and hide. There are certainly players capable of that, but its a pretty limited number. Now comes the hardest part. The PC's need to not metagame, and walk away from their banished friend. While the banished person has to stand around bored for 10 minutes. Assuming this happens correctly the banished person waits 10 minutes to get jumped then does some solo combat that well buffed players will probably live through, but inexperienced/ unbuffed players will have a hard time with. Those unbuffed players will have spent 10 minutes standing around waiting to die, then get dropped, then have to wait alone in the woods however long their party leaves them there trying to not metagame knowing the person is out there. In the end its a series of events that punish players (not characters) for not taking advantage of out of game knowledge.
  4. Last Minute Additions: During the stealth crawl objectives will be marked by glowsticks which will be color coded based on what future crawl or adventure the objective will impact. This should help you know where you are sneaking towards.
  5. October 14th Mechanics Announcement It’s time to fill you in on the mechanics you need to know about. Gear Unlike a normal event, players do not need to bring every piece of gear, or item they own into play. They may choose what comes into play with them when they start a crawl or a battle. However anything left out of play must stay that way for the duration of that crawl/ battle. Convergences and Event Durations The whole Dungeon Crawl counts as 1 single event for any mechanics that care about event duration. There will be a convergence between each crawl and each adventure. Players will also be allowed to perform any number of rituals during these times. Special Mechanics Reload During Crawls 3, 4 and the Adventures, there will be periods where the orc horde will regroup giving everyone a chance to reload. When you hear an orange hat call “reload!” you (and the orcs) will have 2 minutes to collect ammunition as rapidly as you can, during this time no one is allowed to do things like attack each other, cast spells or take new ground. Grab your arrows or spell spackets, and then return to where you started as quickly as you can. Stairs and Ramps Unfortunately the castle has stairs that are too steep for fighting on (and a bit slippery if its rained recently). The same goes for the ramps that go to the battlements. As such DO NOT FIGHT ON THE STAIRS OR THE RAMPS. During any event taking place at the castle non-combatants should be assigned to the second floor to fire missile weapons, or cast spells, and if an enemy makes it to the base of the stairs they should be allowed to climb up and once on top npcs will not be fighting back, any hit (which will be easy to land) will automatically be a torso wound). Some encounters may restrict access to these structures. If you see orange tape across a ramp or stairs they may not be used at all. The Crawls Crawl 1 (Recon) Crawl 1 players will be doing recon. Your job will be to talk to survivors of the orc horde, rifle through things those survivors stole from the orcs for intel, and to recruit aid from refugees who are in a position to grant it. These tasks will result in bonuses to other crawls and in the final battles. You’ll also get information that will help the other crawls. Be careful though, not all of the information will be reliable. Each piece of information gained will come 3 times. Two of those will match, indicating it is accurate information, one of the 3 will contain misleading or false information. Collect all 3 and you’ll know which one is wrong. If you only get 1 or 2 you may not know for sure which one is accurate. Thankfully there will also be a limited number of special tokens available that allow you to determine if a statement is accurate or not as a back up plan. At the end of the crawl everyone will come together with what they’ve gathered and they will be able to pick which statements to use the tokens on. Crawl 2 (Stealth) Crawl 2 players will be sabotaging an Orc camp. Traps will be pre-set up at a variety of locations. But unlike a normal trap, we are using traps as place holders for your acts of sabotage. Your job is to INTENTIONALLY set off the traps. You’ll be able to find them from the light sticks that are attached to them. None of these traps will have trap tags in them; they will purely be used as noise makers. A card representing what goal you accomplished will be in the trap. Be sure to keep it to turn in after the crawl so we know what objectives were achieved. Setting off a trap represents successfully accomplishing your goal of sabotaging an objective. After the trap is set off, the orcs will be aware of your presence so you’re going to need to run like hell. The good news is there will be get-away locations which if you reach successfully you’ll have “escaped” and orcs must stop pursuing you. After the orcs leave you can go back and move on to a new target. Why not just fight the orcs? Because the guards don’t realize they are so vulnerable at this camp. However for each orc you kill in regular combat we’ll be keeping a tally. Kill too many and the orcs will recognize the threat and summon the Avatar and the horde. When this happens the crawl is done. Nothing further can be accomplished. Any PC killed by the orcs will be taken to a holding cell in the camp, the orcs have learned to start interrogating enemies instead of just killing them. They’ll be able to be rescued during this crawl, or failing that they will need to be rescued during their first Adventure. The PC’s will get some bonuses too though to help them. If a PC successfully sneaks up on an npc they can make a special call with melee attacks, “Execute” and if the NPC is caught unaware it counts as a torso wound. These kills do not get added to the tally that ends the crawl. PC’s will want to have potions on hand for any spells they need… remember incant’s need to be done loudly. It’s up to the players to decide how to approach the orcs, from what direction, with how many people. Crawl 3 (Defense) Crawl 3 players will be protecting a ritual being performed by allies while it is being assaulted by orcs. This will be represented by an NPC who must be protected. If that NPC falls, the ritual stops at the point the NPC died. Based on how long the ritual goes on, players will get bonuses during the later Adventures (boss battles) which come after the crawls. These bonuses come every 10 minutes the ritual goes on. A healers tent will be present during these adventures which will gain access to the following spells. An explanation of the tent appears later in this post in the section about the adventures. 10 Minutes: Infinite Heal Body 20 Minutes: Infinite Mend Armor 30 Minutes: Infinite Restore Limb 40 Minutes: Infinite Heal Mortal Wound 50 Minutes: Infinite Improved Magic Armor 60 Minutes: Infinite Synchronize Crawl 4 (Offense) Crawl 4 players will be trying to disrupt the supplies of the orcs. The orcs will have 5 strong points, 1 of which is heavily defended, 3 will be in the middle, and 1 will begin under player control. At each point an orange hat with a stopwatch will be present. If players control a strong point with no orcs within 5 feet of it the orange hat will run the stop watch. For each strong point players control for at least 30 minutes the orcs will fail in that objective. Orcs will get buffs in the boss battles based on how many strong points they held. Adventures (aka Boss Battles) After the 4 crawls players will then be grouped by their normally assigned PC shift. The GMs for those shifts will then be running a boss fight based on their shift’s orc theme. Your job is to clear that portion of the keep. During the battle a Healer’s “tent” will be located somewhere based on what the gms have in mind for their story. Each PC who wishes to be stationed there will be able to cast certain spells an unlimited number of times from a specific list based on the results of crawl 3. A character can cast these spells even if they don't know them as if they have access to a slotless tome. These spells have no power point cost. Only characters not participating on the front lines get access to this (think of it as giving the non-combatants a role in the fighting). It would be wise to load up these individuals with scrolls and other consumables to hand out as well, so the fighters never need to waste time rifling through bags. It is also possible players will have access to a trebuchet based on Crawl 1. The trebuchet will be a marked area where players can roll boulders to (you can’t pick them up until you get there, only roll), and then from that location THROW THEM. Finally the big boss will have a special mechanic. Whenever he calls out a specific phrase an orange hat nearby him will hold up a flag. The flag will determine what special abilities he has for as long as that flag is up. These flags will have symbols on them for colorblind players or as I commonly refer to them the Rules Marshals. What those abilities are can be learned from the first dungeon crawl. The flag (and it’s bearer) is not a valid target, it’s just information for people to be able to see what is happening. Think of it as an aura being given off. Important! Adventure A corresponds with 2nd shift. Adventure B corresponds with 3rd shift. Adventure C corresponds with 4th shift. Adventure D corresponds with 1st shift. These are happening out of order to keep the night shifts at night. Loot Distribution Sunday morning after clean up is completely done loot will be distributed. It will be done as follows: Players will form up into adventuring parties if they are in one. Parties smaller than 4 will need to temporarily grab an independent player to get to 4 people. Independent players (those without groups) will be asked to form temporary groups of 4. They can alternately join existing parties if the parties are ok with that. Each group will get a random bag of group loot to divide amongst themselves. The bags will all be roughly equal in value. Groups larger than 4 will get supplemental bags of additional things. Players who NPC all weekend can join a group like any other player or take a supplemental bag for themselves.
  6. Timeline of New Information Prior to the September Event Focus is on sign ups so we can get a head count for planning. September Event Weekend (September 2nd-4th) Last chance to choose which crawl you want when you sign up. After the September Event, before the October Event Chris will post a narrative online regarding current events in and around Maplewood. September 24th Last chance to sign up. October Event (October 7th-9th) Last chance to pay. After the October event Chris will post a second narrative that will explain the story of the dungeon crawl in full. The mechanics of how the crawl will work will get posted. Weekend of October 16th Preproduction for the dungeon crawl is due The DUNGEON CRAWL (October 21st-23rd) Fun is had. October 30th Preproduction for November is due November Event (November 6-8th) Game Mechanics Convergence and the Crawl Players will be allowed to use any number of rituals before the crawls and adventures begin. Between each crawl and each adventure there will be a convergence, so any power points and per game day abilities will refresh. Abilities that are X/event (such as on items) will not reset, you'll have to balance them out over the course of the weekend. Death During A Crawl During past dungeon crawls if you were dead at the end of the crawl it was a permanent character death (PCD). These events will be different. As each of them plays into one another. If you end a crawl dead and no one takes you with them, there will be the opportunity to be revived during a future section. More to Come Later There will be some other mechanic information later, but for now we're focused on getting exact enrollment numbers figured out. Expect for any special mechanic information to be posted in October. Update History Adventures A through D were previously labeled as "events" but because the word event has another meaning for our game, I changed the word. To plan the crawls we need to know how many people are going to be in each one. We're sticking to September 24th as the last date to register, however we are closing allowing players to choose which crawl they want the September event weekend (September 4th). After that date if you register we'll assign you to one of the crawls that could use more people. This has been included in the above information. Originally there was a 5th crawl, there seemed to be no interest at all in it, likely because its the one that sounds the most like a standard event combat. As such, we're cancelling that one at this time (fewer events is a less packed schedule for everyone which is ultimately a good thing). Options 1-4 remain the same. It has been removed from the information above.
  7. This thread will compile all current information regarding the 2022 Dungeon Crawl. Dungeon Crawl 2022 @ EMR Event Park Sign-Ups Sign up by emailing novitaslogistics@gmail.com OR Konwaivers@gmail.com OR messaging Beefriedrice#1650 on Discord OR contacting https://www.facebook.com/ryan.green.73997 on Facebook. Payment can be made at events, or through the games standard preregistration methods. When signing up please tell me your preferred crawl number (information to follow). If you signed up for the 2020 dungeon crawl your enrollment will roll over to the 2022 dungeon crawl. In the event you signed up for the 2020 dungeon crawl and can't make this, your enrollment will be applied to a standard event instead. There are no limits on number of players or number of players in each crawl. Even after the September 4th deadline, registration in the Combat Lite crawl should be available. Am I Signed Up? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ucjw_UOENpM5yyzRnyfSXY1VMgrICp_GUrU1gSQj6jY/edit#gid=362030830 Sleeping and Food Sleeping arrangements and food will not be provided. You can camp on site, or rent a bunkhouse on site. Information can be found here: https://emreventpark.com/overnight-private-group/ These are very bare bones bunkhouses. If you'd prefer to get a hotel room information can be found here: https://emreventpark.com/lodging/ Event Details The crawls of this event are not like the dungeon crawls of the past. Because the site is something unique we've never gotten to work with plot is working hard to take full advantage of having a castle. Instead of personalized group plots, these scenarios will be large and involve multiple groups working together for much larger goals. Also unlike dungeon crawls of the past don't expect ANY of the crawls to be linear. Our aim is to set up locations different from normal, that players will get to explore however they want. The 2022 Dungeon Crawl will be themed around the orc attacks that have been taking place recently during normal KoN events. Without going into details of the story leading up to the crawl, player characters will be banding together to defeat the orc horde that has been terrorizing the Freelands. All player characters will be working together to defeat this threat. Some because they are heroes, others to prove their strength, some will act because the horde threatens their plans or their holdings. Characters are welcome to speak to their own motives. The event will consist of 4 crawls, and 4 boss battles. Each player will get to pick one crawl to participate in, and will be assigned to boss battles based on the shifts they normally play. Those players who are new or don't have shifts assigned will be assigned temporary shifts for the boss battles. Players are welcome to NPC the entire weekend if they wish to for any reason. Each players will PC for the crawl they picked, get a rest break (if desired) and will be expected to NPC for 2 other crawls. For the boss battles each player will PC 2 and NPC 2. On the crawls and boss battles there will be roles available for people who wish to fight and for those who want less to do with combat. While you are welcome to choose a crawl as a group, it is not a requirement for players to do so, in fact we don't even need to know what group you are part of for sign-ups. Groups will automatically be together for the Adventures. However for crawls we recommend you choose the crawl that most suits your interests as a player. The Crawls There are 4 crawls to choose from. Each crawl is going to have impact on the Crawls and Adventures afterwards. Our aim is to make the crawls very hard, with partial victory conditions. Normally you either succeed completely on a crawl or fail completely, and most of the time its the former. Here we are taking the opportunity to make crawls where you can make progress without 100% victory. Each sub-objective accomplished will have an impact, but we do not expect any group to achieve 100% completion of their sub-objectives. Crawl 1: Recon (Combat Lite) During the first crawl characters will be gathering intelligence on the orc horde, interviewing survivors and refugees, seeking aid from those who can provide it, and puzzling through plans taken from the orcs. This intelligence will give actionable information and bonuses during the subsequent crawls and boss battles Crawl 2: Sabotage (Stealthy) The second crawl will involve sabotaging an orc camp, hindering them for the rest of the weekend. Characters will need to sneak past guards to destroy supplies, or poison rations. Crawl 3 Protect the Base (Defense) In the third crawl players will have a defensible position and will protect npcs performing a ritual that will give increasing buffs, based on how long it is performed, to players during the final battles. This crawl will last until the ritual is stopped, whenever that occurs. Crawl 4 Disrupt the Orcs (Offense) The fourth crawl will involve players attacking an orc supply depot preventing them from getting further buffs. Controlling key victory points will impact the degree of success. Boss Battles 4 encounters with the tribes composing the orcs, one for each game shift. Each of these will be based on the shift your pc normally plays, written by the GMs of those shifts. In each you'll see the culmination of the orc theme that has been taking place on that shift leading up to the crawl. What happens during the 4 crawls will impact these battles. Tentative Event Schedule Friday: 4pm - Earliest Arrival Time allowed. 4pm-9pm Set up. 9pm-10pm: Recon (Combat Lite) 11pm-Midnight: Sabotage (Stealth) Saturday 10am-11am: Base Protection (Defense) Noon-1pm: Acquire Objectives (Offense) 2pm-3pm: Boss Battle (2nd Shift) 4pm-5pm: Boss Battle (3rd Shift) 6pm-7pm Boss Battle (4th Shift) 8pm-9pm Boss Battle (1st Shift) Sunday 8am: Final clean up After Clean up: Loot Distribution. Noon: Be gone from the site by this time. Sanitary Considerations Players who need to put contacts in should have access to the medic area to do so. For the purposes of this event any player who needs to put on special make up for feb feast items (the tattoos from January 2022) will not need to do so.
  8. This is simultaneously a big change, and not going to affect you very much. We are replacing the existing item database program with something new. There are a variety of reasons this is happening but one of them is that it will allow us to change to an alphanumeric code for items. Any old item will still be listed and can be looked up as before. Existing numbered items won't get changed at all (unless you would like them to get a new designation, if you want that message Ryan or Liska). New items will have one of the following letters before the numbers: F - Feb Feast: This item is a feb feast item. If looted from the owner it should be returned to the owner by the end of the event. E - Formerly Feb Feast: This used to be a feb feast item, but for some reason is no longer. When a feb feast item loses the feb feast rules the letter F will get changed into an E but the numbers will stay the same. K - Keepable/ Lootable: This is a standard lootable item. Not using the letter L because it will get mistaken for a 1. N - Non-Keepable/ Lootable: This is not a lootable item, it may not be stolen. Tinkering items, or other objects that need to be number but can't be stolen will have this letter. These items follow the same rules as an un-numbered item, but it has rules that need to be looked up so it needed to get numbered. Plagues will get listed here. Q - Quest Item: Treat this like a feb feast item except the owner is Logistics. You can have the item for the entire event but it needs to be returned when the event is done. This solves the issue that technically every time a GM sends out a trapped box the pcs should be able to keep the box itself permanently as loot. Some other items will also take advantage of this (for example the Temperance League Gem). V - Valuable Item: Items that have a coin value and no magic qualities go here. These items should always be keepable/ lootable H - Hybrid Item: For those unusual items that appear in both the ID magic AND the estimate value listings. This letter is being used so you know to look in both look tables. These items should always be keepable/ lootable. "_" - Legacy Items: So that you can use this item look-up to find old unlettered items, I needed a character, so that character is an underscore. You can use the look up to find old items by putting "_" (no quotes) in front of the number. Going forward you'll always be able to find the ID magic listing using this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iOT23WoR6urYl4qPS2MTzpXYNv1OYhNSM6dkp02CjLo/edit#gid=809874596&fvid=584487014 You'll be able to find the Estimate Value listing using this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iOT23WoR6urYl4qPS2MTzpXYNv1OYhNSM6dkp02CjLo/edit#gid=1241154515&fvid=1797374555 A basic search is also available here (It has all the same drawback as the XP look-up): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iOT23WoR6urYl4qPS2MTzpXYNv1OYhNSM6dkp02CjLo/edit#gid=597209277 Another one of the advantages of doing this is that those links will ALWAYS be accurate. If a new item gets created mid event, in less than a minute if you reload the link the new item will automatically be listed at the links above. If you are like me and don't have cell service on site, print outs will still be available and still have the same not quite up to date info. This also means that I will no longer be posting ID magic and Estimate value pdf's in this forum before each event, if you want to print the info you can do so anytime you want. Be warned because these documents are only 1 column the printouts are roughly 150% of their previous sizes. In the new database you'll notice there are some extra fields. I'm going to explain them here. A Generic item is any item where there are lots of that item out there. Its marked as generic so we know if one copy of the item gets changed we don't update the description and inadvertently update a dozen items. Lootable the item can be taken at least temporarily. So most feb feast items can be taken DURING an event, but must be returned by the END of the event. Slot: what slot does the item occupy? At some point I'll put this information in for all the old items, but that's going to be a bit of an undertaking so for now any legacy items have a slot of "unclassified" meaning, the data hasn't been put in yet. Total Charges: For charged items this is how many charges the item had when it was first created/ is at maximum charges. Charges Left: If you are anything like me keeping track of how many charges an item has between events sounds like a nightmare. You now have an option to fix that. If you use this form: (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSftBkjnPd6JcVOS8HTJyanSjhp8k4AcZ_F9v641Htq-59LOJQ/viewform) after an event you can track how many charges you used and the database will keep track of the results automatically. This is purely optional for people who want to have an easier time tracking this info. All of this information will get added to wiki shortly for future reference, it's being put here first so everyone has a chance to see the changes. If you have any questions let me know. And if you took the time to read this far, I would love it if you commented in any way so I have an idea how many people actually read this.
  9. Here they are. idmagic-Jun-22.pdf estimatevalue-Jun-22.pdf
  10. Here they are. idmagic-May-22.pdf estimatevalue-May-22.pdf
  11. More in-game buildings/areas

    So (speaking only for myself)... I want the exact opposite of this for a couple of reasons. Yes it would be great for immersion. However, every location an NPC has to go to find PC's to hook for a plot is more time that NPC is in play JUST WALKING and not interacting. Its variable how much that walking tires out the npc in question, some players have no issue with extra walking, some walk 5 feet and then need to sit forever before they go out again (and often with those players lets be real walking isn't the issue). But regardless of how it impacts that hook, the people sitting in a field somewhere as monsters are just sitting... waiting. We want the hook npc to be able to find PC's quickly and relatively efficiently so we can get those npcs back again, resulting in more plots going out the door. I personally hate having two inns. My argument is that we want one single location where hooks go to find adventurers, and if adventurers want to get hooked they go to that location. The helix makes that much harder, so 2 inns it is. Targeted plots, color plots, things where npcs wander about to interact with players are a different story, and more locations don't hurt. However then we enter into another issue with the site. The more permanent PC locations we have, the fewer locations GM's have to send plots that can be "different". It makes me sad the former slap and tickle has been absorbed by PC groups immediately, it would be nice to have a single building out there where some stories can be told that want something other than a lean to. Having said all that, I mean these could very well be cool locations. Adding more to the bazaar would certainly be great for making it more immersive. There's nothing to stop you from building these things.
  12. Production points rules

    You do not need to pay additional coin to use the extra production points, the 3c per point covers the cost of production. So in your example you would pay 36 extra coin for that extra 12 production points (for a grand total of 44 coin with the 8 points of your own being used). Good question!
  13. With the character sheet app we are currently aware of a bug that seems to only appear when using an Apple browser on Apple phones (specifically when trying to make language and ritual choices for scholar). If you encounter this problem (where you can't select languages/ rituals with scholar) try using a different device or a different browser.
  14. The online character sheet app is ready for use*! You can find it here: http://charactersheetapp.kingdomsofnovitas.net/#/ *If your character has learned rare languages through plot but not through Scholar it does not presently record that, you'll need to add that manually to a printed copy, this will be fixed in a future update. Checking your total XP online Any player can use a character ID number to check the current TOTAL xp of their characters using this look up sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1F2mM0R_ZhMfHKDIs7GmM9J4ZQCDA_1hxl5jH0sOw1zE/edit#gid=927735354 It's a temporary solution so that players can access that information now. Hopefully it will eventually be something we can integrate into the app, but that's another big step for later. Character ID Numbers Every character has an ID number. Those of you who were at the April 2022 game had it written onto your character sheets. If you missed the event or lost the number, you can contact Liska or I and we can message the numbers to you for any of your characters. Any time a staff member assigns experience it will instantly be visible in that total. For example all players have been assigned experience for NPCing during the April 2022 event (which was 2 days ago as of this post) already. How does this affect sign in? If you have an online character sheet you printed from home you will be able to have your character sheet approved the FAST way. You'll get to show your sheet to the person checking sheets, and they will verify that your total xp matches the total xp we have for that character. That's it. Sheet successfully checked. No math needed (the app does that for you). Anyone who does not have an online sheet will still be able to check-in the previous way, having xp written onto your sheet so that you know how much you have. XP Banks Many players choose to save xp until they decide they want it or until they create a new character. In the past the game has rolled that experience over month after month building a steadily larger sum until you finally take the xp. Starting this month every player has a character in our records that is named "XP Bank". Any experience you don't take will get assigned to that character. You can message Liska or I at any time and we can take the XP from your bank and assign it to another character. You can check your xp bank like any other character by changing the last digit of your character's ID number to "9". Any player who didn't attend the April 2022 event had all experience that was waiting for them automatically assigned to their XP bank. Further experience earned for players will continue to go to their XP bank until they notify Liska or I (or whoever is doing check-in) that they want to see the xp go to a different place. If you have xp going to a character, it will continue going to that character until you tell us to change it. As long as you are happy with where your xp is going you don't need to tell us if you are taking your xp any more. Starting in May 2022, any experience you get during a month will be only the experience earned since the prior event. What to do if you think your total is off Total experience was calculated for each character based on the most recent character sheet in the character archives. This means that for some people who haven't archived anything lately this will be WAYYYYYYY off. If that is the case, take a picture of the front side of your character sheet and send it to me and I can update your xp totals. Bear in mind most marshals assign experience one time per month, right before a new event, so don't expect to see anything immediately after an event from things like PELs. We're all volunteers have some patience. Written XP Ideally staff will now be assigning all xp between games online. If staff for some reason feel the need to write XP onto a character sheet, you'll need to bring your sheet to the logs desk to have it recorded, so that it shows up in the XP look up.