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  1. October Preproduction

    Mirror of Sophistry Grounding Wire x3 Base Paste Rejuvenation Elixir Minor Power Elixir x2
  2. New Necromancy Tree!

    Nuke Ghastly Visage. It’s lame.
  3. New Necromancy Tree!

    A spell in which the caster lays their hands on a reaped corpse and will learn the identity of the reaper. Spell is No Effected if the spark has already been sent to The Well.
  4. December Preproduction

    2 Corruptions 3 Minor Power Elixers
  5. Best of May

    My first Medium plot. Holy shit. Thank you Steve Guile, Kyle Egert, and Brian Loughlin for some of the most intense RP I've ever been apart of.
  6. Best of August 2016

    This weekend was my first event and my first time ever Larping and I loved it. I just want to thank everyone for not only being so fun to be around but you guys managed to keep me informed on rules and lore without making me feel like a lesser player. Really, everyone was great. I wish I wasn't so terrible with names because I really am looking forward to seeing so many people again in the future. I NPC'd all weekend. I feel sore and broken right now and I don't regret a single role I played or a single death I took. I'm super excited to PC in the future and see everyone again.
  7. Never done something like this before

    Thank you so much! You've made me feel so welcome! I'll start reading tonight!
  8. Hello there! So I've been a player of Dungeons & Dragons for a few years and I've had the urge to try Larping for awhile now. I love what I've seen on this website and it seems like the immersive experience that I was hoping to find. This is all so new to me though and it all seems a bit overwhelming. I have some social anxiety with new people and things so where do I even start? Is this event inclusive and easy to jump into for beginners? I see this has been going on for a few years and I'm always afraid of being the noob. This all seems so amazing and would love to be apart of this. I'm just nervous with new things.