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  1. I'm not new but my profile is.

    I just reread like 100 Ellenor stories a few months ago. It's been two years for me too. As I read, I couldn't help grinning. Man, we had fun.
  2. I'm not new but my profile is.

    Hi Tom, since I assume that's who this is! If you or someone you know has Instagram, you can follow this link to Lou L Britt's IG TV post, where Richard the Bard gets a feature! https://instagram.com/loulbritt?igshid=1gtb9lwvuibr5 In the video, I was reading a condensed version of Chapter 3 of Ellenor's Letters (titled: Song) where Ellenor meets Richard the Bard. I'm the second reader in the 9/10/2020 edition of the "Just a Spell" series on Lou L Britt's Instagram -various authors reading for five minutes each from their works. I was so honored to be included! The Kingdoms of Novitas website got a shout out several times. (M&PO work continues, even during the plague! ;) )
  3. Newcomer

    Hi Matt! Welcome! Novitas is a community of wonderful people, glad to have you aboard. I PCed my first game. I had acceptable PC garb from what I had worn to Ren Faires in addition to simple neutral NPC garb. PCing my first game was what hooked me and made me come back again and again month after month. NPCing to me is like being backstage and then onstage and then backstage at a theater production. You go out as a bandit then come back and laugh out of character in the logistics building about that encounter while changing clothes and then you go back out as a gambler. (Or whatever the GM offers you as a role.) PCing, for me is so much more immersive. Just, if you PC your first game, don't expect to be "awesome" right away. I spent a lot of my first two PC shifts watching and listening and learning and asking questions in character. Like, depending on how you spend the very few experience points you start with, you may not have the ability to read spells at all. So you won't be a healer or fighter so much as "I'm new in town and I want to learn healing/fighting, whom do you think I should meet?" or just saying you're new in town and getting to know more about whomever you run into first and their friends and get advice and stories. My PC character was naive and not a fighter to begin with, so I could ask for information or help and learn skills slowly over the months. If I had wanted to bring in an expert sword fighter, then starting my first game with a PC shift might not have worked out as well, since I wouldn't have the experience points to back up the skills I claimed to have. If you go in without expectations, your first PC shifts can be really delightful. And after my first event I started an in character blog, which I found super entertaining! If you have any questions about starting a blog, just ask me! I'm the semi-retired Blog Mistress. -Kate
  4. You've Introduced Yourself. What Next?

    If you're interested in starting a blog for your PC, but don't know where to begin, message me, your friendly neighborhood Blog Mistress! If you want encouragement to finish a blog entry or grammar editing on your blog entry, just let me know. I'm here to help you tell the stories that excite you. Your creative input enriches our community! If you want to continue storytelling between events, blogs are a great way to do that. Join in!
  5. It's Joseph Weeg!!

    Welcome to the forums, Joseph! I was going to reply just to say, "hey, while you're on the site, check out the blogs as well," but Tiffany beat me to it. So... that's all I've got, you know everything else I'd say in the welcome wagon. I wish you a fine day, good sir. Let us know if you need anything!
  6. Saw KoN at the con.

    As to "but I want to make sure I come prepared appropriately for it." Just wear the Npc garb listed on the main website (very simple, neutral colors with no modern pockets or zippers showing, like boots and a plain tunic and khakis or black pants, nothing too fancy) and then all the additional garb and masks and weapons and makeup you'll need for any NPC plot will be provided in logistics. Bring black gloves if you have them. Many monsters need to have covered hands and logistics has black gloves, but it's always helpful if you have your own. Wear contacts instead of glasses if you need glasses, some masks don't fit well over glasses and modern glasses slightly break immersion, so contact wearing is encouraged for those of us who need them (like me). If you have your own pouch that looks fairly plain (not highly decorated) you could wear that on your belt as an NPC. They have a tote full of bags and pouches, but it's nice to have your own NPC pouch if you want to. As a monster you'll be given coins and items that the PCs can loot off you when you die and you'll need somewhere to put all that. Though the PCs should do a search of your dead body, so if you want to literally hide a coin in your boot, and make them say, "I check your boots," then you can pull out the coin and give it to them. No obviously modern pieces or logos showing, but please be warm! It gets cold at night, even in the summer, but especially in fall and winter, please layer your clothes. I often have a black turtleneck or under armor under my tunic and hide the collar with a scarf. I bring hot hands hand warmer packs and always have one or two in my pouch just in case. I'll put them inside my gloves (and my boots) if I need them. They really help. I usually either don't wear earrings or wear small posts when I'm NPCing, so I can more easily wear masks. Make sure to have your mug and feast kit handy with you. If you get sent to the inn as an NPC and want to buy a drink or food, you need your own mug/fork minimum. Having your own bowl helps, though sometimes bowls can be rented for a meal at the inn for in game coin -based on availability of extras. So, Friday night just try to get to game before 8pm (no makeup or special garb needed beyond what the website says and my general recommendations), so you can sign in and hear the newbie speech with the group of any new players before you volunteer and go out on your first NPC plot! Good luck!
  7. Saw KoN at the con.

    There are four shifts (I listed the times above), for your first event you'll NPC either shifts 1 and 2 or 1-4, up to you. We want you to get a feel for the world and the game before your player character strolls into town. Many people NPC all four shifts their first game. I did first two npc and then two PC shifts my first game to try both out. On a NPC shift, in the logistics building there's a GM at the table with a whiteboard full of plots acting as a director. He or she will say, "I need five orcs, who volunteers?" And you can raise your hand and go stand by the GM's table. If there's a role you're not comfortable with (like prostitute), you don't have to volunteer. Or if the GM says, "I need three villagers," and you volunteer and they say, "okay, you two are a married farm couple and you're his mistress, you're going to go to the tavern and start arguing," and you are not comfortable with that role, please speak up. GMs will swap you out if there is something you're not comfortable playing. Please don't force yourself to play something you feel really weird about and then only mention it after. On your first NPC encounters (which will most likely be monsters at first so you learn how to NPC in our game before you have a more role play heavy role, and because first shift is Friday night and there are generally more monster plots at night), you'll always have a lead NPC with you. They'll be a veteran player who will tell you what the plan is, how many hit points you have, what your attacks are, and what to do when you die (respawn after ten minutes, respawn on command, or wait a little ways off with your weapon held above your head in the "out of game" sign until your whole party is dead or successful so you can walk back to the logistics building together). So Friday, you won't get a zone so much as be part of a group of one type of monster, and then after that encounter ends, you'll go back to logistics and go out as another type of monster, and then maybe go out in a group of elves or ghosts. On your NPC shifts, it's best to be eager to volunteer and patient. There may be some down time in logistics for you while other plots are getting directions, feel free to meet people (who are also waiting on their NPC shifts) and ask questions during this time, but watch the GM and be ready to volunteer when they make a call for the next plot. And have fun!
  8. Greetings!

    Hi Olaf, welcome! If you know Justin and Jenica and Maggie, you probably know plenty about Novitas or where to find answers, but feel free to ask us anything if you feel inclined! While you're biding your time until coming to game, the blogs can be a fun way to "peek in". Maybe you could even start creating a Player Character or give them a story on the blogs long before you bring them in. Happy reading! Safe adventuring until we see you!
  9. How not to be me

    Actually, that's sort of the template I used for Ellenor. After I got two games in with her, I took my own selfishness and stubbornness and cranked it to 11.
  10. How not to be me

    Or stick to them for a while and then brutally betray them... You know, either way. :P
  11. New to Novitas

    Welcome! I'm Kate and started larping with KoN in August of last year, having never LARPed before or done anything like this. I moved to New York a few years ago and when I came my first time I only knew one other player at KoN (my ride to the event). I always loved fantasy novels and movies and imagined myself in those worlds, but I had no idea there was a place where I could actually enter an immersive fantasy experience! It's so incredible that KoN exists and once you see one event, you'll start to see part of the incredible dedication players and staff have to making this world real. Everyone here really cares about immersion. If you're a member of Dag, you'll have a leg up on the fighting! We're not lightest touch, but we don't hit quite as hard as full out Dag. You'll have a chance to practice "Novitas acceptable" hits with Zach in the new player intro speech. I have had a great experience with the friendly people in this community; I feel quite adopted! After reviewing the rules and world book- try checking out the blogs! I find the blogs a fun way to stay hyped between events. Making a PC (mine is a human named Ellenor), really adds to the experience of attending events, but there's certainly no rush to make one right away, you can come and NPC for as many events as you'd like before bringing in your player character (waiting also lets you stock up experience points, so your PC can come in with more skills). NPCing is fun and is like being backstage in theater, changing garb, going out as a minor character with a mission or quest for the players (or being a monster or creature or just adding local color) and then coming back to the logistics building and changing garb again and going out as something else! PCing is a more immersive experience in plots and you build relationships with other characters over time as you improv act your way through scenes and encounters; it's so cool. I love it. There's very few things you need to bring to your first event, the main website has a recommended list. If you have any questions, just let us know! I have high enthusiasm and am a fair reference guide, but I will defer to Maggie for questions that require actual knowledge and experience. :)
  12. Saw KoN at the con.

    Great! And don't worry, it won't be just one NPC role for you! There are four shifts (Friday 8pm-1am, Saturday 10am-3pm, 3pm-8pm, 8pm-1am) and within every shift you'll be sent out repeatedly as different NPCs. NPCing is fun and is like being backstage in theater, changing garb, going out as a minor character with a mission or quest for the players (or being a monster or creature or just adding local color) and then coming back to the logistics building and changing garb again and going out as something else! When you have a good handle on the world of Novitas and are ready, PCing is a more immersive experience in plots and you build relationships with other characters over time as you improv act your way through scenes and encounters; it's so cool. I love both NPCing and PCing. If you've done RP before, I bet you will too!
  13. Saw KoN at the con.

    Hello and welcome! I'm Kate, Marketing and Player Outreach Handmaiden. I like your enthusiasm; I think you'll find you fit in well here. A friend introduced me to KoN, which I thought I'd try "just one time", over a year later I'm still here and this community feels like family. I PCed my first event (because I thought I might never do this again and wanted to get the full experience for my "just once"); my player character was a simple, naive human I figured I could walk around as, just being friendly and introducing myself and asking questions and then I could change her with character amnesty afterwards if I needed to. If I had known I'd enjoy this hobby and this community so much and I had had plans to do a more involved character (garb and backstory wise), like a Faekin, I'd have probably waited and done one event all NPCing (using it to watch and ask questions in and out of character about other Faekin backstory and garb) and brought the character in after that. If you do come in as a PC on your first event, you'll only have xp for a very few, low level skills (I took first aid so I could identify what was wrong with the injured and a point or two of body so I wouldn't die after one hit) this was fine for my naive human girl, but I couldn't have walked in on day one saying, I'm a great and talented fighter/magic user/druid/medium, etc, because I wouldn't have had the character skills to back that up. The more events you NPC, the more xp you'll build up, which helps in case you want to come in with a more skilled character. I look forward to seeing you at the October event! My character just married an Inquisitor in Vlean who hunts down Faekin, so you may not want to make friends with me in character, but out of character, find me any time and I'll be happy to help! I have a waist length brown braid and I'm getting more and more pregnant by the day, so I should be easy to spot. PS. After the world book and rules, make an account and check out the blogs (under browse on this site) to get an idea of the types of characters in Maplewood and their "voices". I enjoy the blogs immensely. Kiba the snow goblin (Shane/Warblade on the forums) has a great blog (The Apostate's Journal), his most recent stories are crossover rp with Caitlin's character from her blog The Journey Home. You can read their last few blogs back and forth to get the fuller story. A Joy to Behold (written by Katlyn/Provolonely on the forums) is one of my favorite blogs. Joy is a fortune teller and Draconus Worshiper and her story is gripping! Mercy is a citizen of Maplewood and her blog (My Dearest Sam) gives you an idea of the different tone of kind, lawful, pastoral Maplewood citizens versus the wild and rough Pinedale adventurers who relocated to Maplewood last year.
  14. !!!!!

    Hi Hannah! Excited to have you join us! You'll love the makeup station for preparing non player characters! Any questions, just ask! I'll always say to check out the blogs. They're under browse on this site. I loved your backstory, Leah sent it to me. See you at the event!
  15. Player Initiated Plots (PIPs)

    Discovery Richard the Bard was murdered. 1) Who is planning on going. -- Daitoro, Ellenor, Vincent 2) What you're planning on doing, and what you hope to accomplish. -- Daitoro has been seeing ghosts that lead him to believe that his best friend Richard the Bard was murdered and the fire in the temple in Pinedale that killed Richard wasn't accidental. NPCs we'd like to request: Ghosts in ghost town on 4th shift. Tom H would be willing to bring in Richard the Bard as a ghost along with the other npc ghosts if approved by plot. If not, then it'll just be npcs ghosts who interact with Daitoro, he'll ask the ghosts about Richard. Daitoro will confront Vincent with his suspicions. RP ensues. 3) Any relevant history or NPCs that are important. -- Ghost Richard the Bard as an NPC, if plot approves. History: Ellenor and Richard liked each other before he died. He gave her his healing necklace. She's worn it for the last year. Ellenor is looking for Richard's sword for his brother Leander who is a Vleanoan Inquisitor. She thinks Richard's friend Vincent last had it. Daitoro and Richard were best friends. Vincent has been secretly evil for a long time. Daitoro might bring Ellenor to ghost town if he thought there might be answers about Richard. 4) What shift are you planning to go do this. -- October 4th shift. 5) These requests must be in 2 weeks before game. -- done. 6) We will not make any assurances or promises that the adventure you're going on is a good idea, won't kill your PCs, be easy, or won't change the world as a whole. It may not work out like you think it will, but we also won't immediately screw over anyone who submits these adventures. Anything can happen -- make your peace with it. -- Yes, sir or ma'am.