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  1. September Preproduction

    PC: Arcturus 2x Silvershine oil (4 coin, 4PP)
  2. August 2021 Preproduction

    PREPRODUCTION AUG 2021 Nick Browne - Arcturus 2x Silvershine oil - 4pp/4coin TOTAL - 4pp, 4 coin ————————— Corey Spires - Ashlin -5 scrolls of Heal Mortal Wound 15pp/15 coin Incantation “By the light of the seven i cast heal mortal wound” -1 scroll of Panacea 4pp/4 coin Incantation “By the light of the seven i cast panacea -1 scroll of mend armor 1pp/1 coin Incantation “by the light of the seven I cast mend armor” Crafting 1 ring of dissipate 1/gd 8cp/40 coin Crafting 1 bracelet of anti magic shield 1/gd 8cp/ 40 coin Crafting 1 accessory of reap spirit 1/gd 4cp/20 coin Grand total - 20pp, 20cp, 120 coin
  3. May Preproduction

    Player: Nicholas Browne PC: Arcturus 2x Silvershine Oil (4pp, 4 coin)
  4. March Preproduction

    Arcturus Brew Potion: 2x Silvershine Oil (4pp) 4 Coin total
  5. October Preproduction

    Arcturus -1x Enhance armor oil -1x enchant weapon oil 4pp & 4 coin
  6. Rules team is recruiting

    I would be interested
  7. September preproduction

    Arcturus: 4x Heal body potions 4 coin, 4 PP
  8. August Preproduction

    PC: Arcturus Valteri 1x enchant weapon oil - 3cp, 3 coin 1x enhance armor oil - 1cp, 1 coin Total: 4cp, 4 coin
  9. May Preproduction

    Arcturus Valteri Production: 1x Enchant weapon oil - 3pp, 3 coin 1x heal body potion - 1pp, 1 coin total - 4pp, 4 coins
  10. A new Board is posted outside the Inn

    A moderately sized notice is tacked onto the board. The notice bears a large black and red Sept star and reads as follows; ----------------------------------------------- "I, Arcturus Valteri of the Templar Legion do formally request of each Septon who commonly passes through maplewood to convene together for the first MAPLEWOOD CONCLAVE the night of the February Feast. It is time for unity among the Seven's Chosen of this land. Seven guide you in your travels." ----------------------------------------------- OOC: Looking to do a short chosen gathering after the main feast on 4th shift. All sept chosen are encouraged to attend!
  11. New Coinage

    Thought id add a few Terra inspired coins.
  12. New Coinage

  13. Ever wanted to play with cardboard?

    http://nbrowne.imgur.com/all/#1 The full set is complete. Note that this is a beta, i.e. first draft.
  14. Ever wanted to play with cardboard?

    So the hope is to get a bunch of player's best photos and use those as the card art. So let me find a good spot to recieve the photos and ill post it here.
  15. So I've had a bit of time on my hands lately, so i decided I would try my hand at making a Magic: The Gathering custom set centered around Novitas, its characters and lore! It'll likely be done in a month or two. This is no cube; it will be fully draftable. I also hope to have a good number of PCs enshrined in their own card! I hope this is something we can all enjoy and have fun with. This set is still in construction and nothing is finalized, so if anyone wants to lend a hand in reviewing/editing the set feel free to PM me. The set will have ~260 unique cards with references from across the whole lore of Novitas. And of course, a spoiler.