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  1. Custom-Made Shields

    Hey, all. Happy Spring... which of course means it's time to get to work. It also means I've got a new website and a new Facebook page. I've got a few promotions in the works, too, so stay tuned! If you're looking for a custom shield, let me know. I can definitely have yours ready by the May event. Order form's in the signature!
  2. Custom-Made Shields

    Hey there! Sorry I haven't been around the forums in a while. If this weather keeps up, I'd be happy to work on something for you. I haven't checked my Meridius stuff lately with everything that's been going on at work. I'll shoot you a response right now, Leroy.
  3. Custom-Made Shields

    Hey, all. Winter is fast approaching, and as I learned last year: PlastiDip doesn't like the cold, even with a heater set-up. Long-story short, I'm starting to close up shop for the winter. If you want any shields between now and Next April(ish) I need to know within the next few weeks. As always, just shoot me an order through the link in my signature. Thanks!
  4. Custom-Made Shields

    Pictures of some of the winter and spring projects... Kite shield for a character in Lords of Imperium, our LARP out of Ithaca. Raised foam bands across the surface of the shield. Dwarven-style shield built for the 2015 FebFeast. This thing is a tank, but I love how it came out. Another kite shield for Amanda's LoI character. Obviously more Asian-themed (I was a big fan of this design). As always, let me know if you're interested! I'm happy to have an excuse to drive up to KoN! I'm also experimenting with some methods on how to effectively make Dag shields. I'll keep everyone posted...
  5. Custom-Made Shields

    Hey, all. I just prepped my workshop for new orders and I'm excited for some new projects. I've got a lot of time in the next few weeks, so if anybody wants a shield in time for the June event, I can definitely make it happen. Plus, I'll take 10% off the total cost of any orders this week. I need to post some new pics of recent projects... plan to do that soon!
  6. Pictures of your Garb & Gear!

    Hey, nice shield! :-p Actually, it looks great with the rest of your garb!
  7. Feb Feast 2015 Auction Items

    Hey all, figure I'd contribute my two cents... and pictures of the two shields up for auction. The first is the Blockade's Bulwark (makes the armor you wear Monstrous. Casts Mend Armor 5/gd, Aura of Reflection 1/gd) You may or may not be able to tell, but this one is completely octagonal. It's also pyramidal, so the center of the shield rises to an (8-sided) pyramid point. Also includes space for 5 potion bottles on the back. It's 36" diameter, and the thing is a moveable tank. I really like how it came out. As an aside, this shield is relatively heavy (mostly due to size and its 3-d form). I definitely would recommend somebody with a stronger arm for this one. It's by no means unbearable, but still... The second is the Treebeard's Revenge (Bearer of this Shield has Primal Form and hits for +1 damage [Doesn't break cap]. Shield is Acid Proof) This one is 20x36" and also includes a potion rack on the back. It has a sctua-style grip on the back, but it sounds like JC is outfitting it with a hand grip (had I known it was going to be used for Feb Feast, I would have added one!). Let me know if you have any questions about them.
  8. Elven Shield and Sword

    Sounds like I've got offers on both, but if anything doesn't work out, I'll definitely be there this evening with the two of them. If people want their own, custom shields, I can certainly make that happen, too. I've got a separate thread for that, though. Thanks for the interest, all.
  9. Elven Shield and Sword

    Hey, all. I built this number as a bit of an experiment, but I don't think I'll personally be using it. If you're interested, I'm certainly willing to sell it as is. It's obviously a bit Elven-themed, and she's got a Roman scutum-style (horizontal) handle on the back that's wrapped in leather. Surface of the back is bronzed and textured, too. She's a solid brick, and she looks pretty awesome. It was my first attempt at using fun foam to raise textures on the surface of shields, and I think it came out really well. I'm looking for $120 or Best Offer. That's a lot less than I'd have to charge for a custom. If you can take it this Friday (11/7) -- since I don't plan on heading up for December -- I'll even put a nice, 5-bottle potion rack on the back for you. I'm also looking to sell my Faloril, a Calimacil bastard sword (42", blade length 33"). It's a gorgeous sword, but it's not really conducive to my "sword and board" style. It sells on Calimacil's website for $135 (and then you have to pay shipping), so I guess I'll shoot for $100 or Best Offer. Let me know if you're interested in either!
  10. Custom-Made Shields

    Hey, all. I just want to let everyone know that November will probably be the last event for anyone who wants a shield before next April. As temperatures drop, it's harder for me to use a lot of the paints and other materials (namely PlastiDip) that I use to make them. While duct tape shields may still be possible, it's probably best to wait until Spring. That being said: If you want one, you'd better let me know ASAP... Click Here To View Pricing and Request a Quote! A few more pieces from last month: Andy Prime's viking-style shield. While I don't usually use a real boss like this, I can certainly have one ordered. Damien's buckler, textured with raise foam to give the appearance of "scales." Shield intended for a post-apocalyptic LARP. The cut-away holds the muzzle of a gun. Tony Servello's alt character's scutum-style shield. Made to look worn and battle-hardened. Pretty proud of this one; Elven shield for an alt character I'm developing. All designs are in raised foam. I'm also hoping to have at least 8 new NPC shields for logistics this November, too!
  11. Hey, all. As many of you guys probably know, I teach High School history in Watkins Glen. Last year, we began a new tradition of "Medieval Day," a hugely-involved festival for our ninth-grade students that works to immerse and educate about life during the European Middle Ages. Last year was a huge success; we teamed up with local groups of the SCA for workshops and live combat demonstrations, brought in a falconer from up north, partnered with several local businesses for crafts and decor, and oversaw nearly a hundred student presentations. Even though it's only October, I'm already working on trying to expand our event and involve even more talented people for our 2015 event. The whole day is pretty structured, with various times built in for student presentations or for performances by our special guests (Combat, Falcon show, etc.). At several points during the overall schedule, students have the ability to break out into various workshops. While some of these are more informative (Last year we had classes on the Medieval Economy or on Medieval Combat Tactics, for example), others were far more hands-on (Medieval Dance had students up and moving about while Heraldry had them creating their own family banners). This year, we're hoping for many more of both types (with preference to the latter). Given the sheer passion and amazing talents of the KoN community, I wanted to extend an invitation to all of you. Unfortunately, this is not (yet) a public event, but we have plenty of openings for presenters for those who are interested. If you're willing and have a particular historical interest or craft that you'd like to share, we'd love to have you come and present to our students. While we appreciate our volunteers, we also have access to grant money that can allow us to reimburse you for travel expenses, costs of materials, and also for your time. Workshops typically run about a half an hour (and usually involve a student group of 10-20), but you're more than able to join us for the entire day. Everything is in full garb, but I doubt anyone in the KoN community will have much of an issue with that. If anyone is interested, please let me know of not only your interest but your intended topic as well. So long as it has historical context, we're really quite open to anything, and I'd love to see some of you showcasing your amazing talents. Thanks! Oh! And the best part of the day? We finish up with an all-out LARP battle between the different classes... :)
  12. Calimacil mace

    I use a Calimacil (They last a really long time). The only thing with Calimacil is they can be a bit dense, so they sometimes hit like a 2x4 (though their newer weapons seem to be getting lighter). If that's the case, just make sure you're swinging a bit easier than you normally would.
  13. MK's ETSY Store

    Awesome stuff, MK. Nice work.
  14. September shift change

    The Templar Legion Shift Preference: Shifts 2-3 or 3-4 Alex R. - Aquilla Sarah - Veria Ben - Balder Damien - Jaroth John - Gratus Dallas - Saava Dalton - Caepio Robert - Caius Steve - Marcus (New Character) Thanks, Kerrie!
  15. Custom-Made Shields

    I'm using a new method for edging, and it's turning out really well. It makes the overall form of the shield's edges significantly stronger and nicer-looking. These are two of the several shields getting ready for September; the second shows the new edging (though its hard to see in pictures). Veria's Shield, Re-furbished Scutum-style shield for Steve Arnold's new character There's still time to order one for the next event!