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  1. Feb Feast 2019 Auction Items!

    OH! Yes, that completely makes sense. Thank you!
  2. Feb Feast 2019 Auction Items!

    Could you please explain by what you mean about putting numbers on the abilities. . . does this mean those are their worth in production points? or number of times they are allowed to be used? or points for those with production (and the necessary skills) to create the items? or am I completely off? Thanks.
  3. Coming in not blahhhh

    I think that letting someone who is brand new and has no earned XP from set up, break down, sign in, NPC shifts will allow people with NO experience in this world have skills that they aren't going to understand. It's part of the reason that I NPCed full events for so long. So I could UNDERSTAND the world/culture of Novitas. If you're not willing to put the time and energy into understanding what is going on and how the game is played and what seeing a fae or Dellin or Inquisitor or bandit means, then why should you have the skills when you wouldn't have the basic knowledge.
  4. The real fear

    When I was a bagman, I used it for crowd control. I wanted them out of there cause they weren't our target. That's also how I've seen it used when I was the hook.
  5. Puzzle Boxes

    If they are going to break the spirit of the rules, I suggest you do create a rule, cause without one in the rule book, people might already have been bringing them in.
  6. The real fear

    I vote for MK's solution.
  7. The real fear

    So, if I'm understanding this correctly, what you're asking is that we change the rules cause people do not want to be excluded from a battle? .
  8. The real fear

    Then what is the difference between Fear and disengage?
  9. Id magic/ EV April 2108

    Pft, I tape it into Sabine's journal or have it written in her journal. That way I don't have to be sly about looking at something to figure out it's effects/worth.
  10. Founder's February Feast

    Perfect, thank you.
  11. Founder's February Feast

    Soooooooooo, the past Founder's Day Feast, I have a couple of questions about. Would the general citizenry been aware of the building and feast? To them, would it have been something they are used to have happen every year? If they are aware of it, would they have been there? Thank you. Tiffany Jayde C Gontczaruk
  12. Greetings fellow nerds!

    YAY!!!!!!!!! The rest of her nerd family finally gets to meet you!!!! *AHEM* I mean, hello totally new person.
  13. Start Time Change

    We are still allowed on site at 4pm, correct?
  14. RP Skill Advancement

    *curtsy* Thank you.