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  1. So as the Helix is now the all seeing all knowing LARP Santa Claus I thought it would be fun to have a thread to confess all the shit our PC's have ever done that puts us on the naughty list. I think it would be nice to make things easier for Plot to have everyone share their stories in one place. Also I think it would help illustrate the sheer number of people who are going to be shunned assuming things are going to be enforced equally and work the way Dave said and that people are actually going to be honest and tell on themselves even if said bad deed occurred years ago (looking at you veteran PC's). I'll start: my first event (September last year) I was creeping through the woods at night with Ban and Ankob when we heard some people over at the pavilion in elf town. It was incredibly dark and so we were able to get really close without being spotted. They had a candle lit on the table and were doing something ritual-ish. It was my first night out there and given the fact that everything/one in the woods had tried to kill me so far, I assumed they were dark cultists and jumped out and turbo-murdered several of them without so much as a warning. A fight ensued, several other PC's were involved but eventually the NPC's were all dead. Marcus even tried to revive a couple of them and it didn't work so we all were confident they were darkness worshipers who had used ethereal sealant. I later found out (out of game, my character doesn't know this) that they were not in fact Darkness worshipers. As the fight began one of the NPC's ran away in the direction of town and never came back. Given the close proximity, he probably made it to the Helix, meaning the Helix would know what I did and Vincent would now be shunned. I look forward to reading everyone else's confessions and to seeing all of you other ne'er-do-wells at the Slap and Tickle. PS: I have no problem turning this into a Snitch-a-thon but I thought I would wait for game to see if people who by no means should be allowed in the Helix are actually shunned. ETA: I also once witnessed someone, either Micah or an NPC played by Jordan, cheat at gambling and then had him pay me to not tell anyone. I also once caught Micah withholding loot from a box after a fight with some bandits and Were-Yebs and rather than tell everyone, I split the remaining loot with him, Flint, and Baldisere, when the loot should have also been split with Valora, Teridan, and Ilvandros and another PC I can't remember(Alaryeon possibly). Also I'm sure I've thought of killing people and doing other misdeeds in town.
  2. Chosen 5 ideas

    I obviously am not questioning your experience MK I was just going based off of what the Worldbook said. I don't know much about the Sept outside of the worldbook because my character has little interest in them. I honestly don't have a horse in this race as I do not have any plans of being a Chosen with my current character or any of the characters I'm tossing around in my head at the moment. You are right Steve that simple is better but simplifying things to the point that the good guys and bad guys have the same powers seems a bit much to me. I think the biggest problem is not with Chosen of the Sept but rather with the Chosen of the Dark Three. I agree that the RP abilities shouldn't be about powers or "lasers" as you all say but I think that they should at least make sense in the context of the Lore. Maybe I'm wrong about this but it seems to me that the abilities granted by Chosen would be power given to you by the Gods to better serve them and enact their will upon Novitas. The current Chosen abilities do not really do that for followers of the Dark Three. I think that even without massive changes a few tweaks would make the abilities more in line with the goals and methods of the Dark Three. In particular I think the shrine abilities have the least to do with the Dark Three and as they are the earliest level abilities they impact the most players. Some players are always going to want to be evil and worship the dark gods and I think that making some changes could really make worshiping the evil gods feel more evil. Level 1: I personally love the idea of having a shrine and RPing worshiping but the ability granted by the shrine currently is of zero use to Dark Three worshipers. As I pointed out in my earlier post, unhallow, the "evil" option is totally useless as you would not be able to reside in the building where you put your shrine as you are still living. Not to mention the fact that most Dark Three worshipers have to do all of their worshiping in secret so casting unhallow on your cabin is a pretty big "Hey guys i'm doing evil in here" sign. Now if the rules were changed to allow the Chosen to stay inside the unhallow effect without needing to cast Ghastly Visage that would be a little better. I think something else that could be done would be some sort of buff bestowed by the shrine instead or perhaps the ability for the shrine to cast reap spirit on anyone you might "sacrifice" to your god and store the spark in the shrine instead of on you to better facilitate shadiness so you don't have to walk around holding a spark for all the mediums of the world to see. Level 2: The group prayer will likely never be that useful to those following the Dark Three as they are few in number and very secretive (for good reason) so they are unlikely to gather together for group prayer but if they did it would likely be very different than a group prayer of Sept worshipers. I think something that could be neat, adding to the idea about the shrine reaping people, would be a group ritual sacrifice where some NPC or player is sacrificed and all those who participate receive a bonus to their body as if they had used life tap on the victim. This might be overpowered but I imagine such events would be rare due to the logistics and secrecy involved and with the recent nerf to life tap it might be ok. Maybe just a plus one to body instead, idk. Level 3: This ability actually probably fits better for the Dark Three in many ways than for the Sept. Level 4: Obviously the heal mortal +4 power for someone else would not in any way be something the Dark Three would do but I suppose the other 2 choices would work for the Dark Three. Level 5: Smite doesn't seem to fit with the Dark Three in my eyes. Most if not all of the enemies in game that have DR or kill conditions are not things the Dark Three would want their followers to kill. I think for Dark Three followers this ability should be more geared towards killing players or good NPC's, not monsters. The grounding aspect could be done with a level 1 spell and the only DR players can get is shadow skin and 90% of players can get around that anyways. Unless Smite gets around things like resilience and second breath (i don't know if being immune to killing blows would be the same thing as a kill condition) I don't see much use for it for Chosen of the Dark Three trying to enact their masters evil plans. Changing Smite probably isn't a huge priority as like MK pointed out the number of Chosen 5 is small and the number of Chosen 5 of the Dark Three is smaller still (it might be 0 idk). I just think it could be tweaked to make it more like something the Dark Three would bestow upon their followers to help them do evil and spread the dark word. Something like making smite dispel protective magics as well would certainly make it more useful but it might make it overpowered idk.
  3. Chosen 5 ideas

    So putting aside the powers that Gil suggested and their relative broken/suckiness, I want to go back to his original point that there should be different Chosen abilities for the different Gods, which I personally agree with 100%. I would go even farther than him though and rework the whole tree not just the level 5 abilities. First to your point MK that "my initial thought is that worshiping one aspect of the Sept is abnormal", the world book consistently describes the followers and cults and priests of all of the individual gods, not just the sept as a whole: (section on the stranger) "Her formal worshippers are often regarded with amild sense of dismay or discomfort by the populationsthey serve. Often, these veiled priests and priestessesare responsible for death rites, burial rituals, and counselingthe grieving. As their patron goddess exemplifies,these Mutes are sworn to keep all secrets utteredby the grieving and about the dead."(section on the Knight) "Adherents to the Knight are the rarest of the Sept’sworshippers, due to the extreme self-awareness andstrict moral paths they must walk. To serve the Knight,one must embody the Knight’s virtues. Chivalric ordersdedicated to the Knight typically devote their knighthoodto the pursuit of these Knightly Virtues: Faith,Prudence, Hope, Temperance, Charity, Justice, andFortitude." And to your point Oz that "There are 3 flavors, not 11. If you are chosen you are picked by the full group, not just one of the gods" that may be the way things are treated in game at the moment but to me it doesn't really make sense when you look at the lore. For instance, during the War of the Avatars, each God chose their own avatar, there wasn't one for the Sept and one for the Dark Tree, why would chosen be treated differently? Also the gods often look for completely different virtues in their followers. One who would be chosen by Darkness would be unlikely to be deemed worthy in the eyes of Grak. Also the gods, even those allied with each other, often have different goals that sometimes conflict with each other, for example: "She (the mother) is always in contentionwith her sister, The Stranger, and often the dyingwill see both of these goddesses struggling for theirfate." Why would these gods not choose separate followers to carry out their, sometimes opposed, wills on Novitas? In fact it's already a thing in game: (section on the Elemental) "She banished her formalpriests, who had grown too erratic and insane to be ofany use, awoke certain trees to wisdom and sentience.She called the Druids to replace her crazed heretics,and loosed these wardens upon the land." also "Her scions, the Druids.." The Druids are basically the chosen of the elemental and we already have an entire roleplaying skill tree for them, complete with various choices of abilities including a one of a kind, pick-your-own-awesome capstone. The followers of the other 10 gods get to choose between sanctify and unhallow* and whether they want a level 1 spell plus 4 power or a level 3 spell plus 2 power. Other than those 2 choices they all get the same powers, from Nox the God of killing everything, to the Mother, the God of healing everything. Did the Gods all bestow the same powers on their Avatars? No. Than why would their Chosen be the same? This makes no sense. I understand that RP skills shouldn't be about the abilities but it seems to me that they exist so that players who devote themselves to something, be it a God or an organization or Greed, have an actual in game effect to show for their efforts. Someone who's been worshiping Nox for 5 years and doing his bidding should have some ability beyond someone who started worshiping him yesterday, and in no way should that ability be the same as some righteous adherent of the Knight who's spent the same amount of time working against Nox and everything he stands for. Some of the abilities as of now make no sense in the context of certain Gods. Seriously what does Grak want with sanctuary or sanctify or even unhallow for that matter, he would consider them spells for cowards. As for what the abilities should be and how the current ones should change, that obviously would take a lot of work and thought and balancing and playtesting and though I do have some thoughts on them I'll leave that for another post. I just personally feel that differentiating between the worship of the different Gods is something that could enrich the game and give people a greater connection to the Gods. I think that at minimum there should be 3 different chosen trees (although i would love to see 11, 10 new ones as we already have Druid). I think that being chosen of the Dark Three and the Sept should be as different in their benefits and abilities as the Gods are in their dominions and as their followers are in their means of worship. *How is this even a choice? Even as a Dark three worshiper you would be kicked out of your own unhallow unless you cast Ghastly Visage first which only lasts 10 minutes. Is this not awful? Am I missing something?
  4. Snow Goblin Encampment

    I don't see anything attached to your last post. Was there another image?
  5. Snow Goblin Encampment

    I have plans for an encampment for a new Snow Goblin character I am working on and I have a few questions regarding Gersh and Snow Goblin things. First, do cherry trees or something similar grow in Gersh? Cherry blossoms are big in Japanese art and decoration and I was wondering if that aesthetic could be used for a Snow Goblin as well. Second, I was wondering if the Snow Goblin clans in the World Book had established crests or colors that could be worked in to an encampment depending on the character's allegiance or would I be able to come up with something on my own? Last, I was wondering about the symbol/crest for Gersh in the worldbook. Is the symbol actually black and white or is that a product of the whole book being black and white? Is there a bigger, higher quality image somewhere I could look at? The images in the circles on the crest are difficult to make out aside from the water/blood/poison drop.
  6. NNY items

    I bought the Blackheart Greatsword and I have some questions about the prop. I was mainly wondering where it came from, what it's made of (what kind of core?) and what has been done to it plastidip/paint/sealant wise.
  7. NNY items

    Are the immunities granted by the Katana only conferred while wielding it/holding it? Or is having it sheathed or otherwise on your person enough?
  8. NNY items

    Additional dumb hypothetical question that would likely never happen but would be epic: Could the 15. [VENDOR1] Gift Certificate $200 and 40 craft points 16. [VENDOR2] Gift Certificate $200 and 40 craft points 17. Scroll of 40 point item. be used on the same item to create one 120 point item? and are they limited to specific slots? (one ring to rule them all)?
  9. NNY items

    Questions: The properties of the items are transferable to a different prop correct? Could I buy the Treeman Boots and put the effect on my current boots and resell the gift certificate? Also could you explain the natural armor on the boots? Is it in addition to armor worn and how is it repaired/healed? Also does the necklace of memories apply to scrolls or only spells you can cast? Does the item crafted with the Scroll of 40 point item have to follow normal ornamenting rules/limits as far as addable effects go or can you add more powerful effects such as those available on the other auction items?
  10. I was wondering if there is any leeway at all with respect to character amnesties and when they can be used. I'm not asking for any special treatment I just wanted to know if there was any precedent for wiggle room with regard to new players/characters. I've only been to 2 events but since I PCed both times that would mean under the rules I couldn't change my skills. However, as I've become more familiar with the crafting and production skills and how cool that side of the game is I've realized I may have made a mistake in putting all of my skill points through level 10 into body and melee. Sure it's cool to swing for 4 but I've come to the conclusion it would probably be cooler to swing for 2 or 3 and be able to craft/produce something. Again, not asking for special treatment, just wondering if it's a hard and fast rule or one where some minor flexibility is allowed.
  11. Production Skills and Leveling up

    +4 for 8? both the rules and the wiki say the +4 costs 9 craft points. Not that I'm complaining if it is 8 as that allows it to be crafted at Ornamenter level 2 instead of 3
  12. Production Skills and Leveling up

    Thank you! I also have one other question related to production skills and don't see the need to create a new thread: There is a discrepancy between the Ornamenting table on the KoN wiki and in the official rules and I was wondering which is accurate. The Wiki says that you can get +1 craft point on an item for 4 craft points and +2 for 9 craft points whereas the official rules shows it as +2 for 4 craft points and +4 for 9. (Also true for the + to production point enchantments)
  13. I've been reading through the rulebook and wiki and haven't been able to find an answer to the following so if I missed it I apologize: When you level up and use your skill points on a production skill or on craft or production points can you use the points/skill immediately at sign in to make something or do you have to wait until the following event?
  14. It's still November.... can we still get double XP for paypal donations?
  15. Helix zone suggestions

    Is that field behind the medical building even in play at the moment? I haven't seen a single person go over there. It would be really cool if it weren't protected by the Helix because it would be really useful for big group fights (orc hordes) instead of just fighting on trails over and over. Also maybe this isn't the place to ask but does the Helix currently extend as far Elftown? I had heard previously that it didn't but then I was speaking to a town Elder in game this event and he said that Elftown was protected so I was confused by that. Either way I think most of the people that I've talked to have agreed it would be great if the Helix didn't cover such a large area and your map seems to be a good suggestion. As it is now it covers a huge chunk of the playable area and really limits the space for encounters which just leads to everything being squished together and groups and plots getting tangled up. Opening up areas for encounters to the west, east and south of logistics (not sure if that map is oriented NSEW) would add a lot of variety because at present any encounter with any possibility of combat has to be to the north because that's the only area not covered by the Helix and there are only really two paths to get there.