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    I have way to many to list here I am a fellow gamer with many talents and intrests

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  1. Dalain Farstrider

  2. White haired Faekin in brown robes

    Dalain will come to the spinning jenny Daily around noon for the next month sit in the same spot and have a hot meal and his daily honey water. If there are any that want to carry on a conversation please post here and I will do my best to answer each of you back as we move till next month and I will keep track of them all so as if we have been talking all along.
  3. Novitas New Year 2017

    I did look and i am not sure if I missed it have you ever heard of a game called "Hero Quest" was wondering if you had that
  4. hello everyone, Nice to meet you

    well nice to meet you are you going to the January event.
  5. hello everyone, Nice to meet you

    Greene is like 1 square mile for the village but I live in the town I am near broome county line on the triangle side of 206
  6. hello everyone, Nice to meet you

    will try to make a longer story short as possible. I like to do many things the past few weeks I have been looking into Blacksmithing Hammer and anvil for making anything buckles rings clips hooks , Bull-eye Lanterns even. I Don't have all the supplies for this yet but it is something I would like to start to collect and maybe even do a Mobile forge that I could bring up there with me for a day (Not sure the insurance and safety percasions at the camp site) I love leather working ( was involved in wild west reenactment group in this area for 3 years) black powers guns and explosive boxes lol was fun stuff. I have done cowboy leather working with that. I also worked with water and wax hardening and and saddling (not much on armor yet but the skills are there to do it I think I like Felting, spinning and weaving I am looking into getting spinning wheel and loom as well. If there is a desire I am willing to try and LEARN anything. I love creating and working with my hands. whatever the task is I am willing to take it on. I have been researching a lot on LARP weaponry as well in all honesty it doesnt seem hard in comparison to the other projects I have worked on I have the avalibilty to tools and wood working supplies here at the farm and lots of OPEN SPACE to try stuff out lol would love to get into gem making and even trying jewelry making ( they have colored quarts in the area to try out many things) herkimer diamond mine area already have the wood working and building and Pioneering for that matter with boyscouts I can build wooden castles out of ropes and logs. AND I LOVE COOKING so yeah PICK YOUR POISON MR DUSTAN and I will do my best to Deliver.
  7. hello everyone, Nice to meet you

    I am a relatively handy man I am capable and have the tools to do most anything
  8. hello everyone, Nice to meet you

    Chenango County Town of Greene NY 13778
  9. hello everyone, Nice to meet you

    1.) Who Writes the stories, scenarios, for events. In other words I think it would be like who is your head GM or like DM I would like to get to know them better. how long before an event are these plots written. 2.) Tag Bags, Food, Weapons , Costume items what do you need more of (IN WHAT WAY CAN I BE USEFUL TO YOU OTHER THEN BODY ON FIELD). sorry caps
  10. hello everyone, Nice to meet you

    Okay so with my reading and research and all that fun stuff I am All for the NPC realm I love to be a DM already so to help others have a good time and assist in bring a good experience and story to PC's Will be extremely exciting for me. ( I really have to take some time to read lore and backgrounds on world-book before I think about a race to bring to the table. Who do I get into contact with for NPC Stuff on, Also is there any Materials that your all short or lacking on that you could use some more of. And Lastly do we have any NPC/PC Full blown Crafters that never leave town.
  11. hello everyone, Nice to meet you

    My name is Ben (Benjamin Kircher) it is nice to meet you all I am from Greene NY. I have LARP'ed in the past it has been quite some time and they have made quite the advances in weaponry from my time lol. I am 34 now and looking forward to January. I have some questions for admins when you are free and able to get with me. I read a lot of the rules Both the Full book and abridged version as well as the lore of the world. AMAZING job and I look forward to meeting you all as we go.