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  1. Interested in checking things out

    Welcome!! Hope you like it here :)
  2. Jade!

    Hello, Welcome!! I was the Elven Matron of the The Temple, Lady Arayna (black hair, blue dress, dragon greatsword)! I will be bringing in a Faekin in February (we have a big feast in February, where you can put money in for a raffle and get really cool magic items for game). Wonderful to have more Earthkin running around ^^ !!
  3. Want to Join

    Hiya! Veteran player, here. We have a facebook page that you can introduce yourself in, and the appropriate people will give you all the links you need! It's called "Kingdoms of Novitas Player Discussions"! For some reason it wont let me post the link, but look us up and you'll get all the information you need! ^^
  4. Back Again

    Great to have you!! Lots of stuff has changed since the last time you were in game, but I'm sure player outreach has gotten to you already on the Facebook group, and if not, they'll get to you soon!! Some scrub pants work wonders for garb pants, or even leggings (my personal favourite). I'm sure you're going to blow it away!! Welcome back :)
  5. Newbie

    I hope you enjoyed yourself! Welcome!
  6. I am new...and vintage

    Hey! I'm one of the other players, I've been here for 4 years. We have one fortune teller already, but she is only on 2 out of 4 shifts... And I personally think a palm reader would be really cool. We have plenty of people who don't run around in the woods. I'm 27 and I'd rather sit in my temple and heal people than get beat up by orcs, let's be real. I wear pretty dresses, serve food and drinks, heal people and take care of the temple! And that's where I'm gonna stay - I rarely travel out into the woods. We have a few wise old men, but not many women as of recently. That could change, but based on what I saw in our return game this past weekend, we definitely have maybe one other wise woman. Anyway, welcome aboard!! ^^
  7. The Mobile Merchant

    Having further discussed with my denizens, I only need some potions and the Cathols. So, I'll take the 3 cathols, potion of heal mortal, potion of dissipate, heal body, and 2 restore limb. Thanks~
  8. The Mobile Merchant

    Arayna NightRoad - How much for the 3 Cathol, 3 restore limb, 3 heal mortal, and the scrolls of synchronize, battle mastery, heal mortal, and dominate?
  9. I'm enjoying Rayne~ I truly am.

  10. Welcome to The Slap and Tickle

    Sounds awesome :D
  11. Halo!

    Hello! I was introduced to KoN by two friends, and have been talking to one of them non-stop about it. One has been going for awhile and the other is fairly new themselves! I am so excited to try this out, but I'm so very nervous! Tha mi toilichte ur coinneachadh!