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  1. Read This Before Posting In Here!

    Hi! I plan on going to my first event this March as well :D I say that but watch me chicken out (again). Hopefully I do see you there as it would be nice to know I'm not the only newbie lol~
  2. Well hello there

    Well hello there, my name is Sam. Let me just say that I unknowingly had been interested in this specific larp (wanting to participate in larp as soon as I found out what it was) for about 4 years. Now I didn't know what larp was until 3 years ago so let me explain a bit, I went to Tora-con at RIT one year and I took pictures while there and a couple weeks ago I was going back through them just for fun and found a picture of the Kingdom of Novitas stand. I had looked for larps before when I was 15 but saw that you had to be 18 (or bring your parent) to join Kingdom of Novitas and being too young I just got sad and stopped there. Recently, I randomly had this strong desire to larp and started searching for places near me and found Novitas again but couldn't figure out why it seemed so familiar until I remembered my heartbreak before ha ha. There are 3 larps within 2 hours away from me (that I know of) but Novitas was the only one that seemed to really care about immersion and the realism and enjoyment of the game. Anyway, now that I am 17 and my 18th birthday being in a few months, I am hoping to take the time until I reach that glorious age to introduce myself and read more about how this larp is run (because woah mama there is a lot of info here). I no doubt will have questions about everything because I have never done larp before, but I am hoping to educate myself mostly using the resources provided. I am also hoping to maybe make some friends before I actually go to the event to make it less scary. However, I look forward to getting to know Kingdom of Novitas and its members as well as joining in on the fun :)