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  1. So I'm back- missed October's event, but it really couldn't be helped. Sounds like it was a great time.

    I have a few questions now that I'm finishing up my garb and such for next weekend, but some things are better kept secret so if anyone wants to listen to my nonsense, hit me up in private messages.

    An open question though; do I get to choose where and when I go NPC? I'm more than happy to do lots of NPC work, but I want to make sure I come prepared appropriately for it. If possible I'd like to volunteer for a zone in advance (although frankly I'll do whatever's needed).

  2. Awesome, lots of new stuff to read. Happy to see a suggestion to NPC first as well, I honestly think an NPC role would suit me overall and it sounds exciting... and I did read that you need NPC garb as well so now I can put together a second costume. Nice.

    Being weak doesn't bother me though. This character is reasonably developed on paper but hasn't seen much play and certainly isn't a master. I'm actually looking forward to how they grow (or die?) while I'm being them in game. (They were conceptualized as a dnd/pathfinder character.) I'm likely going to write up their mindset, skill choices and rp plans tonight. Really stoked about it!

    Will post more in a bit. Thanks again.


  3. Aw, that is actually really helpful. Thanks double. I'll be happy to get whatever info I can from you guys. Still really tempted to try PC right off the bat, but maybe it is better to hold back a little. I'm glad to hear you can make multiple characters. Might be a different person the first time to get used to things.

  4. Honestly I'm looking at faekin now, since I was already going to wear some crazy hair color and contacts anyway. They sound like a good mesh with my character. Are there any explicit tips you would give an aspiring fae kin wanderer? The guide was a little more vague with that race than the others.

  5. 8 minutes ago, Maggie / Baevynn said:

    If it was Robercon, I probably did meet you. I was the ginger with the warpaint. Definitely go through the playable races and figure out what applies best to what you'd like. I can answer questions about those. I'm guessing you'll either like Snow Goblins or Drakes. Those both can have horns.

    Oh nice, yeah, we met. Reading about the races now. Are half breeds allowed? You're right, I do like the Drakes. I think a diluted red Drake would be right up my alley to land at orange, and more humanoid, but I'm not looking to make any hard rules bend for my sake. What do you think?