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  1. Rules Update!

    Hey everyone! We have some changes coming in the new year. Rules have been busy during the down time due to Covid and have a lot in store starting next year! However, we do have one update that will be starting this August game. Starting in August Epic items, Master Crafted Items and rods that a player owns will be Attuned to that player at sign in. Items that are Attuned cannot be used by another player for the entire event. The exception to this is weapons can be used by another player for combat, but cannot use any of the weapon’s magical effects. An example would be someone else using the weapon could swing for the damage type but not spells in it. Rules also wanted to put forth a clarification to an existing rule regarding the casting of spells and having an empty hand to do so. In order to cast ANY spell, you MUST have one empty hand. If you are casting a spell from an item, you must either be wearing that item, or you must be holding that item in your 'free hand'. Your 'Free Hand' AND arm MUST be have unrestricted movement. You must be able to fully raise your hand, for example. Holding anything between your arm or your body counts as restricted. The only exception is passive buckers. A 'Mageblade' or a sword with a mageblade effect will count as your 'free hand' for this purpose as long as you are casting INTO the mageblade, as per mageblade rules. If you have questions please post below. Jimmy and I will try and answer them for you. If you have more questions, see us at game and we can discuss it in person.
  2. February Rules Update

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to go over a few things you may have missed during the feast. Auction part 2 - We will be doing the second half of the auction at Junebuliee. Same format 6 auction and 12 chinese auction items. Keep an eye out for the announcement on what will be at the auction. Fighter practices - Our focus is on safety this year. We will be holding fighter practices starting this spring. Just because you don’t fight as a PC, you do as an NPC. Having a better understanding of how the game works keeps us all safe. Location will likely be in Syracuse, but more on this closer to spring. We will create events for each of them. You will get XP for actively participating. Garb standards - There will be an incentive for wearing garb. Passing NPC garb is acceptable. Don’t expect the incentive if you have on a flannel and work boots. We will have a few different people help go over safe fighting styles, combat calls, spell casting, etc. If there is something you want to go over in a safe environment this is the time for it. We are looking for people to join our safety team. Who we are looking for - People who are good fighters or have a very good understanding of our rules system. No, you will not be pulled from NPC’ing / PC’ing. There will be an incident report to fill out after your encounter for us to track patterns with locations, combat practices, safety, etc. If you are interested please reach out to myself or James Vertucci.
  3. Hello everyone. Admittedly I'm a little far away to join the LARP but I was reading the rules and became curious. My question concerns the following situation: It's 1am. Your group is ambushed and beset by player brigands or NPCs. You fall in battle immediately. Your friends flee. The antagonists drag away your body and secret it where it can't easily be found. What are your options? Do you lie there dead and await the full eleven hours until the two convergences elapse? What if you are scheduled to NPC in the next shift? Can you leave a physical rep of your corpse? Can you just give up and report to logistics?
  4. Rules team is recruiting

    The Rules team is looking for recruits. We are not looking to change how the game is played, but rather looking for new ways to look at the rules we have and help players gain a better understanding of them. In depth knowledge of the rules is preferred, but not necessary. We would like you to be able to communicate these rules to other people if asked and SHOW THEM IN THE WIKI where you found it. If you are participating and being active online you can get XP like any other work group. If you are interested post here, or message me. Dan and I will get you added to the proper forums.