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Michael Burnheart

Best and Worst of FEB FEAST!!!!

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+Loving the snow. Yes, it's a pain to maneuver through but gods do I love the atmosphere!

+The tearful return of Baldisere. Very much enjoyed the roleplay and everyone's painfully awkward reactions to the trouble in paradise.

+Interactions with Ithvendish, who is unofficially Eliana's elven older brother. From drinks to grumpy exchanges to advice around murder, this was a great event for that relationship.

+Eliana's disease has a name! Great roleplay from the elves. I really didn't anticipate the sudden but inevitable betrayal and that's a testament to the roleplay.

+Murdering the elf lackeys. That was a decision made in the moment and with much anguish. I like that one was stoic and accepting while the other was cowering against a wall and begging for his life. Just everything about that whole plot was awesome.

+Friendship solidified with Oz. Good friends encourage you not to kill folk. Best friends help you bury the bodies. >.>


+Friendship established with Michael Mordison thanks to an exchange of an "official" Vleanoan favor. (That's a thing? I guess it's a thing.)

+Julia's beautiful cello performance!

+The Brewmaster returns! Free drinks for Eliana! Perks of being a healer. :D

+Mary's Medium! Another awesome roleplay moment bourne from real conflict of a choice made in the moment.

+Al's Avatar of the Stranger! It was so cool to see him come in, knowing something was up but being afraid to approach, and the reveal didn't happen for Eliana until just before he disappeared.

+Big Lich Fight. I know everyone's seen the video by now.

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Normally I do the shifts in order but considering there was only one...



The snow. I love my warm weather gear. With the exception of needing amazing gloves there was one time I actually felt cold. Really enjoyed creating a path pretty much anywhere I went.

Michael's new direction also made the game amazing.

Missing the first wave of orcs because I was still garbing up after shoveling... Oops...

Rp with Lord Richter. If only I wanted status...

The hag/hag lover... Tough choices are tough...

Using my brother's shield as a sled... Loved it.

Patrolling the roads for kicks. It's nice to not be sitting in one place.

Oz's sword problems. Siegfried will make a dellin out of him someday.

Ola, Lola, Zola and... that other one. Best 50 coin EVER!!!!! Sorry Jaroth XD Many future lore requests to come.

Royally screwing up the bathed in fire thing. Fear of killing an archon (Druids...) or fear of a lich. GAAAAAAAHHHH

Running out of power. I can't reap the wrath OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT!!! By the Power of my Brothers Awesome Sword...

Enjoying the fall out of missing December and the skaven plague...

Telling the rat to tell his master to send his best men... Extremely stupid? Probably... Will it get results???

The entire marriage plot was crazy. When things finally settled down a ghost walked by... GODS DAMN CONFLICTING RP SKILLS!!!

All of the fortune telling by Mary! I forgot to ask if it was random or not. I mean both my fortune and advice came true at feb feast... Just saying...

The Lich fight without my shield was crazy. Being able to swing for 4's with a single sword rocked. The conflict was overwhelming.

Meeting the Avatar of The Stranger was Amazing. Al's Rp always is perfect and always gets reactions.

The Ritual that altered The Well. I'm not sure how this works but if it is more than what I think I am going to be loring the shit out of it.

Said Ritual Destroyed the Stranger's Bane. Took like 2 years but it happened.

Lastly NPC's Rocked and Lauren's gm'ing was on point. I think I thanked her at least 6 times but here's a 7th. LAUREN!!!! Thank you!!!!



It was a good time talking with people and table hopping.


The Auction...


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All in all, not a bad event.


The good:

HOLY SHIT there were tons of people this weekend.

The Feast. As usual, done wonderfully by the VK staff. Mucho Kudos to them.

Julia. Dat Cello. Fantastico. AND lots of Delia songs.

The malt beer I brought to game. It was originally a flopped product that turned into a hilarious test of will. "Drink this. I dare you"

Listening from a (short) distance as Eliana chastised Baldisere. I couldn't tell if she was going to fall down crying, or stab him in the throat. Well played, Amanda.

Daitoro playing the pissed, pissed Terran uncle.

Malcolm! Scotty! Blackhawk!

Tranny Tom. 'nuff said.

Auction shenanigans

Witnessing a new stage of intoxication being born, "Flirting with Guile drunk"

Come April, I might actually have a group to join.


The not-so-good:

Wearing a new pair of socks that I thought would be warm, but they were not. Didn't go out much during PC shift as a result.

Elves. Effing elves.

Second Feb Feast I have been to that no matter how much I drank, I could not get even a buzz. Going to switch tactics next year.

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So, this was my first Feb Feast, but I've been hearing stories about it since last year, and I was a little concerned that the event couldn't POSSIBLY be as amazing as everyone was saying. I figured there must have been some exaggeration going on, some tall tales, but nope! It's just that great of an event. I had a blast, I'm so glad I got to come see all of you and join in on the fun, and I am very much looking forward to April to do it all again!

Highlights include but are not limited to:

- playing cello in the Inn. Great audience, great tippers (Thanks guys!), great fun. Definitely going to see what I can do to bring the cello out again, although my PC is not musical.

- Trying and failing to perform the marriage ceremony for Gabe and Bri. Daitoro's Crazy Uncle Goldblum was ABSO-EFFING-LUTELY THE GREATEST. Big thanks to all of you guys in the wedding party for putting up with the start-stop-start-stop ceremony :D

- Everyone who helped me get my car going the few times it got stuck. The weather would have been horrible to deal with without such helpful people around!

There's more, but I left my brain at Vanderkamp, so this will have to do. Thank you all again for a wonderful event! Staffers, y'all are amazing and I love you.

- Mariner/Fish/Julia

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+The Hag/Cheating Wife...Megan and I just played off each other well.

+Being a child for one plot.



+Getting an award, because Beryl is a greedy little Earthkin

+Getting (and apparently inventing) 'Flirt with Guile' Drunk

+Having an amazing time at my first FebFeast!


After FebFeast:


+Still having friends after FebFeast

+Making a best of list.

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- Basically playing Wallowitz's mother from Big Bang Theory during the Earthkin wedding with a heavily emphysemic jewish accent. "GOLDBLOOM! ARE YOU DRUNK AGAIN? EVERY GODDAMN TIME!" "Give your Auntie Patricia a hug! Go marry that girl, you two look GAWGEOUS."


- Uncle Goldbloom. "YOUR SON WILL ONLY HAVE ONE DICK AND I DO NOT APPROVE!!!" I had to work very hard not to piss myself laughing

- Zola, Hola, Lola and RALPH. Basically molesting Jaroth, stealing his potions, and managing to avoid getting killed by Marcus >____>;;; I want to play them again. Yes please yes please

- Ralph's banana dance. So sexy.

- Um, how many male characters are ACTUALLY betrothed in Novitas!? Practically everyone Zola solicited used that as an excuse. Except Oscar, who said he was old but he'd give it a try, and the Brewmaster who said he needed more coin

- Playing a cranky Civen woman who HATED the lizard people. All the racism. Everyone else in the Inn loved them. I kept insisting they were scaly and slimy.

- The bread in the Inn. Holy crap deliciousness

- Julia's all about that bass clef, 'bout that bass clef, on cello! We need to duet when the weather gets nicer!

- Not being yelled at for passing out in Logistics. Not sure how long I was asleep but I really needed the nap, thank you for letting me rest Lauren <3

- Holy crap the feast. I wanted to eat all the pork

- Everyone putting up with dopey Chloe after 3 breakfast shots and way too much tequila rose. I was rolling around on the floor giggling at one point

- Thank you everyone who helped when I had a horrible muscle spasm in my neck as Alex and I were packing the car. You guys are amazing :)

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Wow, where do I start!


The before shift:

-I had the chance to claim the same bed as last year with all my hometown buddies in it to catch up!

-Making the first attempt at crossing the field of snow. So much snow! It was worth it!


The shift:

-My new npc cowl, it kept my face from freezing from the wind amazingly!

-Morning Orcs! It was a line up for death!

-I went on so many plots that I was taking clothing off!

-The farmer crop plot. There is a new elemental shrine with elementals as guards from skaven. Thanks Tom, my seed will grow you many crops!

-Had a great time with the wedding plot! "You may have two dicks but ours are minimally 9 inches!" and "Reception at grandpa's house!"

-The dancers; Zola, Hola, Lola, and me, Ralph! That event was the best exotic dancing event ever for me and I believe it was entirely because of the amazing Cello player!

-The banana Dance! Ritcher didn't know what was coming with that and neither did I! :)

-The final fight was great! I had a perfect sneak attack!


The Feast:

-The food this year was absolutely amazing!

-Made some great new friends this year!


The Auction and party:

-I won something this year!!!!! It was a miracle! XD

-I had an amazing time with everyone at the party!

-I won quite a few games of Crocinole with Bree(Bri?)!

-I had a great time learning new games with everybody!



The best things of my event:

-A huge thank you to Brian for taking photos this event! I look forward to seeing them posted!

-The banana dance made my event absolutely amazing!

-I didn't spend more than my limit in the auction!

-I have enough left over for some blackened chain mail for Flint!

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I couldn't keep a straight face lol

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Had a wonderful time, the best of all was seeing you lovely people.

I know I said it before but it bears repeating that ALL MY NPCS WERE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Set up, clean up, pushing yourselves again and again, you have no idea how much I appreciate all your hard work.


Special thanks to Al, Jordan, Silk, Kat, Rachel and Neecy, without whom I would have been doomed.

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Had an amazing event as always, Here is some sweet ass highlights.


-walking out of the inn thinking i'm about to witness domestic violence between Elliana ( sorry if i spelled wrong) and the Inquisitor,

-getting to hear about Terrians and their multiple dicks

- getting my axe yay axe

- fighting the lich and then getting to watch it

- undead in the day time um #fuckthat

- hanging out with Tammy yay Tammy

- chilling with everyone

- hearing stories from Lauren about the good old days.


Had a blast and seriously cant wait for April!

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Great to be back after a harsh waiting period since December! So excited for 2015! This was my first Feb Feast.


1) Let’s start by glad to see everyone again! Missed you all!


2) The snowy atmosphere. Sure the snow was deep and it was hard to move but it was a nice visual for Vanderkamp.


3) I notice for some of you that this was the first time seeing Julia play the cello. She is amazing, isn’t she? I wasn’t there but I was there when she won 1st Place in the Bard Contest at Clash Of Kings last year. I filmed it for a Dagorhir youtube channel called “The Bear Pit.”


You can see her here:


4) Undead during the day!?! You must mean the Cairnhold Rangers... nope, what the heck are they doing in the day!?


Must have caught the PC's off guard!


5) Love how when it came to Fire Elementals, they painted Gabe and I – the two Asian guys – “red face”. Got some laughs at Logistics!


6) Forgive me for being cynical but seeing PC’s and us NPC’s struggling on the run and – at times – falling in the deep snow during the Fire Elemental plot was entertaining :D/>


7) Fun fact: Someone declined to be play a Terran Uncle and instead asked me to do it. Plot was this Uncle was trying to stop his Nephew’s marriage to a human female. When I found out who was playing the Nephew, I now know why he wanted me to play the Uncle. Gabe was my nephew and I was his Uncle. Sure, pick on us Asians :P/>


8) Me: “Jordan, do Terrans REALLY have two dicks?”


Jordan: “They do! I am not kidding!”


9) Hmm. Choose a name that is rock material related for my Terran – Goldstein? Yeah, wait – no – Goldblum! Like Jeff Goldblum! So I became Uncle Goldblum! So despite having a stomach ache from a bad Hess Sandwich – I pulled through for this: my personal favorite plot of the event. The achiness helped with my portrayal. Loved the reactions from everyone. Shame on my nephew for giving his human bride the pearl necklace – an heirloom of the family!


10) Thank you to those that let me improv on the spot when my sword got taken from the PC’s and I went and throw snowballs in protest of the mixed marriage. I was worried that it was too much but after talking to those I threw snowballs at – Julia as the Priestess and Bri as the Bride – I was happy that you liked the idea!


11) Love how Daniel Young role played with Uncle Goldblum. He tried to calm me down after I got ejected from the wedding. He says how mixed marriages will never work. I yelled back at them,


“You see! Even this guy says it will never work!”


12) Adam’s Terran is pi$$ed at me for making Terran’s look bad. Went back to the inn and he complained how I was making a scene.


Me: “No!”


Adam: “Yes!”


Me: “Yes to no!”


And then he blunts me down and he took me up to the second floor of the Inn and had choice words with me. I don’t think we will ever see Uncle Goldblum again.


13) Assembly Line Technique for cleanup because we had a very narrow path to the shed. Excellent work all.


14) Great GMing by the staff.


15) Food by Vanderkamp? To quote the Persian Messenger in the 300 PG Trailer:


“This is delicious!”


16) Engagement Announcement!


17) Congratulations to all the Award winners!


18) The silly humor post-Feast.


19) Thank you Brian for bringing thr games. I was too exhausted to play more than one but I appreciate the games.


20) Seeing Malcolm The Dog for the first time. Such a great dog. Went up to me twice during my nap and I didn’t mind it.


21) Ryan as my car buddy. I liked our conversations on Novitas. Made the two hour ride feel like twenty minutes.


Cannot wait for April! So pumped!

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