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Best of April 2015

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So, because of a stupid deer and my car getting more or less totalled, Chris and I weren't able to be at the event.

SO spill all the awesome that happened because I want to hear all about it!

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We missed you guys!!! I hope everything works out or has already worked out for you two.


1st shift

Blagar losses his fae. More or less killed the npc who did it because of the oni infusion, troll blood, werewolf arm and had Narene final rest him. The plot was awesome. It was a shady move because everyone was nice enough to work with us and then we killed the npc.

Axe of repel and command nature. Soran used it early and often. Basically death to all bugs, bagman, boggarts and his skill with it was a thing of beauty.

Drunk Michael less crazy and more loving. Pretty much went around telling people "If you ev...er need anything... ... ... ... anything don't hes... be afraid to ask."

Maybe the same amount of crazy. Called Lord Richter "Boss" thought leon's character was going to throw me through the inn window.

Stopped two final rest rituals from being a thing. Both times involved necromancers trying to get more bodies for their undead army. Fun times.

All of the boggarts needed to die.

Rionna being in town always brightens my day.

Bring a group of new adventurers to help purify a farm. Was an amazing fight. We all did well until our power started waning. Blagar's tw... "half brother" sense kicks in as Michael sends the people who are still alive back into town to get help. Did I mention that this was an amazing fight?

Sept and Draconus working together to "restore said land to its natural balance"

Final undead wave was a true swarm from every direction. Holy adrenaline rush.


2nd shift

Twin Terrans

Spam Mail. "If you remain hard for more than 4 hours please seek a healer" or something along those lines.

Omar's running out of sausage's. The reason being and I quote "Because we were told that we are no longer allowed to use orc."

Getting killed alot because that's what npc's do.


3rd shift

The Fire Master was a thing that was epic because the fire was amazing.

Besides that I'm going to let other players handle third.


4th shift.

A lot of patrolling and coming in contact with things as they ended. It wasn't good, it wasn't bad, it just was.

Michael alerts Lord Richter as soon as Reginold walks into town.

All of the debating with our group of four as we go on another patrol. Everyone made solid points about the Nosferatu but at the same time we were all on the same page. I like it when people have common sense.

That being said watching how quickly people will get in bed with evil because they are fooled by a smile.

Walking in on a plot without being hooked. Running around the paths paid off.

Cluster F that was going to be a final rest ritual. Town being divide on this is a good thing because it provides checks and balances. Which brings me to the most important lesson I learned this weekend both in and out of character.

"It's okay to piss in the woods. It's okay to piss off your front porch. It's not okay to piss off your front porch in front of the entire town." Ambrose


Final Remarks

Blagar eavesdropping is always a good time.

It is nice to hear from others that they have noticed an improvement in my rp. It really does mean a lot to me.

We really missed you two.

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Oh did shit go down this event! I am glad to hear the both of you are home and safe!


1st Shift:

-Flint meets up with Rosh and Baryl for the first time since Otober.

-Everyone loved my new buckler and it saved me from death numerous times!!!!!

-Had a couple of great fights with random groups.

-Had a huge battle with undead and necromancers for cleansing the field with Michael. A huge thank you to the man whose name escapes me that lent me his elven steel dagger for that fight. Even though I was reaped, I was not looted at all, but a pouch popped open with all of the commotion and dropped easily 20-30 coin worth or potions on the ground never to be found again.

-Sense I had been completely soaked from laying dead in the field with Baryl, We both just kind of sat in the inn the rest of the night unless something came too close to the inn.


soft shift:

-I spoke with Blagar and acquired some super awesome stuff including a nature masterwork blade that came in much use.


2nd shift:

-I went out and about with almost everyone I could and did incredible things, Thanks to my new amazing hat that Julie made and some scrolls of abomination and some generous people giving me shadowskin and anti magic aura, I had a lot of epic fights, even if they eventually lead to my demise most of the time.

-I was shadowskinned and abominated at the same time... If I was an orc seeing that, I'd probably run towards other players too!

-Random spam mail from the crimson couriers. Flint sent a response to the fake "Prince of Terra" claiming he should come and prove his nobility before he gives him anything to reclaim his money stash.

-Had a ton of great RP

-Selling Terran Gem Candy, there will be more next event!


3rd shift:

-I was Billy the Innkeeper!

-There were no deaths (that I remember) inside the inn while I was on duty!

-I had a great time feeding the people of Pinedale and RPing with almost everyone that came in!

-I can't wait to do this again!


4th shift:

-Pretty much did anything and everything I could this shift.

-Went out taking newer players to a plot area so that they did not get lost

-Went out with Pat and Jimmy with a Fatvak plot (20/20 monsterous!) and made at least 3 people fall into a pit!

-Had an amazing time doing random crazy plots!

-Was looted by a brownie while playing a wraith

-Raines groupies horde! Absolutely ridiculous!

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+So did we have every weather possible this weekend? Glad we got to take advantage of it with pixies and elementals.

+Love my NPCs for 1st shift - energetic, excited, and plentiful. You guys make it easy to be inspired to do the GM thing, even though I'm really new at this.

+Very much appreciated my good sports who were painted, cleaned, and painted a couple or several times over.

+Very much enjoy how the NPCs (Maggie, Don, and Joanna) took my "Maury" plot and gave it fun flavor.

+Love that Lady Cecelia has enough Pinedale cred at this point that about a dozen PCs volunteered to help bolster manpower at Gilded Fields temporarily in-between events! (By the way, if any of you guys are interested in a collaborative blog or forum RP, PM me.)

+Super duper pumped that my impromptu "oh yeah, I can finally play Baevynn's grandma again!" plot was so well-received. Kat was the perfect choice for the restless little kid ghost and Kyle sniped that plot so well.

+Sure did sell a bridge. Sure was a scam.

+Maggie's "junk mail". It. Was. Hilarious.

+Prostitute bandits. Damn you, mind blank. But hey, Scarlet (Julia) got away with the coin and I'm pretty sure Savannah (me) ducked out in the middle of the night, despite her promise to Asbjourn. Also, Ambrose is the best wing man.

+Love PC groups who patrol. Got maybe a solid minute or two of bell-ringing before I was killed trying to Final Rest.

+Raines' maybe-zombie fan group. I'm surprised we weren't summarily rolled, but I appreciate all of the PCs being good sports about the yelling, chanting, squealing, screaming, jumping group craziness for 15 minutes in the inn. Raines: "Best. Birthday. EVER!"

+Really appreciate the lack of major "April Fool's!" antics. For me, they just tend to take me out of the game. I think we settled on a fun tone without sacrificing immersion (Al's masterful use of boggarts and confetti, for example).

+My actual exhaustion and loss of my left contact lent itself well for Eliana's brand of crazy for this month.

+I actually really enjoyed being murdered and looted by bandits. It's probably weird that I find it nice that my character actually has consequences for her (usually stupid) actions because I think sometimes people want to be more nice than they have to be because we're all friends and like each other. That being said, it's always awesome to see Baldisere and Sebastian book it when Eliana screams for help. Thank you, second breath.

+Getting (most of) my stuff back. Maybe about half of the scrolls? But if Eliana knew that most of the remaining ones were bought by Raines and crew, she'd be happy. She's hoarding them for her friends before she's not around to help them anymore anyway.

+Trying an failing to "shoo" a yeti.

+Reviving the baby doll who served as an orc horde's snack-on-the-go. He is now dubbed "wee baby Seamus" and lives in the temple with Geoffredo, who fully intends to raise him. Geoffredo: "Full circle, bitches."

+Even though it didn't work, I like that I got to go through the motions of a restoration ritual. I love what the rituals will add to the game!

+By far my favorite game interaction was with Ann and Leslie's new PCs. Leslie's concubine had an interesting take on Eliana's condition, dreams, and life - she also revealed the identity of the "little girl" in Eliana's dreams. STAY TUNED FOR THE BLOG!

+BLUE THUNDER! I think it's reasonable to be concerned that Eliana could develop a specific Blue Thunder addiction. Thanks, Brewmaster. :D

+Drunk Eliana: "*giggle* Yer a DRAAAAGON." Don's drake: "That's very flattering, but I'm a drake." Drunk Eliana: "DRAAAAGON!"

+I like how my new party is shaping up. Cass and the slow reveal of her "fae"-ness was fun to work with. Odric is making a good padawan for Baldisere.

+Seeing everyone listen for bells and book it in whatever general direction they were coming from. "There'll be no dying here tonight!"

+Off-camera: at character drop, due to Leslie's PC's advice, Baldisere and Eliana finally consummated their marriage. Only took them 6 months! Pat: "Best thirty seconds of her life." "What is Vleanoan sex like, anyway?" "15 minutes of solid eye contact." "Touching hands without gloves on." "Insta-pregnant."


Really missed you two. :( Hope everything works out!

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Missed you both so much, but I am so happy y'all are ok! sad.gif


This was my first "real" KoN experience, since I got to NPC and PC. It was exhausting!!! But I loved it!!



Shift 1 - NPC

- Absolutely loved being a High Fae. Dancing in the rain, singing opera instead of talking, spinning around, pissing off Daitoro because I refused to talk to him because he wouldn't sing to me, getting a few PCs to sing to me......

*insert somewhat dirty comment here* Me, singing it opera style: "That's what she saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid...." Leon, who was annoyed that I was singing up and down the field and wouldn't leave him alone, FINALLY sings back: "That was awesome!" Also, getting hit in the face with a Silence tag bag thrown by Boggart Tony and falling hard in the snow. Priceless. The Servello brothers sure were made to play Boggarts.

- Played this tired, angry woman Emilia who wanted to learn to fight in order to fight for her freedom. She wanted to be respected and taken seriously. Artemis did just that! And he taught her how to fight. This was the sweetest NPC interaction ever! And I got awesome pointers! biggrin.gif

- Played this little merchant lady Tatiana who traveled around with her friend and, while at the Inn, was rented out by Ivan for 80 coins. Most. Hilarious. Time. Ever. It really helped break he RP ice for me since I'm still super shy about it, and I was dying laughing on the inside. Left the Inn promising Ivan I'd come back once I sold all my things to spend the rest of my 8 hours with him and didn't. Sorry, Ivan......


Shift 2 - NPC

- Was asked by Chris to play an Orc. I had been playing with a baby doll for a little bit before that, so I set it down, got ready, and then stumbled upon the doll again. Me: "Hey, Chris, can I take the baby out with me?" Chris: "Uh............ YES."

So, after running into the Inquisitor, Eliana, and their group, I took a bite out of the baby and punted it hard before rushing them and dying. Well, I apparently didn't punt it far enough, so Steven Guile picked it back up and threw it. It bounced off the Inquisitor's shield HEAD FIRST and hit the ground. POOR BABY. The most awesome thing happened, though, and Eliana brought him back to life. He is currently at the temple with Geoffredo.

- I worked the Inn for a couple of hours after Zack had to go do other things, and while there, I was courted by Satyr Fernando. Such sexy chest hair. Couldn't resist. After making sweet, sweet, noisy love to the Satyr behind the Inn, I was urged by Eliana to let me let her purify me in case I had caught an infection. Also, I got 90 coin's worth of gems from him. Tips for tits!

- I was also attempted to be married off to a mister Kristoff while working at the Inn. Oh, the Innkeeper life!


Shift 3 and 4 - PC

- Joined GoST! So did two other PCs.

- As soon as we stepped out of our cabin, Orcs ambushed us. I took down my first Orc ever at KoN in this battle, and "took down" doesn't do it justice. I kinda butchered him. Dren happened to see it and stopped me by saying "Hey, he's dead already." Oh. (Thanks, David Coyle, for being my very first kill!)

- Running around with GoST was fun. I absolutely love the Bun Wizard. Love love love him.

- Bet the Pot? More like Win the Pot. Woot. Won WAY too much money. I guess the key is to let Tidus get you drunk and have no fear of consequences.

- Had a very deep and really sad RP session with Geoffredo. When Drea heard of little Seamus the baby who is currently at the temple, her previous maternal skills took over and she became instantly attached. They spoke of their pasts and her problems, and both their very sad stories. Actual tears were shed. sad.gif She vowed to go to the temple every time she's in town to look after little Seamus. (TALK ABOUT AN AWESOME RANDOM IDEA FROM NPCING DURING SHIFT 2!)

- Lots of battles around the Inn right around nightfall. Was so much fun! Before retiring, Tidus was very kind to cast a few spells on me and my weapons, which was awesome. After the first wave, Dren gave me immunity to poison and Octavius randomly handed me his new sword and told me to use it against the Undead and Orcs that were coming around the corner. So. Much. Fun. I want to apologize to all the NPCs that I whacked really hard at first. I was too excited about the fact I actually killed a lot of you guys in a row and I was super focused. So I'm really sorry. (Sorry for hitting you so hard in the face, Daniel!!!!!!!! sad.gif I promise I'm working on it).



I love going to game. Thank you all for your support, you guys rock. Excited about next game!

Tidus is giving Drea a freaking nice birthday present next month, and I just can't wait! biggrin.gif


Really can't wait to see you, Lauren and Chris!!! <3

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1st shift NPC


+"Don't be silly orcs." That didn't last long as we stood around trying to make noise to attract PCs. Ogre in cow pattern furs is our "Moolatto brother"

+Being the two timing husband in a Maury/Springer plot was really fun, making the inn awkwardly watch the trainwreck until Rionna stepped in with a truth serum.

+First time being a bagman was so unfortunate. Ran across the field, collapsed next to a tree, just for Sorien's new axe to repel me.

+First time playing a Picean, I would describe the voice I used as Kermit the frog with a ball gag. Other than that it was interesting watching the Brave Companions trying to protect us from undead and then the sanctuary ran out. "You guys can defend yourselves, right? Cool, Dissipate."

+Lost a staring contest. I intended to lose so I could RP the small part NPC I was given, but kinda forgot halfway through and almost won.



2nd shift NPC

+Saturday morning orcs always a fun wakeup call for the town

+yebs. Sorry Alex and crew but I was kinda happy it was a lower level party that came out for that. It got pretty tense dropping one of you. We were torn between protecting our "home", or the flowers, or each other. You did a good job splitting us up.

+Short Arm bandits was not originally tailored for Pat Lane, but I walked into town behind the Heretics and it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Everytime a new race walked into/by the inn I would mutter, "I tracked a ___ once." and whenever magic was brought up "I don't deal in magic, I deal in cold hard justice."


3rd & 4th Shifts PC

+introducing my drake to Pinedale was awesome! I was nervous as all hell that it wouldn't pass P&A, but it worked really well, and I was able to eat and drink. Was a little hard to hear through the balaclava and leather over my ears as I walked and talked with people, but I attributed it out loud as "not having earlobes." Kinda disappointing that I won't be playing him again until the fall, but such is life...

+Interacting with PC's as my first ever alt was great. It was hard to be as aloof as I first wanted when everyone was like "OMG a drake!" So I basked in the attention a little. It was fun to watch people struggle to pronounce the name (Nahkei Govegein) but I'll just say this--I originally was going to recite 10 ancestors in his line every time I had to introduce myself, so at least you didn't have to do that :D

+Camp pies. A little too messy to eat in the mask, but they were delicious.

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Glad you guys are okay.



I had a blast this event, even considering the cold wet weather.


PC highlights included:

- watching Arbor feed some orcs, and then getting killed by one, and then waiting for the rest of my party to notice I was dead <3

- convincing a girl who wanted our help to go and get the bad guy to come to us, by the fire, where we were warm, so we didn't have to move

- continuing to take notes on anything and everything (need to start compiling them so others can enjoy)

- helping with several attempted pranks on the Inquisitor, including sending a satyr to hit on him

- having a much more complete kit than I did in November. Felt way more elf-y.


NPC highlights included:

- being the hick farmer Piscean who wanted some landdweller to write down her last will and testament. Super entertaining wandering into the inn and yelling "Any of y'all speak fish?"

- Bandit whores are best whores. I couldn't believe we got shot down by Sebastian AND Raines AND Ambrose (who performed his wingman duties admirably, including GIVING THE MARK MONEY TO BUY US WITH). Amanda was an excellent diversion while I ran away with the loot.

- with Kerrie, wandering over to the Inn as Becky Dane (Beckard Dane's granddaughter) to sing some songs out of Delia's songbook – and then not having a chance to because Raines sang them instead!

- starting to learn how to makeup kit. Thanks Kat for teaching patiently!

- Edit: How could I forget the Terran Special at the Inn?? Greatest thing.



Cleanup Sunday morning felt incredibly quick and efficient. Thanks to Phil and Neecy and Kerrie and the other folks who were there, that was a really fun cleanup and put me in a great mood.


I'm bringing my mother to game next month, hopefully, and can't wait for her to meet all of you guys smile.gif Thanks for a great event, everyone!

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I'm bringing my mother to game next month, hopefully, and can't wait for her to meet all of you guys :)/>/>






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Despite the weather, this is easily one of my best and most memorable events.


All the good, in no particular order:


+The Ettin Plot. Thank you to the townspeople for letting us play that out and not immediately murdering us. Thank you Lemons, Arbor, and Krod, for your candor.

+Being part of an RP plot while getting food at the Inn. This is a practice that I approve of.

+Thanking Janos profusely for saving the town of Waypoint by sending word that a wight king was incoming. Trying to thank Lemons and Fish for the deed: "We didn't do it, and we are 2/3 of the Brave Companions who can read"

+The wandering orc plot was amazing. The Baby. The Ogre. The Murder. Iroooooon Toooooofs!

+The Undead fight first shift was amazing, frustrating, and exhausting. Sorry, Flint.

+Finally being part of a party. Working together pretty cohesively right off the bat.

+The First National Bank of Marcus. Lulz.

+Friendly Fire. OMG the friendly fire. It was terrible and hilarious at the same time. "YOU KILLED THE BUN WIZARD NOOOOOO"

+The end of game collaboration to figure out what to do about the Nosferatu. More specifically, how to make him dead and stay that way.

+Spam mail. So stupid, but so funny. Listening to all the people try and convince the Crimson Couriers to stop delivering it.

+New beer bottles are awesome. Makes life much easier. Now I just need a bigger bag to hold them in...

+Blue Thunder. Pinedale's newest addiction. I usually sell one bottle if I am lucky (or Leon is at game) this month I sold out.

+Trading in my greatsword for a sword and shield. I die much, much less.

+More things that I probably cannot think of right now.


The bad:

-Rain. Snow. Wind. Cold. Mud.

-Redneck weaponmasters who bring ogres into the inn and then leave with the loot after I kill them. Nothing about that plot made sense. At all.

-Packing light to save space and the amount of stuff I have to carry. Soaking through all my NPC garb first shift and having nothing to wear second shift.

-By the gods, I am a shield charging magnet.

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Fantastic Game, guys and gals! If you ever got wet, or died in the snow, or the mud, or a puddle--THANK YOU!



Pat Lane, rockin the Lead NPC roles--you made Artemis’ plot far better than I could have imagined--thank you!

New NPCs: Just remember: if you can suvive April evenet, you can survive anything! THanks for coming out, and I look forward to seeing you all in better weather!

Amanda, for rocking plots like an awesome DJ of death and story--thank you!

Brian L for doing his awesome best with new players.



Ambrose’s New Coat was made for this weather. MK makes a great coat!

(Late) Wedding Gifts to the FErrazanos

Septon G talking about the Elemental

Experiments with cutting an Ettin in half.



Getting to be an NPC burning down the temple. Septon G taking the wind out of our sails by trying to help us burn it down! Septon forces uniting.. Good job my fellow NPCs!

Ail Reid the Ghorani, coming after Harold the Magician

Aaron the Ritualist Gardener

Undead Orcs!



Hanging with Myra and the Wellkeepers. Beware the badass elf with open eyes!

Blagar takes command, and it was effective!

Talking with almost everyone re: Reginald. It’s neat to come into something like this at the end, and having different characters phrase the situation differently

Cowbellin’, figuring out the retcon.


Wingman for Asbjorn, and the slow horror afterward at hearing the prostitutes were well prepared bandits.


Patrolling with Richter, and talking about Old Times.


Best Quote: Saul:


Prostitutes: We don’t have flagons, do you have aything we can drink out of?

Saul: Oh, ladies, I have a big tube you can drink out of…

Prostitutes: Oh, ummmm, I don't think that'll work...

Ambrose, unable to contain himself: Bubububut you can’t open your eyes while drinking!!!Bhahahah!

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Best Quote: Saul:


Prostitutes: We don't have flagons, do you have aything we can drink out of?

Saul: Oh, ladies, I have a big tube you can drink out of…

Prostitutes: Oh, ummmm, I don't think that'll work...

Ambrose, unable to contain himself: Bubububut you can't open your eyes while drinking!!!Bhahahah!


Oh so many beatings are going to result from this. dry.gif

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I really liked providing a barricade of dead orcs on the inside doorstep of the Inn...even with Leon being the last orc in the pile to die, it was still a fun time! :)

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Amanda, for rocking plots like an awesome DJ of death and story--thank you!


(Late) Wedding Gifts to the FErrazanos


My new official title.


Also, I adore the gift. So much tea at future events!

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Well because I was woefully underprepared, and easter with my in-laws, I only got to hang around for the first two shifts. I still had a blast! I also got to reveal Richards new garb, which includes a suit of halfplate armor.


Shift 1:


-The yeb plot. We sat in the woods for ages while it poured rain. Cool thing is, the yeb shell makes an awesome umbrella.

-I got to be an undead protecting a necromancer performing a final rest ritual, and that was pretty bad ass.

-The plot for Artemis was amazing! I got to be the guy who brought him to the compulsionist behind it all.


Shift 2:


-Richards return to pinedale! It was pretty awesome.

-Making a bunch of coin playing the mandolin! Finally a more period appropriate instrument!

-Saturday morning orcs was way more epic than usual. A handful of us formed a bottleneck in the door to the inn and fought our way through the entire horde. It got to the point where there was such a huge corpse pile in the door to the inn that the rest of the orcs couldn't get in. It felt pretty awesome because it seemed like something out of a movie. We were outnumbered ten to one and still won the fight.

-Richard found a new group and joined up with the Guardians of the Sept. Keeping with his old ways as a Knight, I knelt and offered Geoffredo my sword, and he even did a cool little ceremony making Richard the Knight of the sept of pinedale. It was pretty awesome.

-Investigating a murder as my first official act as a Guardian. No real combat, and I didn't find the killer, but I learned a lot about what was going on.

-Questing with Krod, always a blast. Though waspoids are a royal pain in the ass, even if you have a shield.

-Hanging out in the sept, getting to know more about Krod and Geoffredo. It seems like this will turn out to be a pretty cohesive group, even though it's just the three of us at the moment. My next order of business...find a squire.


I ended up dropping at the end of second because of horrible unpreparedness, and so I could make Easter with the folks so this is where I cut out. All in all though, a lot happened this event for me. Can't wait to see everyone in May.

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Skaven Final rest at the pavilion. Standing off against Ferrazzano as a mouse is running up and down the path I shovelled at Feb Feast. Both of us not sure wtf to do. Trying to not burst out laughing. Epic mouse.


Eliana telling the bandits to get out of town. If a player could give a torso wound by shouting at someone Amanda would be that player.

Earlier with the same encounter Sebastian paying one of the bandits for information. Literally just throws the coin in the snow. Best FU payment ever.

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Eliana telling the bandits to get out of town. If a player could give a torso wound by shouting at someone Amanda would be that player.


I'm flattered. :D

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I'm actually shocked she didn't just stab you. It was nice to do the "septly" thing and just negotiate, was some good RP. Her threatening tone as she told you to "GET THE F OUT" was incredible.

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First off can I say how awesome Richard is? Because that man is crazy awesome! I love the book Richard I mean love it. I carried it on me both of my PC shifts constantly referring to it and just saying if you even wanted to send out some more books via plot or anything im so down!


1st shift was wet and cold but that didn't stop the Npcs from kicking ass it was a awesome shift guys! Great work on the Gm's part the plots were fun and engaging! I love Harris Sigfread and the Proffesor she was awesome Maggie you make a hilarious student ! I hope to see them again !


For my NPC shifts I got to start my training for the makeup table working with Kat was awesome and I look forward to perfecting the styles of KoN and its creatures so I can help make it look it's best !


4th shift was slow at first but had great RP! I'm in love with my new group we totally kicked ass ! Fuck Boggarts. Just getting to patrol and actually find plots was awesome and rewarding. I had a great event and can't wait for may!

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LAUREN LAUREN LAUREN! I got to dissect people!

it was super great

So I got sent in as Professor Doloria, an absent-minded anatomist whose gruesome anatomical research got her exiled from first Civen, then the Great Forest. My goal was to obtain fresh bodies to dissect to further my research. My hypothosis is that humans are great, humans from Civen are the best, and everybody else is inferior. Sigfread was my sketchy 'subject' supplier and Maggie was my long-suffering assistant who kept track of literally everything because I was too focused on the SCIENCE to remember essentially anything else, including my own name. I was fully expecting Pinedale residents to be all "nah gtfo" and make with the stabby if we didn't get gone fast enough, but it was even better than that.


LAUREN. I got volunteers.

I got to straight up murder Flint and Sorien and cut them up in the name of SCIENCE and Sigfread totally surprised me by actually having the healing magic he said he had and brought them back to life. We made some remarkable discoveries together!


(I also got sent in as a homewrecking tramp with whom a philandering jerk cheated on his shrill materialistic wife and spawned a brat in Amanda's super fun Maury plot, and one of a group of Angry Teens who wanted to burn down the sept because of reasons that seemed very logical to their Angry Teen brains. Geoffredo really took the wind out of our sails by being like "ok, yeah, let's burn down the sept! Let me get these candles...." and going along with it, which gave the other PCs the opportunity to reform us. Oh, and I beat up Kat! Like, a lot! Punched her face up real good, then wrecked my own. Makeup is really fun!)

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