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Best of August!

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Each game, we make a post where people list off their favorite stuff! It's fun!


I'll update this in a bit, but It's usually kicked off by now, and we've never had an august before!



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Welp, I guess I'll start us off, then!

This event was pretty fun as well, and it kind of left a little mark on Drea (no pun intended wink.gif ).


Shift 1 - Innkeeping.


It was SO quiet for the longest time in that Inn. So quiet that Chris even taught me how to play Vlenoan Hold'Em and I actually did pretty well.

Did a lot of people-watching when we did start having PCs and NPCs coming in, finally, and really enjoyed Chloe playing the violin. It was so lovely!


Shift 2 - NPCing.


- Rise and shine, people of Pinedale! Orc O'clock is upon yee!!! As usual - a boatload of fun being an Orc and getting the whole town by "surprise" time and time again.


- Being a dead Buzzer Queen who was brought back to life by Eliana (aka. Pretty Lady with a Pretty Flower in her Hair Pretty Lady Eliana) after a group of adventures destroyed the Fire Elementals that had killed me and destroyed my hive (and almost all my children, except for my favorite daughter, thank goodness). It was awesome to buzz around everywhere and sniff everyone's flowers and buzz in their ear about how we need help finding a safe spot to make a new hive, and getting flowers from a lot of the PCs. It warmed my heart! Also, finding a random dead man on the road with a black rose, going up to him screaming "Oh, no!!! Somebody help him!!! He's dead!!!" and upon noticing the flower on his corpse, grabbing it and saying "Oh, such a sweet dead man! He gave us a flower!" It was awesome to see how many PCs went out of their way to help me and my child find a good place for a hive. Also, after finally realizing that I really shouldn't use that black rose for honey, I gave it up to a PC and told her that the kind dead man gave it to me when he was dead and he'd probably want it back. Hehehe. (Also, the fact that the random dead man was being played by my fiancee and he could not recognize my voice whatsoever is a HUGE plus to my Buzzer voice.)


- Was asked to play the Buzzer Queen yet again, an hour and a half later! This time, two of my children were bickering while they were trying to apologize to me for forgetting to tell me months ago that Micah had requested an audience. Like, 3 months ago. It was a cute and short plot that made me very happy and it was oh-so-fun to be all cute and buzzy to Micah and then turning around in my high-pitched voice and yelling at my bickering children to be quiet and that they're grounded. And their little faces...... so cute! Holy hell, I love playing Buzzers. Seriously.



Shift 3 - PC


- Drea got a corset while in her vacation in Civen. Bowchicawowow.


- Drea made the rookie mistake of mentioning to Titus that, while he was away that morning, she learned how to play Vlenoan Hold'Em and then asked if he wanted to play. BAD. Very bad. Don't ever gamble with people who actually have money. Bad.


- Drea also found out that Titus has made her an official Civen Citizen, and for the sweetest and most loving cause. This event contained some more amazing RP between them was very crucial for the development of their relationship, in both cute and joking ways but also with some troubling, hard facts in which we promised to always be honest with each other, no matter how harsh the truth might be. Exhibit A:

Drea - "Why weren't you affected by that... thing after her tree husband? The other men were."

Micah - "That's because you already have his heart."

Drea - "Aww.... Really?" *butterflies*

Titus - "Yes, my dear." *ten seconds of awkward silence pass* "And I'm also immune to Compulsion."

Drea - "Oh, I see how it is."

Titus - "Hey, it doesn't mean it isn't true! And I thought we were supposed to be 100% honest with each other?!"




- The Dan Husband Tree and the Dan Lizzard. Holy crap. SO FREAKING CUTE AND TALL. Please bring it back!!


- What happens when GoST people scatter around and Titus goes to deal with come Civen business, leaving me by myself at the Inn? I'll let you take a shot at it. (No pun intended)

After getting some motivation from Miria and killing a small troll without a scratch, Drea felt uber victorious. Drea then spotted Ralen by the Inn and started to have a conversation with him. It was a really good conversation too, about some hallucinations and weird migraines Drea's been having, when she suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, spots this man in green with a little green hat and a bow, with an arrow trained at her, and then POW! Right in the face!!!!!!!!

Really though, I'm fine, it was painful when it happened, I have a tad of swelling and redness on my right cheekbone, but my eye is 100% a-ok, Dave, no need to worry. smile.gif Thanks to such quick response by the KoN staff and Leah B, my face is just fine. smile.gif HOWEVER, that did rid the town of the archer that was going around and shooting people, and I won. You're welcome Pinedale. Thank my face.


- Had an INSANELY AWESOME game of Bet the Pot with Titus, Micah, the Inquisitor, Dren, and the wild-haired PC whose name completely escapes me at the moment. I'm sorry. But we had such a huge pot going, at least 1500 coin. So many wrong bets. So many weird hands dealt. So much fun.


- Drea seeked out Baevynn for comfort. She's been having migraines and strange hallucinations for a couple of months, and she has been scared of speaking to anyone about it. There's something about Baevynn that just comforts Drea, and pairing that with an analysis of the situation and some light on what might happen as it gets worse was needed and helped Drea get a hold of the situation. Also, we shared an awesome high-five moment for being romantically involved with two of Pinedale's most notorious Playboys. Hell yeah. We're cool.


Shift 4 - PC


- What happens when Titus goes to bed and GoST goes on some mission in which Drea and Ralen cannot attend, leaving us by ourselves yet again? DEATH.

There we were again, trying to finish up our conversation from earlier regarding hallucinantions and migraines and the conversation Drea had with Baevynn earlier regarding those issues when suddenly wraiths and ghouls. It ended with Oz and Ralen being super gents and getting in front of Drea when the Wraiths started swinging their blades. They both drop. I drop. We're all in the corner by the shelf on top of each other. And we were bleeding out for a solid 9 minutes until Marcus finally comes up and heals up. That was terrifying. Damn you, GoST. (I still love y'all, though.)


- GoST was yet again visited by that weird and hilarious old man, who shared some valuable information with us. I seriously love that old guy and his granddaughter.


- Because of a bad headache and my face was actually hurting when I talked or smiled or laughed, I retired a little earlier for the night.



It was an information-filled event, and I really enjoyed it. Amazing as usual! biggrin.gif See you guys in September!!!

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Oh man. What a great event!



+Beryl getting one over on my sprite. That was great, and totally unexpected!

+WATER BALLOONS! Even if it was a bit messy (wet) getting them filled.

+NEW DRESS! Thanks for the gift, MK. You are, without compare, the very best. :D

+Outcome with the high elf "shiny" terran slave collector. Well, that was unexpected and I like it!

+All of my energetic NPCs and so many new people!



+Heretics family stew. It was so pleasant to spend the morning prepping and cooking the best, most garlic-y thing I've ever made over a campfire!

+Knight sermon. Always nice to hear from Geoffredo.

+Helping a strung-out junkie (Jamie). Really? I already do this in real life. I really enjoyed this, though. :3

+Dan on stilts both as the tallest treeman and the biggest Saurian speaking stilted common.

+GETTING TO THROW A GLASS FULL OF GATORADE IN FRED'S FACE OMG!!! This was the best thing. He was playing an offensive NPC. Eliana warned him she would throw the drink in his face. He kept going. I mouthed, "Can I?", he nodded, it happened. I had to walk away because I couldn't contain my glee. I mean, who ever gets to do that without offending someone? AH, SO GREAT!!!

+A heartfelt moment with Cass, who is so self-loathing, but might be related to a dryad. :)

+Baevynn is baby Ferrazzano's godmother!

+Buzzer queen! Camila is super adorable.

+Getting shot in the back for 8 by Dave's bullshit were-squirrel hunter. I realized instantaneously that though the ringmesh is monstrous (Feb Feast!) denting the armor would throw Eliana off of her feet.

+New moccasins! Although the sole is already starting to peel off...



+Undead horde full of murder. I love how in this game something super scary could be nerfed by PCs being smart, but something so common could end in mass murder because PCs are not so smart about it.

+Psychotic serial killer ghost murdering her husband for murdering her. Poor Octavius. Didn't see that one coming, did we?

+Loved playing a caten. Screaming for help in the field to lure out PCs as super effective.

+NPC inn-eating hooker, who was apparently hired out for a good time with Nalowen after shift drop. :3


I'll be playing Autumn in September! PREPARE!!!

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Too much fun to note everything. Thanks to all the GMs for some super exciting plots this game!

PC - derping around with Ivan and Atticus for 1st shift, making friends with Micah, adding a few pages to Gaerwyn's bestiary, Janos' dramatic return in 2nd, and going almost straight from that to Richard's amazing time-travel plot. So much walking, but so worth it.

NPC - going all out for 3rd again because of the PC/NPC numbers, and having lots of fun trying to make sure I had distinctly different garb for every random hook/character. Got to be one of the jerks who accosted GoST and another group out in the woods with Zach as Octavius' doppelganger – good fighting, you folks! Had an excellent time playing some music at the end of 4th with Laura. And of course, being Becky Dane, following her crazy-senile grandfather around, heckling Octavius and GoST while they fought a Dan!Wraith, then telling them that they need a few dozen Necro ritual components to do the thing they want to do, and peacing out. Best part of my shift.


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1st Shift-

Thaerion hanging around some trees and besting a fire elemental-thingy with Beryl - was loaded with giggles all the way back!!!!

Almost robbed by bandits but not thanks to Sorien(?)'s magic lock!

Meeting another elf-WHAT?!!!

Almost being stepped on multiple times out front of the Inn by a cyclops who apparently did not see me sitting by the front door-along with about 5 orcs :) .

Hanging out with Sorien for a while was really fun!

Seeing Tavon again!


2nd shift

MORE ELVES?! Had a great adventure with Draug and Sidhan and Nalowen!! (Thaerion speaks to more elves?!) Being sent first into battle was sooooo cool!!!!!!

Ambushing orcs, remaining calm and watching a troll come right by and then being taken down!

Attending Thaerion's first ever Knight Sermon!


3rd and 4th NPC shifts

CLIMBING a tree was soooooo much fun! TY

Almost becoming a Dellin sacrifice and confusing the heck out of people=priceless

Being a Civen guard and getting "Beat Up" by make-up department MUCH JOY

Throwing the armor back on and being Pearl's body guard at the inn was so much fun!!!! ALL THOSE COINS

Being an undead is always entertaining!

PLAYING music (i think) with FISH WAS SO much fun (TY Fish for saving my butt a few times- need more than two weeks practice) BUT i loved every minute even if I almost fell asleep a couple times :X


TY everyone for making this the best part of my month every month!

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When Dropbears come to Novitas in the form of lycanthropic squirrels.

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Was a good event. I've finally got my Post Novitas Bruises I used to read about in these "Best Of" 's.






Was a yeb in a monster stampede into town. Ran all the way back to logistics to get a yeb pit to trap the PCs in the in. Get back to the inn to find Kato KB'd in the field and everyone else more or less routed.

Was a yeb again blocking some buzzers from getting home. Between Dan and Jordan I have a yellowish purple arm now. :lol:/>

Was a Dellin (properly without pants/shirt this time!) trying to capture strong Pinedale women to bring back for our tribe. Still bruised behind my ear, BC's don't want to give up their strong women.:P/>


Was a Civenite war criminal being traded back in exchange for a Vleanoan war Criminal. Silly Vleanoans made the mistake of tying my hands in front of me. While we listened to angry peasants arguing with the diplomats I untied my knots, and in the chaos of an orc attack made a break for it. Peasants all died and the exchange went off no problem.






Was given Faecutter by Baldiserrie, was interesting to fight with a great weapon.


Introducing Sona to friends in town, and imagining (or being aware of) the odd looks we were given. Talking to Geoffredo about it gave Michael a lot to ponder about his life (and was the first time he talked one on one with Geoffredo. Woo!)


Heretic stew was very good after killing some skaven for a chest of loot, and then sitting on the porch listening to the sermon on the Knight.


My Inquisitor brother replied to my request in a very cruel way (thanks Chris!). Help him return Vleanoan runaways in exchange for my Vleanoan papers (with what looked like most of the rights stamped). What I'd hoped would be a quick affair turned into a town affair due to Nalowen being in the wrong (right) place at the wrong (right) time. End result no papers, escaped Vleanoans, and my brother very disappointed in me.


Chased a convict from Civen around, took a wrong turn and he escaped. Civen might be sending an army to Pinedale to come find him now. Whoops. :unsure:/>





I really need to find a better medium for boots Authenticity vs Comfort. My feet are too wide for my toggle boots, my heel is pushing the back over the back of the soles. The WWII jump boots are anochronistic but I can at least go the weekend in them. I might be looking into some boot covers soon...

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Since we were shorthanded for NPCs on some shifts, I went out on more plots than usual.


Things I learned:

  • I'm a horrible troll. (But a better troll than I am an orc, and thanks Mike for putting up with "what do we hit for again?" a gajillion times)
  • Sometimes it's all in your head and you're not really to tired to plot. (Dear "Bob" so sorry I kept you on that plot for so long and dear "SEEDan" and "Berry" sorry I kept you up so late.)
  • Stilts are fun! (thanks Dan!)
  • I'm not the best at merchanting.
  • Skaven are big jerks! But sweet elf ladies give you money for baths and steaks! (GM on returning with Gaerwyn's money: "Way to take some coin out of the economy!")
  • I still have a hard time playing a serious character. I wanted to laugh so hard while playing "Bragga" the boasty fighter who just had to have that other lady's man.
  • Lastly: Rigid colodion is pretty much the magic liquid of all things makeupy! Scars, brands, wounds, and now we're gonna try it on golem things? Man it's just the best. I don't know where we'd be without rigid colodion, bruise wheels and blood paste!

All told I had one of the best games I've ever had. Thank you everyone!

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In semichronological order:



  • Unloading the prop shed was a breeze! Thanks everyone who helped!
  • Stilts! I've had them for awhile, but they've been in storage. I can still walk!
  • Sign-in was smooth! Great job everyone.
  • Do I want to level up? ehhh, nope.
  • Atticus is apparently still real mad at Elementals for trying to kill his girlfriend forever ago
  • Dan was hitting way to goddamned hard, so I dropped early, and didn't pick up my calimacil the rest of the weekend. Sorry everyone I beaned (Especially Don!)
  • Wha, what? Atticus was up and dressed at 945 waiting for orcs? WHAT IS THIS?
  • Orcs! boil 'em, mash 'em hit 'em with sticks
  • Richard's plot! I've never been so tempted to retire Atticus. I've got the option to ride off into the sunset and research ancient magic with someone who knew Rowen from the beforetime. Oh gosh
  • Conveniently, 3/5 of the Brave Companions forgot that the other 2/5 didn't speak Andaranien. With the components for polyglot in my pouches, WHOOPS! SORRY DAVE AND KAT
  • Oh man, stilts! What can I do with stilts?
  • Sad treeman is sad :(
  • Rex, the Saurian, come to research the deeds of the 2nd greatest hero of the Gorgon Empire: Pat Lane!
  • "See elf, gorgon empire has... layers. Tiers, yes?" **(Amanda) What tier are you?** (I break down giggling) "Tier... Rex!" (roaring motions)
  • Dan wraith, sorry folks.
  • It's real dark, maybe they can't see me. ZACH SURE CAN'T SEE ME
  • "I fucking hate you" - Zach
  • "None of you damned people picked up a sword after the wraith killed me and I was laying bleeding on the ground?" - Raines
  • Running laps around the gazebo away from Richard
  • Oh man, there's another party coming up. Oh man, they're walking real slow and spread out. *stab stab stab*
  • (Much later) "Hey, there's a body here... it's, oh man it's baevyn!" (Dan breaks down laughing again)

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  • Dan wraith, sorry folks.
  • It's real dark, maybe they can't see me. ZACH SURE CAN'T SEE ME
  • "I fucking hate you" - Zach
  • "None of you damned people picked up a sword after the wraith killed me and I was laying bleeding on the ground?" - Raines
  • Running laps around the gazebo away from Richard
  • Oh man, there's another party coming up. Oh man, they're walking real slow and spread out. *stab stab stab*
  • (Much later) "Hey, there's a body here... it's, oh man it's baevyn!" (Dan breaks down laughing again)



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Guys I missed you , event was sick, friends are great,life is good


PC SHIFTS 1-2 ; Draug the Wolf of the border


- I've never pc'd 1-2 before so this was a real treat to me. the 1 and 2 gm teams are incredible and I had one of the best pc experiences of my larping history on these shifts. I cant thank you guys enough.


- Bringing in my NEW PC. I needed a break from barking orders and being the moral light with OscarSo bringing a wildrunner whos purpose is to take orders and learn the best way to kill everything was a nice change.


- Starting my shift at the edge of the pine-rows was an experience in itself. sneaking through the woods in the dark and finally finding light is a huge help in getting into character. One slip , One wrong path, or bad encounter, I was dead. Crawling 20yards to sneak up on some skeletons (HI GIL, IM SO SORRY) that were waiting for a graveyard ambush and them being frightened that what they Thought was a tree stump just rose and killed them was a bonus.


-NEW PLAYERS. All you guys were incredible and had the tact of seasoned players, definately helping my experience and immersion. The little ordeal with you all sneaking out at night and adventure was alotof fun. "Everyone who comes in this building die,loooook a tree man!"


-Meeting Narene. Dave, you ae an incredible roleplayer and you made my entrance into town all the more memorable , I thank you. "I wasnt fast enough." "Dont you DARE do that to yourself" definately set the tone for hopefully is a long and fun pc experience in the furture


-Finally meeting up with sidhan and h enterenc was awesome. I should have known better than to under estimate that joker.


- Often Im the one sneaking on pcs and stabbing them and running off, using my stag like build to ruin there day.Theres one man who always uses my own tricks against me. IM LOOKING AT YOU RICK.


-Often I would e busy wih something and hear "DRAUG, NEHTA" (elvish for draug, kill(GO GETEM CHAMP)) Droping everything and bolting into the dark to put down whatever sidhan commanded him to do. it led to an amazing chase, and in another instance, a memorable execution .

-Therion and Draug Monster tracking dream team

- Leading orcs back intothe wooods alone was pretty awesome for everyone involved


- Fish ad Kat, Rp ith you two is always amazing and I thank you so much fun {puts fist in face thumbs up}


- All the sat morning craziness. I never sat down and I was so happy about that.

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so first off I want to say thank you to all of the new players at the event. I went out with most of you at5 one point or another and not only did you guys go above and beyond but you made me go above and beyond as well.





in no particular order other then when they pop oin my head.


the good and bad:


going out as an ogre for the first plot of the event fully expecting for us to get dropped quickly instead only finding a couple of people in game and them being low level players. we tried to by pass you guys but you were quite literally the only ones in town.


finally finding an undead mask that works for me and its a gravespawn... yee ha no more zombies for me.


being a smart gravespawn and using my power to buff as many of the big undead much to the ire of the pcs.


the after hours shenanigans that go down after shift is called in the cabin.


getting a chance to further my personal progression through conversations with al's character.


meeting some of the new players charectors.


the murder wave of undead hitting the town when 95% of the pcs and all the heavy hitters other then myself went out on various plots. marcus doing his best to hold the undead at bay knowing that if I fell everyone else was going to die.


getting killed by the murder wave raines and his group show up and deal with what few undead that were still standing. beaven comes over and looks at my body and starts freaking out that marcus was dead made me feel all the feels. its nice to know that others care about my pc.


getting dropped more times in one event then I have in 3 years helped me put a few things back into proper perspective..


because of my foot being in complete agony 4th shift I quite literally sat my ass down and hardly moved the whole shift.


hearing raines telling everyone that the reason he never dies is because he never does anything stupid.


shortly after the inn starts getting plagued by bagmen and so raines singlehandedly takes care of them and extolling how awesome he is and what not. after dealing with 3 or 4 of them we hear a knock at the inn door. raines thinking it was another bbagman flings the door open goes to swing and its a wraith. backpedals inside and proceeds to get dropped by the wraith. he then gets back up and proceeds to get himself killed again. meanwhile im not chalantly getting my shield on my arm and grabbing my sword then go and kill the wraith. as I walk over to raines hes bitching and moaning and acting like a baby so I heal him and he starts yelling at us for not grabbing our weapons and attacking when he got dropped and I shut him up by saying I thought he could handle it cause for the last 20 minutes he was crowing how awesome he was.





I was kind of saddened that the final fight of the night was against a bunch of orcs. I had been expecting an unending wave of undead and was holding a shadowskin in my sword for that very purpose. oh well I killed many orcs while grinning with glee.





that's all I can think of for now.


being the only master healer in town




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-i'm a teddy bear i mean a yeb.

-being a buzzer at night and getting totally flippen lost literally!! sorry guys!

- being a vamp and having a drake? sacrifice a baby to darkness or something like that i was too busy looking like a creeper in the vamp mask




- i finally brought my new character in! yayayay

-i helped a dryad find her hubby even though she was a pain in my butt<3

-being Sona the friendly healer when drea(camila) got smacked in the face :'(

- getting hella drunk and meeting a drake (ethos) for the first time. we are now bffs

- had the best heretic stew ever!

-doing creepy creep stuff in the woods during the sermon. it was a relaxing walk.



-letting ethos get super drunk and showing him a magic trick for 30 coin :P

-watching raines be cocky raines and getting massacred by a dan wraith.

- walking to get my bowl and cup from the cabin.... getting stalked on my way there and then smelled by a dan wraith when i dissipated and pooped my pants


it was amazing event and i cant wait for the next one!!

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