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Drea Marianus

Best of October/Harvest Festival!

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Ok, y'all. I'm at work and super tired but still wired and happy over this awesome weekend!

You know what to do! I'll post my faves later.

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I would have to say that the "Game Master" catching his dagger was one of the most epic moments ever this event. it looked so flawless.

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Storming the temple with Octavious was epic to say the least, and just the overall scene/time frame of it all happening. Ulysseus and myself hearing the cry for help nd immediately finding a dispel from someone to open the door not knowing what's going on, running head high to the temple ripping the door open and kicking over the bench to slay everything inside my other comrade with our "picnic basket" lmao ressurecting outside. Felt like a proud moment for the Rhinos. I also enjoyed meeting the bun master and his challenge even though I couldn't handle the fruit. Sry again bun master

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- Playing into Lori's fears of losing Krod by, ya know, disemboweling him and reading the future in his entrails on the shrine in The Temple. *EVIL CACKLE*


- The dynamic between Narene and Arbor as he gently mentored her through a ghost plot. The Braves standing around freezing, but giving the RP the berth it needed to happen. Kat's big ol' smile when we talked about it OOC in the bathroom the next morning.


- Getting to meet Tammy's Alt, Jaq (sp?), and having some really neat "girl-speak" RP between her, Cold Feet, and the Judge about slavery, soldiers, whores, etc.

Judge - "Well, at least you were given the opportunity to work off your debt and learn a skill you can use now."

Jaq - "I guess it's better than being sold to a whore-house."

ColdFeet - "It's not so bad being sold to a whore house; At least I didn't have to kill anyone."




- Learning that my husband knows a gazillion camp songs. We sang them this morning while taking the tent down.


- Sitting, magic locked inside the Inn next to "THING THAT CANNOT BE HARMED" while everyone else besides it and me are in a Sanctuary bubble. Calmly pulling scroll book from satchel and casting Mindblank. blink.gif


- Misheard questions in a discussion with Draug, Titus, and NPC-Tammy-Whore:

Draug - "Judge, you would sleep with Titus?"

Judge - *no hesitation* "Of course."

Titus - *surprise face* "Well, it would be her duty if asked."

Judge - "What? Wait, what did you say? You asked if I sympathize with Titus, right?"


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So much good!


Shift 1)


- Getting in lots of Teridan's games with PCs I haven't played with before. Reintroducing Quarto and Gobblet after their 2ish year absence and watching people just pick them up and play it made me feel good to be a gameskeep.

- Barrel (sp?) wanting to contribute to the gaming table and saying "here Teridan, I don't need this. Maybe you can use it as a prize." ID Magic. NECKLACE OF HEAL MORTAL WOUND 1/GD???? My jaw fell, bounced off the gaming table, hit my teeth and then fell open again. Finding out OOG information about it later made me fume and laugh at the same time. COURTINIE!!!

- Tammy's gem merchant. Seriously, do you ever NOT have sass?

- "The Greatest Pin Ever" moment. Explanation: Teridan and some Rhinos are in the inn during the end of the night undead wave, watching the assembly line of injured PCs coming dragged in, getting healed, being brought back out. Tammy gets dragged in. Dead Dead. Me: "Do you have a spark?" Tammy "Yes." On autopilot mode of "If they get dragged in they must be a good guy," the Rhinos and I hunt through their stuff for a revive scroll and get her back up. Tammy stands up, starts backing up a little and literally as the words "Don't be afraid," are coming out of my mouth it clicks in my head. That's an NPC tag bag bag... Then Tammy gets me and Ulyssius with Pins before she's killed again.

- "Greatest Pin" Continued. Ulyssius and look look at each other. "So, how's life?" We're about 2 feet apart. Ulyssius: "We just can't move our feet right? The rest of us is fine?" Everyone nods. He takes a seat on the bench behind him. I'm sad panda and am still standing, until someone asks me if I want a chair. Michael drags one over and the two of us sit comfortably and laugh. No dispel to be had (but that's okay, it was after the undead had left). Me: "So, what do we do to pass the time? Play a game?" Ulyssius sais sure, and so a bench gets dragged over and Gobblet gets played on it while we wait out the Pin. Good times.

- Making up a campfire song on the spot and the Rhinos look at me and say "That was DEEP dude."

- Asian Dave as an NPC having me teach him the Pyramid game for the first time. (More about this later).


Festival/Shift 2

- New players

- Everyone enjoying the corn on the cob I brought. I thought I wouldn't have enough, but there were two packages left over.

- Eating ribs with the Brave Companions. My goodness, I sometimes have very good timing. Thank you guys for sharing.

- Seeing the Bun Wizard return!

- The rotating musicians we had all morning were fantastic. When Owl wasn't playing the squeezebox, Tom was playing guitar. When that wasn't happening, either Dave or others were drumming. When THAT wasn't happening, there was sometimes singing. And occasionally, those things were happening at the same time.

- New players

- Lots of activities! I think three scavenger hunts were going on. And then it was time for...

- The Fighter's Tournament. SO much fun here, but what has made the tournament in recent years has been Gafredo's old-man commentary. It just makes everything hilarious.

- Sabriel getting in the ring and lifting eyebrows all around her as she goes toe-to-toe with Marcus. If I may Shakespeare for a moment: "And though she be but little, she is fierce."

- Have I mentioned new players?

- Gafredo taking my dagger to a-PC-who's-name-can't-remember (I'm sorry!). I think EVERYONE was waiting for Gafredo to stop being old suddenly and just become a great fighter all of a sudden. Long unused combat mastery. The kid having to deal with all the boos coming at him. I felt bad inside OOC but it was also really funny.

- THAT DAGGER CATCH. I'd love to say I had anything to do with it other then sticking my hand in the right place, but sadly I do not.

- The sack fighting game. It was HILARIOUS to watch, but unfortunately I had other things I needed to do before...

- The Medium Meet. 9 of us, around GoST's fire pit, talking about the nature of spirits and what it means to be a medium. I'm glad I thought of doing it, and even happier that everyone wanted to come.

- Asian Dave as Ditoro asking me to teach him the Pyramid game for the second time.


Shift 3

- Getting my first ever Slave Token by turning in silvers, only to realize I left myself with only silver and and the token. Needing to break a silver just to buy a drink. When I say ever, I mean across my the PLAYER's entire 9 year history at Novitas.

- Deciding I'd gamed enough for two shifts and walking out to do things. Micha and Christina's-Barbarian-who's-name-I-can't-remember out for a walk and stealthing away from an Orc group by taking the backest of backtrails and then offroading through the woods.

- Having Resilience for the undead battle by GoST cabin. Sooo helpful. I must really create that rod...

- Having people as me to start ornimenting them things all of a sudden.

- Buffing other characters with my swords and shirt and things.

- Not fighting the Scarecrows, but then resolving the Scarecrow plot by mediating the dispute with some help from Titus (who I need to remember to give a little thank-you money too that i got out of the reward cash).

- Asian Dave as a mercenary having me teach him the Pyramid game for a 3RD TIME! You seriously made me explain the same game to you the player THREE TIMES. You goofy bastard. Couldn't "Oh I think I may have played this with friends of mine in Sometown or Thatplaceville." No. You made me explain it THREE TIMES.


Shift 4

- Bringing back Korzaro for Myra after nearly a year. Talking about the horror of the Undead when they are not around humans. Talking about the true nature of Vampires, and that Reginold cannot be trusted (this happened only because he was mentioned to me while he happened to be wandering town). I love recurring NPCs. Having some good deep personal plot with her. Then later, returning as the same character to instill the intense fear of the coming of Nabunexus (sp?). It got really tense.

- Feeling dumb for not remembering that Draug is a sneaking bastard. My Oni getting Owned from behind by him. Damnit.

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WAY TOO MANY THINGS TO COUNT! This was a great event but here's some things that particularly stick out


- GMing and sending out MK and Dave as my "Ghost is not happy her husband is remarrying no one actually did anything wrong roleplay through this y'all". They did such a great job and apparently I made Kat really happy as Arbor got to sort the whole thing out.


- Tom as my "Dellin with weird marriage custom" character. Apparently he and Arbor got divorced pretty quick but Micah's still married.... Can't wait to follow up on that... heheheh


- Pretty much ran logistics by myself for a while... Not sure if apprentice GMs are supposed to do that, but I was getting really exhausted by like 1 am and Julie was wonderful and told me to go the hell to bed if I wasn't feeling good. Much love <3


- MAH PRETTY NEW DRESS!!! If you were in logistics 1st shift you watched me bounce, wiggle, jump, strut, squeal, prance, and flounce in my wonderful new Lori dress. I didn't even mind when in character someone pointed out that Krod and Lori have "uniforms". No f@#$s given, I felt like a freaking Vleadellin princess. Thank you MK! I got SO many compliments.


- Harvest fest was fun! Krod and Lori got the spellstore mantle and a bag of gems from the treasure hunt, and Krod won the pie eating contest and got us a necklace of 2 power, which breaks cap. He gave all the good stuff to Lori. He's a good man.


- Medium meeting! That was so cool to hear from all (most? No Oscar) the mediums and what they felt was their duty as a medium. Lori has a buncha new people who are looking out for her and who can answer questions about this whole being able to see ghosts thing.


- The hags and the ogres. SO MUCH SCREAMING FROM LORI. I LITERALLY MIGHT HAVE TO GO HOME FROM WORK BECAUSE MY THROAT IS TERRIBLE AND I CAN'T TALK. Oh my god I don't know if this was tailored to screw with Lori's fear of being helpless to save Krod but I got magic locked out of the Temple and was screaming and caterwauling at the top of my lungs "THAT'S MY HUSBAND IN THERE, LET ME THE @@#$%@^$%^^ IN NOW!!! OPEN THE GODDAMN DOOR!!!" while Dave H stood there and jeered at me. It was heart breaking and terrifying and AMAZING.


- Lori is now on TEAM FREAKING RHINOS because of the hag/ ogre plot. Lori pulled an Eliana and roared for help from the town and Rhinos came charging in with scrolls of revive and dispels and half the town on their heels. They followed the cardinal rule: when a healer screams for help, you freaking go help. This helped restore Lori's faith in humanity after the bandit plot where she AND Eliana screamed for help from the town and people just sorta strolled in. Rhinos came RUNNING along with other amazing people, I was just seeing red at the time and really only saw a lot of black and purple and a crossbow, so I know Vandros was there. I think Octavius was there too. If you had a hand in killing some hag and ogre asses, Lori loves you too.


- Hysterical crying Lori episode #3. The first one was with Oz, "I'M NOT OKAY", the second one was with Geoffredo after the Soothsayer gave her the sight last month. This one was "I don't want my visions to be true, I can't keep standing by and not being able to help my friends when they're in trouble!" Geoffredo looked her dead in the face and said it was a BLESSING she was outside because she was able to rally the town and get help. He THANKED HER for helping to save them. This was HUGE character development thing for Lori. Literally, the thing that saved them was the fact that Lori was able to get help. Otherwise no one would have thought twice about a bunch of innocent looking people going to the Temple to pray. We would have been PCD'd before anyone came to help. Lori doesn't feel so helpless anymore, and she feels like she was able to prove her crazy nightmare wrong. She WASN'T helpless to stop it.


- Al is an amazing roleplayer. I would like to pay my monthly homage to him


- Alex is also an amazing roleplayer because after he got revived he went into crazy animal rage mode, and even though I was crying right in front of him he did not give in to trying to comfort me. He stayed in character all through my hysterical fit and was on edge all the way until like five minutes before we dropped character when Krod finally started to calm down again. It was intense and amazing.


- NPCing as a stupid farmer listening to Tom and Katie tell spooky stories. Some gems from this character:

"There's a lake?"

"So wait... I have a question... there's a lake?"

"Liches aren't real. That sounds like a normal guy who's pretending. If he's a monster he'd be rotten, like a tomato."

"There's a lake?"


Me: "People are like tomatoes. They have skin, they have water and guts inside, and they grow in families."

MK: "... I can't argue with that logic."

Me: "There's a lake?"


MK: "How old are you?"

Me: ".... i don't know. I don't keep track. I don't numbers."

MK: "Come here sweetie.... Diagnosis?"

Me: "I'm just stupid."

MK: *disappointed face*


- Drowning plot. I went a little too all out with that because I think all the coughing I did also killed my throat, but I brought a bottle of water out there with me and made it sound like I was gurgling and drowning. Daitoro BOLTED into the water and saved me, it was amazing.

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Every NPC that was out at Lootsville Friday night, you're all awesome and thank you for giving us PCs such a great fight. It's hard fighting in the dark, accidents happen, but you all did a great job of giving one hell of a fight and for the most part kept safe with minimal accidents (stepped on bodies, etc). I apologies for all my shots that were too high, I'm still working on my accuracy with Faecutter...


Durian fruit. Bun Wizard you're a sadistic snow goblin, lol. Had to try it just to say I have, though.


I lasted the same number of rounds in the fighters tournament as I did last year, although in all honestly my celebrity opponent was too kind and let me win (Still appreciated, Dan!)


Watching Asian Dave as a scarecrow silently losing his shit under his mask as Octavius stands straddling him and searches him for loot that I know isn't there. Octavius: "I don't...I don't understand!" Then someone stabs Scarecrow Dave and he goes stock still. Was great.


Sending Mike out as a bard worked as well as I'd hoped, glad someone was in a singing mood this event that I could use the plot this time around.


Although the plot was Maggie's (All props to her), hearing about Al's reaction to the couple that couldn't have a child asking for one to adopt made me feel like a good GM living vicariously by sending out someone else's plot :D


As always, enjoyed watching 4th shift shenanigans as I worked the inn.

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After not much sleep at all since leaving Novitas, here it is... I'm going to try and keep it short, I'm really tired.


Shift 1 - InnKeeping

- The usual fun and excitement! Got increasingly busy as the stove's magic finally worked and hot food could be served. (Thanks, Mike!!)

- The Rhinos asked to open up a tab but to not include one of their members whose name escapes me at the moment. Ingrid tried to pry for gossip material so hard, but her eyelash-batting didn't work in her favor this time. Should have worn the low-cut garb... but chose not to because cold.

- Ivan. (Do I really need to add anything else? Oh. Yes. Ivan AND Tammy and Maggie prostitutes. My favorites.)

- Ingrid was asked quite a lot if she knew this Drea person, because they apparently look alike. Such mystery..... She does know her, but doesn't see the resemblance whatsoever.

- Arbor shoved a whole banana in her mouth to prove a point that was actually lost while we were trying to not look at her so we wouldn't have a mess to clean up. Ingrid was so impressed, she threw some of her night's earnings her way.

- Bwen was awesome! The two of us, while shaking, equipped ourselves with spatulas and other kitchen items as protection during Inn attacks and cowered in a corner. Pinedale's heroines right there!



Shifts 2 (Harvest Festival) and 3:


- TOO. MANY. COOKIES. I think I ate about 10 of them. Oof.

- As Titus and I stepped out and head to the Inn first thing, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful and awesome music could be heard. And I danced. In place. Yes. Seriously, Schuyler, you're an amazeballs musician and I hope you bring your accordion back.

- Drinking and walking around, trying not to think of the impeding altercations between Titus and Ivan that could occur at any time during the Festival. It really did a number on my nerves, both in-and-out of character (ever since Titus first told her about it last month. Damn you, Titus!). But once it happened and it seemed like it was going to go very badly, Atticus saved the day (at least in Drea's book). She did thank him, but she has yet to really get the chance to approach him and talk to him. Maybe one of these days... While attempting to steer clear of Ivan. It was a very, very tense moment. You could feel it and see it in everyone's faces.

- Debated joining the Fighter's Tournament. Damn my stupid anxiety. I'm doing it next year - y'all hold me to it. Speaking of the tournament, I could not stop cracking up at Geoffredo!! Oh my goodness!! Hilarious comments, making the ring smaller, and joining in for a fight. I was soooooooooo hoping for a Yoda moment, had all my toes and fingers crossed, but it didn't happen. Instead, it was even funnier and adorable. I seriously love that old man. Terridan catching his dagger in mid-air - EPIC.

- The Medium gathering was very profound. Drea had never really interacted with Narene, and after hearing him talk about being a Medium and his overall knowledge of the subject has made him a figure of respect for her. It was great listening to other Mediums who have had different experiences than her and how they came to find out about their abilities. Intriguing stuff, and very glad it happened.

- That sack fight was incredible!! Bummed out that I had to leave it to attend the gathering, but had a ridiculously fun time while watching.

- Arbor is adorable. That is all.

- Lost count of how many times Titus and Drea were asked if they were husband and wife. But, instead of hearing a "No..." out of Titus, Drea kept hearing "Not yet." Even Zerene, who was brand new in town, made sure to tell him to not let Drea be "the one who got away". She finally took the time to look at him and say "'Not yet", eh?", just to get a sweet smile from him in return. Her heart is happy.

- We all learned that Drea's hips don't lie. Maybeline (MK's adorable recurring little farmer lady) pointed out to Titus in a serious tone that "those are some nice child-bearing hips. Don't forget that."

- Got killed by a Bagman while doing GoST things with Octavius and Ralen and accompanied by Zerene, Baevynn, and Titus. Baevynn got me back up, and before I could even think, FREAKING PAT FREAKING LANE crouches down next to me.

"Are you immune to Fear?"

"............... FUCK. YOU."

"Better start running!"

Aaaaaand running and screaming for my life that lasted about 10 seconds because a good samaritan blunted me down. And good on Ulysses for using my Nature and Poison axe to go after them after I went down. And for bringing it back intact. Good on ya, mate! Freaking Rhinos!

- Killed a werewolf and was infected with Lycanthropy for the first time ever, and was terrified once a concerned Titus explained that because they actually broke through my armor I needed Wolfsbane. Thank you, Octavius.

- Actually won money on RLC! or LCR! Or whatever!

- Helped two ghosts go back to the well. One didn't know she was dead (Katie is the best ghost ever), and one was so used to coming into the Inn to eat and drink that it was all he wanted to do. Drea really enjoys being able to help ghosts move on. Her motherly side comes out, the comforting and caring side of her take over. She loves it.

- Intense GoST ritual was intense. Whoa!

- Tango-ing with Jasmine and Zerene to the accordion. Those gorgeous ladies sure know how to move it!

- Very happy to see Baevynn. Drea is very strangely overprotective of her.

- Drea has agreed to deliver letters from Artemis to his betrothed, Ingrid the InnKeeper, since they no longer see each other while in town. Those two sure have an interesting relationship.


Shift 4 - GMing

- Let me begin with a handful of extraordinary people I'd like to thank because reasons - David Morgan, Tammy, Jordan B, Nick Q. Thank you.

- I absolutely love GMing with Al. We were both set on sending spooky stuffs because it's October, and I personally think we delivered!

- Being a Siren was fun! And very short-lived. Freaking Draug and his avoiding of trapboxes *shakes angry fist*

- Playing my own Doppelganger in an attempt to assassinate/fool/lure away/do something bad to Titus was really, really weird. A good weird. It was so hard to keep a straight face when the others PCs started recognizing me in the Inn once I came in with my pimp (David M) and a fellow whore (Tammy), and revealed my bound hands and having no expression as I searched the room for Titus. I had to bite my lips and dig my nails on the palms on my hand to stop myself from smiling or breaking character - which actually felt proper for a Doppelganger as it's trying to impersonate a person. Their horrified faces as they saw Drea bound, with an ugly shiner, and whispering "Titus! Titus! Titus! .......... help me". His facial expression was priceless. I was unbound in seconds, my confused as hell pimp was threatened (then killed, then brought back and then killed again. Poor guy), and I acquired his sword. But then Titus started putting two and two together, noticing my items were gone except for the nonmagical bracelet he gave me when our romanced was only a teeny spark, and then he asked what happened. "I was attacked leaving town and headed home. He hit me and bound me and he's had me for hours.... He attacked me!"

"But.... I walked you home." *grabs my equipped hand*

Struggled to make a bold murdering move and ultimately failed, being killed by Daitoro. It was really neat hearing them debate if I was the real Drea or not, and it made me want to hug Nick when I heard the hurt and confusion in the "Get it out of my face, I don't want to see it." and "But she attacked me...". Dawww. I sowwy. :3 but really, not sorry.

-Thank you to all my NPCs, especially the guys who make up the Rhinos. Y'all immediately sprung to the call of action when my squeaky voice called out for NPCs.

- Being in charge of the final battle was insanely overwhelming. I'm very thankful for all the patience my NPCs had while I was trying to keep it cool and not have a freak out moment while trying to put it all together and give you all details. And Jordan. Seriously, thank you. <3


Cannot wait until November!!!

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I haven't done one of theses in a while. Its like coming back to an old friend :P. Before I start out though... Kudos to all the New players that showed up. Everyone was enthusiastic and ready and willing to go out there and you all seemed to be having a great time! And a special thanks to the NPC's that went out to Lootsville on 1st. I know that trek isn't the most fun in the world (Part of the reason I didn't go on it.)



- It is great to get to the site early and get everything ready for my encampment while waiting for everyone to show up. And watching Steve A's Fortress of Solitude get set up just makes me want to go out and have one too. Just cant say no to blanket forts!


Shift 1:

- I dont know why you do this to me Rosh-Alex... But Candy Boggarts. I killed 2 of them alone. They seamed like such nice guys just wanting to give everyone candy. But Oz hates sweets, so they are extra evil. *Stab* *Stab* *Stab*. Looting the body was hilarious though. Every time I go too look some where, "You find... CANDY!" and I get a 2 or 3 pieces of candy corn hurled at my face.


- Going out for about 10 min Patrolling with Michel Mortison and a few of the Rhinos. We thought we heard something in the woods so we go out scouting for it in the distance we dont find anything near by. So we all took up formation, I took lead and did a quick scout of the town going up and around the bathhouse. I enjoy the little moments when I can pull from Oz's past as a Tactician. Pulling together formations, we were probably the safest unit in Pinedale. Until...


- Vampires. I tell them all to go back to the Inn, I was going to check on my shop for a moment. And I see 4-5 of them run past the light. I yell over to the Inn to let them know I was gonna die, Then drew the attention of them towards me out in the field. Whats worse is that in the middle of that fight, By Buckler comes undone and my glowworm comes loose and flies off into the forest with the light off. Then I dead. :(.


- Getting to talk with Pavlo in the Inn and sit down for a long chat. Krod-Alex, Keep playing this guy. Getting to talk to him about all his experiments, Learning about a super troll GosT killed years ago, And making my first business partner for a steady supply of healing scrolls. All in one big go and a good amount of iced tea from The Fish! Also, Learning exactly what his skills and wares are and selling them to the town for him. "Baldi, You want buffs? Talk to this guy. Give him coin, He will hook you up."


- And Speaking of Baldi, Oz actually showing more emotion and buffing, Spellstoring, and doing what he could for his friends going out into Lootsville. It was a stoic time, going to them one by one and embracing them in a fashion and sending them off with well wishes as I was dropping to go to bed. Then Ivan shows up as Beryl, Elf, and I are walking out the door. Messed up my facts when I told Ivan the number... Ment to say about 60,000 counting the reserves, Maybe added a zero on the end. Woops! That was so intense though seeing Ivan being so stalwart about his opinion. Speaking up to him, I was almost sure I was about to get stabbed along with a few other members of that trip.


Shift 2:

- Doing Logistics at Harvest Fest. Literally the best.


- The music going on all day was great! I dont think there was a time were music wasnt going on besides the fighters tourney and Ivan's sack-whack. The talent that out game has is great and music really does liven up the game and take it to an whole 'nother level.


- Getting to open the shop full bore! Thank you everyone for stopping by! Thank you Narune for having the trading blanket on the porch! Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my Cloud Cake! ( I lose my Oven for 2 days to be able to make them so really, Thank you for eating them! It means my hard work isn't for nothing!) Thank you super lots to Courtinie for manning it while I went and did PR and Marketing. I am super excited to see what all is going to happen at Owl and Ore... Except Bandits.


- Right before opening up the store as I was announcing it, All of the Rhino's circle around me and start asking me questions. Finding it odd that All of their stuff got stolen right as I open the shop fully. Again, Was pretty sure I was gonna get stab. But when you were in the shop all day getting ready, It makes for a good alibi.


Shift 3:

- Going out as a day time ghost. Remember, Ghosts dont care what time it is :P. Everything for that plot was on the fly and it was great to RP the slow realization of, Hey... Im dead. Lori and Geffrado were amazing at letting a poor farmer sit and pray for a moment in silence and Geffrado quieting down the temple when Lori asked him to. Then just going about my farmer life like nothing changed. One of the best RPs I have done and really shows me why I enjoy NPCing over PCing.


- Going into town as a random person getting food from the Inn, Heading back down and being told to go be a bandit. Looked at what I was wearing, Grabbed a dagger and hid it, went right back in as a scout. Smart thieves send in someone to find all the goods first anyway.


- Waiting for the rest of the Bandits to show up I get to walk around town, talk to people, Then I hear a Lori screaming her head off. While she was distracting the town, I sneak in to the Casino and GosT and scope the place out. Then go back to the temple as they are finishing up with the Orges, Insert my self as a traveler wanting a moment to pray... decide to come back later because Lori was having her breakdown. Eyed Geffrado putting coin in his box before I left.


- As that same Bandit, When the rest of the crew got into town the Rhino's were sniffing them out. So I walk up with one of them and ask him what was going on. He says he "Has all the Rhino's things and is trying to get behind them" So I slowly pull out my dagger, wait for the time to distract them so my friends can start a fight if they need or slip away. Start Stabbing into one of the Rhino's as he drops, Grabs their basket and takes a starts to calmly backpedal as the Rhino's come to stab me saying he was one of them. " Woah Woah... Im sorry guys... He told me he had all of your things and was trying to get behind you. I thought he was a bad guy or a thief or a doppleganger or something. Here I can fix it." Heal him with one of the Rhino's consumables I took and the Rhino's thank me for watching their backs. Rolling 20 on bluff checks is pretty fun ;).


Sadly I missed getting to PC on 4th due to an injury I took. Heard a lot of great things though! Cant wait for it to be November!

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