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RP Skill Approval Winter 2016

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Druid 4 for Temperance Cooper.


Most significantly, Temperance has been mentoring druids and potential druids since her last skill increase -- Michael Mordison, Jace, and several others who have come and gone from Pinedale, as well as consistently RPing the role of the Druid in observing and protecting the balance of Nature.


Additionally, she never lets a Druid-focused plot go unanswered, even if that means finding another druid better equipped to handle the problem. In the last year, she has focused far more on her Druid and Nature abilities than on her role as a healer, and is more interested in using the powers of the natural world to protect the Freelands than she is in just healing everyone after the fact.

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Traygard The Iron Wall.(new PC) im applying for status 1 since he is retired and served well to his order. And now has Ben given the task of roaming the lands looking for potential Knights

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I would like to apply for medium if possible. I believe this skill set would broaden my pc and his abilities. It would also be a good asset for my group to have a medium to possibly open us up to more plots and things for us to do in future.

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Drea to Medium 2, please.

She has been very eager to learn about this ability and she is always, always helping spirits and others. She looks up to Teridan and Baevynn and sees them as mentors.

She has had a very long and immensely educational/helpful conversation with Teridan, which sprung the idea of gathering the Mediums of Pinedale during the Harvest Festival to get everyone together and help the new Mediums in town understand this gift and its demands.

In every shift she's in, she will always go out of her way to help a spirit in need - whether a troubled soul needing to go back to the Well, unfinished business before their death, helping spirits realize they've died and helping them accept that. She has also interacted with Narene and Richter (sp?) during different plots and spirit "issues" and has been very pleased to be able to successfully help every spirit she's come across this far.

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Sent PM to Seri directly.

EDIT: copying below for "officialness" and stuff:


Here's my official request for Merchant 5. I set some goals for myself.


Here are a few details...


Merchant Goals:

Acquire at least one stable trade connection to each of the 7 outer Kingdoms of Novitas and link them through the Freelands.

Unify businesses under contract to establish the Ollevres Trans-Novitas Trading Company (by signed and sealed paper contract).

Establish trade contact with at least 5 additional reputable sources or recipients.


Completed Milestones:


Appropriate Documents:

- I now have physical props with trade routes outlined (mini-maps) as well as an official seal and signatures unifying various companies under the Trans-Novitas Trading Company.



- Exclusive agreements with Terran Gem miners (~2010)



- Consul Titus Marianus signed under unification agreement for OTNTC.

- Country of origin. Direct connections with Civen Merchant Guild (dues have been paid consistently - both to actual collectors and imposters, for certainty).



- One of the original trade routes organized (2009) and later cooperated with scholars on alchemical formula development.



- Established business agreement with both "Brewmaster" and "Bun Wizard" as well as Teridan the "Game Master"


Great Forest:

- Renewed discussions with Wild Runners and informal agreements to smuggle goods through protected and guided routes.

- Strong trade relations and ally to Germinas (since moved from original location within the Great Forest)



- Confirmed protected passage between Gersh (Eastern mountains) and the Western Tribelands with local barbarian tribes.

- Established business agreement with the Savant, "Oz" (for whatever that's worth)


- Established informal (but shaken) agreement with a contact in Vlean regarding smuggling of goods (gems primarily) through certain lesser-known avenues.

- Private shipping agreement connecting south of Whispering Plains to southern tip of Vleanoa.



- Initial contact with Gersh merchants regarding advanced alchemical formulae back in ~2012.

- Working on establishing a ghostweed/madweed trade pact with liaisons in the Mad Wastes.


Personal Products of Trade:

- Scrolls [Library of All Known Magic]

- Alchemical goods [General and Rarities]


Sourced Products of Trade:

- Gems (Terra)

- Lumber / Stone / Foodstuffs (Germinas)

- Wine/Luxury Supplies (Civen and Evenandra)

- Elven Crafts (Evenandra)

- Alchemical goods [General] (Civen and Gersh)


Associate Products of Trade:

- Ale / Spirits (Local)

- Pastries (Local)

- Entertainment (Local)


Known Notable Contacts:

- Reputation with Lord Aurum Goldright of Terra

- Recognition of quality by Lord Iga Shinzen of Gersh (recipient of the Jade and Iga "Pillow Book" smile.gif ). Allied supplies provided during war.

- Ally to Lord Richter Wygraf of Germinas. Supplies provided during war.

- Reputation with Consul Titus Marianus of Civen.

- Strong reputation with former Champion of Pinedale

- Married to Lady Britta of Clan Suntower, "Princess" of Evenandra.

- Uh... several more that I'll need to look up in my notes to remember them all...


Promising/Potential Contacts:

- Pisceans... possession of the conch (means for which to contact the Pisceans) and several years of positive encounters allows for a consistent and guaranteed method of contact for diplomatic negotiations.. Conducted trade but no formal arrangement established.

- The Nosferatu "Reggie" may open windows of opportunity if certain arrangements are necessary.

- Past open discussions with Lord Saito of Gersh (before his leave). Unknown status.


Rival Caravan:

- Virgil "the Collector" and his agents (observers/scouts for rare magical artifacts)

Other Points of Note:

- Became conversant with "Killer", a Kasvak (~2010ish) who established a truce after helping her pack. Speaks fluent Canine. Opened the doors for the ability to trade/communicate with Kasvaks, potentially.

- In that respect, Speaks all common languages (and even a few uncommon ones) to aid in diplomacy and trade.

- This includes knowing "Thieves Cant" well enough to communicate with any underground contacts if necessary.

- NPCs have appeared in game from the Trans-Novitas Trading Company, making it "official canon".

- I have a sign so I have an "official" business, but I conduct a lot of business in private. People come to me by reputation so I don't typically advertise my wares to the public by setting up an open shop (aka. 'a target for bandits'). Hopefully this doesn't negatively affect a broad perception of my mercantilism approach.

- I'm pretty sure I'm the oldest PC merchant left in game, unless Atticus is dealing some kind of secret corporation under the table.

- I'm shooting for a different facet of being a Merchant. Moving from just peddling potions to something more large-scale by making agreements with NPCs and moving this toward more of an RP direction.


Based on all the information above, I'd like to formally request Merchant 5 in the upcoming season.

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Requesting Druid 1 for Miriam Zeig.


Details to follow in character blog posts, but the short story is she's spent a lot more time sleeping under trees than in beds in the last year. She often feels safer, or has what seems to be sudden insight or intuition while touching one.

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Medium 3

Drestroying the Stranger's Bane. Necklace that made it's wearer, including undead, immune to necromancy.

Helped perform a ritual with Richter and the Avatar of the Stranger To fix the ley lines (No more daytime undead) This was before rituals were badass.

Continuing to seek help from other mediums if I get myself in over my head.

Diving head first at every single final rest bell that can be heard all night every night. Seriously if I am PC'ing and there is a bell ringing I am there first person there,usually with a half formed party tailing me.

Saving two farmers and a merchant in the spring from being final rested. Also disrupted the final rest ritual that was being cast down by the lake december event all by myself until Baldiserrie arrived.

Helping defeat Nabu Nexus

Putting Carina Kent's spirit to rest.

Dropping everything to put a spirit to peace at feb feast. I explained to him that he was dead and let him talk to his family one last time.

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Status 2 for draug , status being in the wild runners .

Reason : I am the night


Druid 2

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Applying for Merchant 4 for Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker:


Oz has been working hard to increase his renown and clout with all of the merchants traveling though the Freelands region. To help with this goal he established the Owl and Ore: General Store. The store has allowed Oz to create a brand recognition for himself, his wares, and his crafting skills. The store has also become a relatively safe place for commerce to happen in Pinedale that is open for everyone to come in and find the goods they are looking for and has a bit of a higher class than sitting in the Inn hawking wares as people eat their meals.


Offerings the Owl and Ore give to the people of Pinedale and Travelers that has been overseen and set up by Oz:

- A collection of constantly rotating and refreshing stock of consumables, magic items, ritual components, and random adventuring general goods.

- Access to an easier way to have items crafted for them if what a person is looking for isn't in stock .

- A safe place (Well, as safe as you can get in Pinedale anyway) to conduct any business between any parties and accessories available to help conduct peaceful negotiations.

- Consignment for anyone to leave stock in the store to be sold for them while they adventure.

- Space able to be rented upon request for others outside of the Owl and Ore to set up their own wares and provide for the town.


Oz has also created partnerships with other Merchants in the town to increase the stock the shop offers and create stronger contacts, trade agreements, and create a price standard within the town. These include Micha, Sorien, and Beryl for now but I am always looking to expand on more partners under the umbrella of Owl and Ore.


Oz's other main focus is taking on apprentices and helping teach and grow them in exchange for using their already acquired skills and skills they are learning to help at the Owl and Ore. These include:

- Beryl (Who worked her way up to becoming a partner) Teaching her Herbalism, How to Identify and evaluate the worth of items, and general merchanting skills.

- Fe de Butcher bought into an apprenticeship where he will be using space at the Owl and Ore to create his butchering business and Oz will be teaching him how to market his product, how to obtain supply lines with local farmers, and general skills he will need the more invested into his business he becomes.

- Nahkei will be learning Alchemy from Oz when he is passing in town in exchange for staying at the shop while he is in passing

- When Oz returns from his Pilgrimage he will be taking Spragg on as an apprentice as well. As to exactly what I will be teaching him will be talked about IC in April.


Oz has also worked with many of the NPC guilds inculding the Merchants Guild (Though mildly to be fair), The Freeland Farmers Guild, The Alchemist's Guild of Novitas. He is always throwing his name out to most every NPC, Merchant or not, To help spread his name and let as many people as he can know about the store. With all the information here and my RP in game showing that Oz puts his merchanting first and foremost I am hoping you will approve me for taking Merchant 4.

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Sidhan Celeberyn


Druid 4.


Sidhan's name translates to "Peacemaker of the Silver Tree". Integrating the needs of The People and the needs of our Sylvan neighbors as his duty-bound priorities is the lens he used to make decisions about who gets priority. As a high-profile representative it's doubly important that he be seen as an example and someone his citizens can rely upon to have their best interests at heart.


Spent the 2015 year focusing on balancing "natural" conflicts with those of townsfolk and traveling humanoid concerns.


Achieved a personal RP goal! Preserved the life of EVERY Bog Lurker, Yeti, and Ooze I encountered. All of them. I had to heal a couple, but I did it. Primarily used combination of compulsion, classic conditioning, and negotiation to redirect them. Guided them to areas they could make homes away from them path of travelers and townsfolk. (Feel free to contact me about where I send each type. It's an RP thing between us and them.)


Redirected all Yeb encounters except for 2 in the same way. (There seemed to be absolutely no way to avoid the fight.)


RP conversations out loud with trees and stones BEFORE talking to any PC on NPC on the start of my shift.


Moved a "child-aged" Dryad (and her sapling tree) out of the grove where her sisters had been cruel to her. Relocated her tree wholesale to a spot 20 yards behind the Fae Circle with the intention of helping to raise her to become a healing spirit and eventual wise-woman to the people of Pinedale. Women in the next human generation should be able to come to her for training in healing magic,herbalism, and alchemy. (i'm finishing Savant in April so that I can act as her teacher in Alchemy and Potion Brewing. Roping in Temperance to teach her Healing.) We spent an hour clarifying mortal free will and how it is dangerous for men to see her more than 1 day out of 4 because they can become ensnared by her magic. She gets it. She had a traumatic experience with a Treeman that was partially changed but when he got separated from her he realized he wanted to go back to his family. There was no reversing the partial change. It was terrible.


I deliberately spend time every event walking the trails alone as Sidhan for "meditation". I makes sure I get seen out there away from town alone and in the forest. Perception cements everything.


Agreed to take on a new PC in training as a Druid at the end of December Event. Dis gun be gud.

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Druid one for new PC Daga Morr


Reasons. He is a 400 year old Snow Goblin descendent of The first corrupted line of Druid Elves( wasn't sure how to word this but in short he is a descendent of the first line of Elves to be corrupted into Snow Goblins). He has been practicing the Drudaic way for centuries. He has come to Pinedale in response to the cries he has heard from the forest and the lack of Druid action.

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