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Michael Burnheart

Best of Feb Feast!

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This event was great! The NPC's did an amazing job considering it was supposed to be an all pc shift. Good job to all of the wonderful staff who worked so hard to make this event, and the game, as amazing as it is.


Now let's see some of the post Feb Feast hype!



As per usual, getting my ass kicked by orcs.

Ghost! Is it bad that I love seeing dead people? Everything worked out but it wasn't my best performance.

The funeral of Ulysseus. It was a sad moment almost interrupted by a group of orcs.

The frost bandits were a fun encounter. One of the many things I need to look into XD

Mask Fragment? Hmmmmm

The final fight was great, enough said.

"Choose the smallest and noblest amoung you to ask your question." We picked Beryl? Everyone seemed okay with it except Ferris who was shaking his head. I caught it... I wonder if anyone else did.

Richard's worshipper of darkness was a mental ninja... It is the first time in six years that I questioned my character choices pertaining to the gods. I had to make a choice and for a moment it could have gone either way. Richard's words were a torture all of their own. That moment defined how I used to play my character and how I will play my character in the future. It was the best moment of feb feast. It was the best moment of my entire larping experience.

Because of this ^^^ Double checking to make sure the dead man was dead and not an Avatar of Darkness. Again, mental ninja...

Final notes

Couldnt drink because I had to drive back to niagara falls for school/work reasons. i still had a blast watching all of the crazy before I left.


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"Bring me the smallest and most noble of you,"


-Town selects Beryl-



((Edit Note: I am pretty sure the head shaking was Ferris telling Titus not to ruin it, If I remember Adams side of it correctly.))

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Feb Feast was wonderful, I needed to see you nerds again something fierce.


Playing my first ghost. Was a simple plot, and I had to fight so hard to not grin as my mother tells another PC her missing son's name right next to Burnheart right before I tell him my name (Is there an echo in here?)


Getting back at my two-timing wife for leaving me to serve time while she escaped with the money. Luckily Tidus just happened to be walking past, otherwise I probably would've had to fight Steve Arnold.


Getting to be a battlemaster and blow most of my power, broke 2 shields and then went down under strikes from about 3 different pcs at once.


Getting rolled by the Druids and friends as Skaven and interrupting a manhood ritual hunt, and our hook showing up just in time to kill the last skaven with another adventuring party. Tricksy elves!

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My first Feb Feast was amazing! It was great seeing everyone and making new friends!


Seeing the whole Bun Wizard Quest complete was very intense. Huge props to Fish and Jimmy for their superb NPCing as Becker and his granddaughter, as usual. Poor Titus, getting dragged into all of it without any warning. Cannot wait to see what happens next in this subject!


Yay! Titus broke out into song in the Inn and proposed to Drea! Who, after happily saying yes, proceeded to get beyond drunk on some super old wine. Regrets. She should have listened to Titus, Vincent, and Autumn. Thanks, Narene, for the Purify Spirit and for letting her run out of the Inn to throw up violently over the stairs. Lesson learned.


Autumn and Drea are "friends" now! Alpaca jokes, talking a little about their pasts, and offering each other backup in case their pasts catch up to them - a lot of fun RPing with Autumn. Such badass.


*boops Ferrous' nose jokingly*

Ferrous - "What.... does..... it.... do????" *diagnoses himself*


Getting Ferrous tangled up in a mild conversation about weddings and traditions was.... fantabulous. The look on his face during the whole conversation-argument Drea was trying to achieve was priceless.


Helped a ghost tell Thaeron (I'm so sorry, Laura, I cannot spell your PC's name lol) some cryptic message. Also got them to talk for a bit, which was very nice.


Civen journalists are very, VERY nosy, and Drea does not like them.


The last battle of the shift, where Kyle spent a long time laying down on the cold snow while we all tried to make sense of the riddles he told Beryl. Also, getting Strength and Primal cast on Drea so she could dig a proper burial site for Kyle's NPC, who had been slaughtered by worshipers, was pretty neat. Much digging. Such strength. Very primal.


Cannot wait until April!!! Such awesomeness! Thank you, KoN Staff, for putting all of this together. I loved it.

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-getting flattened by Orcs, oops

-Stupid Flowers!

-Oooooo shiny!

-Snowballs! Snowballs!

-The line is here?.....what happens if I step over-just a little?.....SNOWBALLS

-Riona's Ring...ooooooooo! Thank you!

- Narene's bag....Hmmmm wonder what's in there....

-The cryptic message for Thaerion from Drea and the spirit...SPOOKY :)

-A yeti? Get outta my way...

-almost dying by a "fellow" elf's hand >.> <.<



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My first Pc and first Febfeast:

-Warned immediately that ever Elf in town will likely murder me

-inebriating 3 characters with Soju

- abandoned fellow new PC to die while getting help

- Ate too many meatballs

- Wrote an interesting letter to an interesting man from an interesting man


Good times, will be back in April with my full merch on.

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Had a great time as allays! My highlights


1. New coat! I knew it was time I stepped my garb game up for Narene and had some ideas, but had no idea of what Bad Ass Garb would turn my ideas into!


2. Necropants! As soon as I put on my new coat I knew I had to upgrade my pants, and the RNG gods answered!


3. The Druids- all of you make this game worth playing!


4. Such great inn food and service, thank you Inn staff for all your hard work!

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Feb Feast was amazing!


Some highlights-


Bounty ? Someone paid to have me killed? joy.


Katie as little girl not so innocent here's some pierce.


Flowers .... in the snow...


All the great conversation following my assassination attempt loved loved loved the role play.


Spooky rituals


Kato Gallowsbane as one of Pinedales seven best.


The hard hearty laugh I had with courtinie after Beryl being named most noble....guys what's in my pockets right now...?



Great job NPCs thank you for braving the elements for my sick pleasure xoxo






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